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Thread: key fob questions

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    key fob questions

    I just noticed that one of my fobs has lock/unlockpanic and second button below it has option. The other key fob I have says lock/unlock/panic and second button below says hatch.
    The hatch button does nothing, was it supposed to open rear door?
    What does the option button do?

    Is it poosible to set the fob to open both doors with one push of button, mine takes two?

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    I recall there's several posts on it, but no, the "option" button does not open the hatch as there's no hatch popper installed. One guy (raquethomas) said he got his to be programmed to open the hatch, or something like that. But I don't think anybody else ever succeeded doing it. Do a search on hatch popper or fob option and I think you'll find it.

    Don't know if you can get it reprogrammed to open both doors with one click.
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    I think the 2 button fob is the "official" one for the VX. The VX didn't come with the mechanism to release the rear door, so you're not missing anything. I don't remember where I read it, but I'm pretty sure someone set up both doors to unlock with one press of the button and set up a popper for the hatch for the Option button. It may have been integrated with an aftermarket alarm system. Here we go... search for "fob button" - there are too many interesting threads to list!

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    The option button was intended to operate the Isuzu garage door opener unit that was available at dealerships.

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    The "option" button on the remote actually controls an Isuzu garage door opener. It's a little module that receive's a signal from the fob and then triggers your garage door opener. I installed one on my garage door and it works like a charm.

    RaqueThomas DID figure out how to get both doors to open with the first push of the alarm button, and then get the rear door popper to trip after the second push of the alarm button. I have half done this mod so that both doors open with one push, but I haven't wired in a new relay yet to get the rear door popper to trip. It takes some splicing and rewiring of the door locks down in the drivers side kick panel, but it's not too tough to do. I have Raques instructions, and I have re-drawn his wiring diagram (see below).

    I haven't finished it yet because, apparently, the PO wired my cigarette lighter to be constant power (not switched) so in order to wire up the new relay to get the wiring diagram to work I need to find some switched power. Not hard, just been to lazy to get back in there and do it.

    Hope this helps.
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    i have had my remote open my rear hatch for a few years now.. works beautifully. basically the first time you press the unlock button, both doors unlock. the second time you press it, the rear hatch opens.

    coupled with this, when the car is turned off, the unlock button on both front doors will pop the rear hatch. when the car is on, the unlock button only works the front doors, and there is an aftermarket button to open the hatch, for safety reaons

    not a terribly difficult mod, at the moment im not 100% sure how i did it, but i know i followed raque thomas' instructions pretty closely and it worked well.

    downsides to this mod.. if you unlock your doors, you have to wait 30 seconds before re-locking them with the remote or the hatch will pop and the doors will no re-lock with the hatch open. if you ever plan to go to an aftermarket alarm, it will be very tough for an installer to figure out what wires do what because you will have stuff spidered all over.

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