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Thread: 10W LED Light Pods for interior/exterior lighting

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    10W LED Light Pods for interior/exterior lighting

    Hey guys, I finally got the LED light pods in today. I tested a set out and these little things are VERY bright. They are universal so you can use them for whatever you desire, and they are also waterproof so using them on the exterior is no problem. You can mount them either by the included studs to permanently mount them, or you can just get some 3M double sided tape and stick them wherever you'd like for a strong temporary mount.

    The main reason I got these are for the guys looking for more interior lighting, especially in the cargo area since you guys have no light back there. I am only selling the actual LED pods with the wires extending from them, and the additional studs for a permanent mount. No extra wiring or switch is included.

    I will get some pics of them tonight to show the output of them, once I get that done i'll be posting 5 sets of them up in the classifieds. Stay tuned!

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    I received my other lights from you... they are Perfect!

    Life is better when you go Topless

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    My light bar works so great I'll trust you for one of these interior lights!

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    Could be interested depending on cost and what not

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    Alrighty I got some pics. It's crazy how bright these little pods are, heck even 1 in your interior would be bright enough, then you could use the other one for something else if you wanted too.

    These will be $50 shipped per set of 2..

    (NOTE: You can see the hood of my Rodeo open, that way you can sort of determine how tall that wall really is).

    I'll post a thread tomorrow in the classifieds to advertise more, but if you'd like a set shoot me a message.

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