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Thread: New Yakima ROOF RACK...maybe fits??

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    New Yakima ROOF RACK...maybe fits??


    Possible fit for the VX?

    No Vehicross option..but??

    Maybe worth investigating if you are looking for R/Rack.

    About the same price as a used OEM...

    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

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    Wow, sharp! Especially with a Thule LoadWarrior
    With all those tower choices it must have a chance of fitting.
    Lowest priced model was $349.
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    Sort of on topic, maybe a little off topic, but does anyone know if any other Isuzu model came with our style roof rack? I know our connection points at the roof rails are pretty unique, but I saw a Trooper many months ago that had the exact same cross bars as ours. I took a picture of them, but I'll have to upload them later.
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