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Thread: Debadging Wheels - Weird!

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    Debadging Wheels - Weird!

    I starting debadging my wheels today, by removing the round black sticker (with white "ISUZU"). Removal went easy (started it with a fingernail, using naptha (Bestine) under the edge to soften the adhesive. Got about half way through and realzied that there was another ISUZU, this time in silver, under clear plastic!

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this? Why would they cover up the silver, protected Isuzu with a cheap sticker? I thought others had removed the sticker to find a plain black circle underneath? Thought it was really strange/

    As a note, after removing the stickers (and let me tell you, I got worried that there would be one without the silver isuzu underneath), I decided the siver lettering was much more "classy" so I'm leaving them for now. I think they look much more finished than the cheap sticker (which was what was bothering me in the first place).

    -- Best, John
    John Eaton
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    Talking And don't call me Shirley....

    That reminds me of the movie "Airplane" when Robert Stack comes in and takes off his sunglasses and there is another pair underneath.

    Post some pics of the silver look,
    Chet - CBA_VX

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    Take a picture! I'd like to see that! What year is your VX?
    Canadian VXer!

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    Now only if you'd find similar strangeness when you go to install the supercharger!
    Over 20 years of Isuzu enjoyment...

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    After removing my sticker, there was just a plain silver finish underneath. I now have custom batman stickers on all of my wheels...


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    Instead of debadging, I "overbadged" I just put some black vinyl over the stock center caps and then added NASA in silver over black. Actually looks as if they were stock rims from NASA, and if I ever want to go back to stock I can just rip off the vinyl.
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    Hmm... My wheel hubs have a silver Isuzu on black background under clear plastic...
    I didn't have to peel anything off of them.

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