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Thread: check light and abs

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    check light and abs

    The check engine light and abs light have been coming and turning off at the same time. the past week they have done this 5 times. they both turn on and off at the exact same time. sometimes they stay on for as little as 10 miles, sometimes 100. when they are off it might be for just a mile or two, or for a hundred plus.

    my shop pulled the code on the CE light and it said it was the O2 sensor, but there was no code for the ABS light.

    Anyone know what this might be and why they are connected?

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    My abs lughts always on and had that o2 cide as well. My abs still on. I just learned to kive with it

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    You're right. The ABS & O2 sensors are in no way inter-related and should not be coming on at the same time. Focus on the O2 sensor situation first since the ABS lite being on will not effect braking performance (some members (me included) prefer it with ABS disabled).

    It sounds to me like you may have a grounding issue within your guage cluster. Your ABS light has probably been triggered for a long time but hasn't been coming on due to a bad ground. When the CEL comes on, it provides the path to ground for the ABS lite to actually illuminate. That's just one possibility in a long list of gremlins that may be causing your issue.

    Put a smiley after you say that Bub.

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