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Thread: Spring Spacer clarification

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    Spring Spacer clarification

    I see that [rear coil] spring spacers come in 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5" (and possibly more).

    After installing duals on the rear of my VX, they didn't leave quite enough clearance for the piping -- especially with a carload of people. They actually routed one of the pipes OVER the diff. Of course, the other side goes over the axle -- just like stock.

    They were so concerned about the trailing link, they didn't leave enough space between the pipe and differential. With a carload, the gap drops to less than 1/2" clearance...and dings, rubs easily. No surprise.

    As I've considered spacers before -- to get a modest lift -- I have to ask about the need for brake line extensions and/or shock extensions. Will either of these be necessary? Assuming you say no...what thickness spacers are your reference?

    I'm thinking of adding the lowest 1" spacers...which may not be enough to solve the problem. But I'm also fine with having the shop "correct" the problem and provide more clearance. Really the issue is running between the trailing link and differential in "just the right spot". High enough for clearance for normal driving...and low enough that that link won't hit.

    I don't do any off-roading.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the subject!!!

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    No you won't need extended brake lines or longer shocks. I currently have 2" spacers and have had more lift in the past with no issues. The brake lines are long enough even with flex.

    Longer shocks are a joke imo. The rear sway bar limits travel the most of the rear axle. Without the rear sway bar, the coil springs fall out if you have longer shocks. I found out the FUN way in Moab.

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