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Thread: Useful tip when installing new coil springs

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    Useful tip when installing new coil springs

    If you have a rack with spare tire in it, remove it. I wasn't thinking... Back into garage, did upgrade to coils, about to drive out realized tire in rack won't go thru door...hmm backed up to remove tire and out and about with 7" rear clearance. It's a day-off, my mind is on break... Enjoy the good laugh.

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    glad ya didn't mess up my rack! .....j/k
    this coulda ended up so much worse...glad ya remembered at the last second!
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    Glad you caught that. I have to put a rag over my intenna to hold it down when pulling in and I don't have tires on. My truck wont fit in garage anymore when tires are put on and never mind rack and spare tire when done. Hope I still can go through drive thru's.. lol
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