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Thread: The Definitive Safari Bar Thread

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    With the help of many people here, and the encouragement from several more, collectively we present the definitive Safari Bar thread.

    The bar pictured below is the Westin 30-0015 safari bar, also referred to as a "bull bar," shown in black. It is available in chrome as well, that model being the Westin 30-0010. Lights sold separately (assuming you're not purchasing someone else's set up).

    (Image courtesy of member cascabel3's gallery.)

    These safari bars come with neither the mounting bolts, nor the mounting brackets required to fit the bar to the Vehicross. Indeed, Westin does not offer a mounting kit, and so-called "universal mounting kits" evidently do not consider the VehiCROSS to be from this universe. Understandable, actually.

    Hence, this thread. Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute your experiences with fitment, light selection - if any - or whatever else you've done related to the safari bar. This IS the definitive thread, after all. Help define it.

    The bolts that connect to the bar itself are 1/2-13 x 2.00" hex-head cap screws with a ~3/4" shoulder. Fastenal part number 0115211 are a perfect fit. This part number is for a 10-pack.

    The bolts that connect the brackets to the pre-threaded holes in the VehiCROSS frame are M12 with a 1.25 thread pitch, minimum length of 30mm. I chose 50mm to ease installation (more grip as I lined up with the threads through the brackets) as well as longer time to react should the bar become loose (more thread to keep it attached). I also chose socket cap bolts, as there is precious little room in there in which to work. Getting a ratchet over a standard hex head bolt will be more difficult to accomplish. Fastenal part number 0154277 works perfectly as a socket cap bolt. This part number is for a single unit. Those going the hex head route may wish to look at Fastenal part number 11114856, instead.

    For locking washers, 1/2" high alloy will work all around. Four are required. Fastenal part number 1133895 will suffice. This part number is for a pack of 25.

    For flat washers, 1/2" hardened flats are suitable. Four are required. Fastenal part number 1133817 will be fine. This part number is for a pack of 25.

    The brackets shown below join the frame with the safari bar.

    (Image courtesy of member rickshaw's gallery.)

    They are of a design originally conceived by the late, great Tone Monday. Certain members here gifted with fabricating talent including tom4bren and Child's Play, among others, have volunteered to help our membership acquire duplicates of these brackets, often referred to as Tone Safari Brackets, by making them in their spare time and for a reasonable fee. This service they provide often takes its rightful place behind their personal and professional lives, so please keep that in mind when placing your requests.

    Here is a quick-reference installation guide. It's a simple install, but the tip about removing the two lower cladding bolts alone makes it worth the post.

    (Thank you to whomever created this document.)

    My personal experience is that the safari bar, installed with the hardware described above, will fit a VehiCROSS outfitted with a fiberglass "skid plate" sourced from fellow member Rowhard. However, the .25" clearance on my particular vehicle, combined with the hand-assembled nature of our vehicles leads me to believe that some adjustments may be necessary.

    This thread should eliminate a lot of the guesswork and finger-crossing historically experienced by safari bar seekers. Please contribute your knowledge relating to custom fitments, mounted lighting, clearance issues, compatibility with alternate skid plate variants, and so forth.

    Great success,
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    You dont happen to know whether this will fit onto a VX with a 3" Body-lift? I can not tell from the pics exactly where the brackets mount to ( frame, bumper? ).

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    For BODY-lifted VX's Only


    I edited this photo from your thread to point out where the brackets attach - the side-facing surface as indicated.

    On VX's without a body lift, this piece isn't visible from the angle at which you took your photo. So it's safe to assume that the safari bar will sit a few inches lower than what you see on most other VX's when mounted to the same place. I don't foresee clearance between the bumper cover and the safari being an issue on your body-lifted VX, but there's no way to be sure without a fit check.

    However, your photo exposes a hole in the FRONT-facing side of that same member. Perhaps there's a safari bar option that lines up cleanly with these holes for a fit that provides a more standard height. Maybe something for the 2-door Trooper, as I understand that's what our VX's are based upon. Others with more knowledge on that, please contribute.

    If you come across anything "definitive," please add to the knowledge here.

    Good luck,
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    Great work by the team. You are to be commended for your efforts. I'm sure many VX owners in the years to come will appreciate having this option now available to them (not to mention how many VX front ends will be saved from damage by these bull bars).

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    From the ones I have seen in Moab,You lose some of your approach angle and they just bend and smash your front end!
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