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Thread: check engine light

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    check engine light

    so i went to get my vx inspected and there are four separate test for drive train one for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel, and four wheel. so i gave em the keys and watched from behind the glass they did three diff test b4 the all whell drive test. 2 hrs later my check engine light comes on i am now dreading taking the car to the dealership in the morning. any advice will be greatly appreciate.


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    Who did the testing? Was it the dealer? Take the VX back then.

    You may want to go to an Autozone where they can call up the code that is throwing the check engine light. I think the cost is $10 and you can know for yourself what the problem is.

    Maybe try this before going to the dealer.

    Disconnect the battery for 10 minutes and reconnect. If the check engine light comes back on then by all means go to the dealer.

    Good luck!
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    It could be as simpla as a connector unplugged. Check all the harness connectors, and look for unplugged hoses.

    Myself, I would go back and talk to the service writer of the place that did the inspection. Under the circumstance they should scan it free.

    John C.

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    Are you talking about a state emission inspection? In Illinois a couple years ago, the company that had the contract to set up and do the testing got in a huge lawsuit because they did stupid things to cars and broke them - my guess, because the people they hired (akin to the one you gave your keys to) didn't know much about how to treat a car. The VX is more complicated (are you sure they didn't just jam it into 4low while running the gears?), and if the operator has only driven an old Dodge his whole life, how's he going to treat your baby?

    Have a dealer check it thoroughly. Don't just try to make the light stop; it's telling you something. It's there for a reason.
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