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Thread: forex robot

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    forex robot

    Does anyone have any experiance with forex robots? Good or bad? I know from my econ classes back in college that the therory is sound. But what about in acutal apication?

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    Nope, sorry.

    I'm too chicken to let some robot play with my money.

    Put a smiley after you say that Bub.

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    I've been playing this game everyday for the past month and I have to admit that it's very fun and addictive to play until the recent update on Jan 20, 2015 that was made to the game. I began to lose interest and find it annoying that something good in the game had to be taken away. Also there are a few glitches here and there but I understand that it's still a fairly new game that will hopefully improve overtime.war robots hack 2022

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