I was 15 years old and searching for what would be my awesome ride. My old man has always been a car guy (most of my life he had 15+ vehicles and none were projects, none would go over 75k miles and rarely did he have a car over 5-7 years old...the age limits has changed since then). He would often go to Detroit in Jan for the auto show and check out the concepts and come back telling me about the super cool concept cars that everyone was dreaming up. Well, he was in a hard press to get me to check out everything and we test drove jeeps, volvos, an M3, all sorts of crap and I was kinda feeling the 80s to early 90s suburbans. I had been reading alot of Four Wheeler Magazine and Petersons 4 Wheel Drive. Dad came in one day and said, hey lets go look at this isuzu they have down a the dealership. Its different and quirky and kinda looks like you. I was hesitant and he showed me the Four Wheeler of the Year article (2000) in my magazine about this little car. Impressive. We went down and checked out the '99 Vehicross. It was used. 1,400 miles and still very nice. I was digging the isuzu pickup in the show room while dad talked. Finally we got the keys and went for a drive. Very tight drive. It seemed to handle as well as the BMW, porsche and Jags pops had, but it had 4 wheel drive, room to haul and a rugged appeal. I remembering stopping the car in a parking lot and we went ALL over it. We decided to drive back and negotiate. On Jan 4th, 2000, we bougth my isuzu vehicross.

We put a trailer hitch on it, electric brakes module, a rear facing camera (doesnt work anymore) and some fog lights on it. Other than that, she has stayed entirely stock the past 10 years. We did high school together, College together. She has battle scars for all my adventures and coke splatter stains on the ceiling from the two sonic Route 44's my highschool girlfriend spilled while avoiding a racoon. A hole in the back rug from hauling a car battery for my VW bug. I took her to Uwharrie once back in april 2006 with my now brother-in-law and rode along in his Troop. I plan on going back this October.

I met a guy in a white VX two years ago in WV at a toll plaza who stopped and talking to me and directed me to this web site. I plan on doing a few of the general repairs that I have lived with for the last 10 years (windows, ABS... I already fixed the CD player!). She has 126k miles and I just purchased a 2007 Frontier to reduce the stress on my VX cause I was driving lots of miles for work. She has now been sitting alot, but I cannot stand to let her go. She will be sitting tight for a while; no worries. I hope ya'll have enjoyed my story because I have enjoyed sharing it. But mostly, I have enjoyed having my VX for the past 10 years. I feel like I have had more than just transportation.