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Thread: Hydrographics pricing

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    Hydrographics pricing

    I am buying the trim piece that goes arround the insturments and the buttons on the dash. My wife has a Proton and I was thinking about having it done in carbon fiber the proton collor. I have one other question though. Instead of the carbon fiber being so briliant yellow is there a black that has the yellow in it as well. I believe that I saw something like this somewhere. It appears as if the resin that is arround the carbon fiber has the yellow pigment and it is more noticeable between the fibers. I hope you understand what I am trying to descibe. So the apperence is the normal black carbon fiber with the resin being yellow arrond the carbon fiber giving a subdued black on yellow look. I found a picture that kind of gives the idea of what I have in mind. The link is and the example of color is almost at the bottom of the screen it is (Yellow And Black (RYBCF))
    This link may pull the example upwithout going to the web site.
    I am thinking that this will be very nice and not in your face anoying in the vehicle. I would like to know if you would be able to do something like this and what it would run to dip the dash piece. I would be interested in other parts having this done if it turns out as good as I believe it will. Bob Barker said he has had his done in Black and it looks awsome. I also have a second VX that is black and may work it over next.
    I look forward to your reply. If this is possible I will have Bob ship the dash ship the dash to you and pay you to dip it and then ship it to me. Bob Barker has pictures of the dash posted. He is selling some other items as well.

    oops meant to PM this.
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    I'm looking for an OEM grill to replace my billet grill. I would then have it dipped. Im located in Chandler, AZ

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    do you still have the hood insert for sale?

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