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Thread: Probable VX Fam 4-20 wedding attendees, please stand up...

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    Cool XXX's & 000's to ALL Y'all...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vendetta View Post
    Such a great weekend! I should be happier than I am to be home (just got in), but meeting you all there to celebrate with Pat and Dub... well, that gathering was something special, and special things always seem to end too soon.

    Congrats, health and happiness to you, Larry and Pat!

    THANKS Brother Vendetta...
    You're a class act my friend...
    And continuing your sentiment, I should be happy that the whole thing went off without a hitch (almost), & we can get back to life with some semblance of normalcy...but I'm really sad at the same time...seeing all my VX fam depart in the last couple days has left me with a palpable sadness. The same kind of sadness I feel every time we say "adios" when leaving Moab...
    Saying goodbye is not the thing in life that I do best.
    I miss all y'all like crazy, but TRULY appreciate that each & every one of you came to share the beginning of our married life...

    Quote Originally Posted by Triathlete View Post
    Was Dumke fronting a 80s hair metal band for after ceremony entertainment?
    Ummmmmmmm...not exactly...

    I'm gonna try to get on up outta my funk in the next few days & post some pics...

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    Most awesome weekend...

    Great to be part of TLMP & Dub getting hitched...

    ....excellent to meet web friends and put a face to a name!!....

    .....Scott Larson /Jeeperkate & Vendetta .....

    Great to see all the other Moab Mob types...see ya in a couple of weeks ..

    And meeting Dub & Pats awesome family and friends was the icing on the cake.

    And JBTW...the cake was YUMMY!!

    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

    ~ ~ > OFF ROAD WHORE <~ ~

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    Quote Originally Posted by VX crazy View Post
    Waiting on the hookers to arrive.....
    HAHA is that what my im not doing anything face looks like?
    "It's not sexual harassment, I am just building up your tolerence"-Dumke

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    Pre Wedding lunch/drinks

    Part of the Vx table.

    Newly Mr and Mrs Dub

    High fives all around

    Photo BOMBED....

    What Greg would look like with hair.

    Apparently I turned into a bench?

    Sue didnt get the message about no pony rides.. Guess this one serves me right for doing it to others

    I give you Exhibit A.

    Being wrongfully accused.

    Wedding was awesome. Super happy for The Dubster and TLMP. Have other photos of my adventures I will post in my profile tomorrow.

    And to the new Forum members I have met id like to say im sorry you had to meet me. Erm.. I mean it was lovely meeting all of you Vendetta, Scott Larson and Jeeperkate(-8). Fresh new faces I expect in Moab one year.
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    Thumbs up

    Great pictures Rob! I didn't think the photo bomb worked, I totally missed the groping incident, and Greg... don't lose your razor. Miss you all!
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... and zombies.

    My VehiCROSS

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    Congrats on the big event.
    I regret not having participated in the VX forum much. I really wish I knew everyone better.
    Even when I am invisible, however, my heart always hold a special place for VX owners. I wish you two and all VX folks, happies for ever after.
    42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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