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Thread: Rim / Tire / Offset comparison

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    WICKED Sweet pics espidus. BTW, is that your yellow H2 in one of the pics. I just assumed it was since it was parked next to your yellow VX.
    2001 VX

    2008 HUMMER H3

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    Thanx Much H3_VX, no photoshopping I swear besides to crop and brighten the image. That H2 belongs to my nextdoor neighbor, the driveways are close to each other. With the lift and tires my VX now doesn't feel inadequatly small next to the H2, lol. Now I gots to save $$$ for new gears ( 4.77's or 5.38's if I can find em ). Got lot's o' modding planned to go.

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    tire fit?

    so speaking of tires, ive got 265/75/16's mud radials on my vx. think the 285's would fit it with no prob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 44ficus44 View Post
    so speaking of tires, ive got 265/75/16's mud radials on my vx. think the 285's would fit it with no prob?
    Loaded question...
    Rims? stock, aftermarket, offset.
    285/75/16? 285 refers to the width but will change the height of the tire too.
    Clearance? Do you have a lift now or running stock height?

    285/75/16 will be adding over an inch height. I ran this size tire with a 1" lift and wheel well cutting.

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