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Thread: Mickey Thompson's?

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    Mickey Thompson's?

    I bought some old wheels and tires off SCUDD a few months back so I can swap out my shoes for winter and offroad. The tires don't look like they will make it 10 miles before getting blisters between tneir toes, so I am looking for some new ones. Did some shopping around the net last night for some 31x11.5/15 Mickey Thompson Baja HPs and found a couple of sites. Prices ranged from about $145 - $165 a tire. I remember the last MT's I bought, they were $128 a tire, but I can't remember for the life of me where that was now.

    SO.... does anyone have any advice for a place that sells THESE particular tires cheaper or perhaps even another manufacturer with a similar tread that isn't gonna break the wallet? Thanks!
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    Hate to reply to my own thread, but I JUST happened across this place....

    They have MT's listed for about $127!! Not too bad at all. 4 will run me just over $500. I may have to go with this place.

    A couple of questions concerning wheel and tire size. SCUDD had these wheels (15x8) and tires (31x11.5/15) on his VX and said they worked fine. Not that I dont trust him since i have seen pics of them on his VX (now belonging to ScubaSteve), but is anyone else using this size config on their VX? If so, anything I should know about using a 15 compared to an 18?

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    i'm driving on them

    I like the look, but they are kinda loud on the road. I paid $865 out the door. I then had to spend another $100 for alignment and balancing later that week. Still working on pics though. They have a series that might be a little more expensive that are supposed to be a little quieter. Alos the new version is the Godzilla. I have the Claws. I got them from Arandas Wheel and Tire in Chicago. Erny is the owner and he drives a VX also so he would be some kind of help for those looking for tires. But, I think he mostly fits for looks rather than specifics. He put on MTs the same day as I did. Though he put on 35s on 17" rims. His ride will just always look cooler than mine.
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    i know i overpaid but i wanted to make sure i got tires that would fit 100% so i wouldn't be stuck with 4 tires i could not use.

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    The only tradeoff you will have with 15" rims is less steering response due to more distance between road and wheel. But if they are for foul weather and/or offroad, they should suit the task better.

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