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Thread: Sorry Sorry, let my membership lapse... I'm current now.

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    Sorry Sorry, let my membership lapse... I'm current now.

    Hey Guys,

    I know I've been absent lately, and I let my membership lapse, missed several Private Messages, and probably made you all worry. So here's the lo-down.

    Earlier this year I was planning on selling the VX, to get a Defender 110.

    Then I decided to keep the VX and get a Defender.

    Then A house I've had my eye on for 18 months went to short sale status.

    Then I decided to make an offer.

    Offer was accepted.

    Then I had to sell my house.

    House sold 4 days BEFORE putting it on the market.

    2 months later, closed on my house (had the contract set for 60 days instead of 30, hoping the short sale would be done by then)

    Managed to get a lease agreement on the short sale house, while waiting for the short sale process, to process.

    I'm leaving there now Should be closing soon.

    House specs... Detached garage, that could fit 4 maybe 5 VXs.

    I'll post pictures soon... It's a total dream house for me. Not a big house, not a big lot, but a prime location, big garage and a great view.

    So basically my life has been on hold while going through all of this. Moving sucks... I know everyone knows that... but... nothing has changed, it still sucks.

    Anyway if you need to get in touch with me. is my email, and my PM box should no longer be filled.

    Rockn' Roll!!


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    Cool pad man! You still in Ogden then? I wonder what the inversion will be like from your new spot...
    Sent from my "two hands on a keyboard"

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    Richie Dude...

    I know what you mean, I've been meaning to get in touch with you since right after Moab, just so easy to get distracted with other goin's on & whatnot...

    Yeah, I know...pretty weak excuse on my part...

    I WILL be in touch in the next week or two, STILL gots lots on my plate, but gonna try to remove procrastination.

    Really like the new hacienda...

    Greet the fam, TTYL

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    Still in Ogden... I likes it here. Decided (after having the little one) that it'd be too hard to uproot and go somewhere far far away

    I bet the inversion is cool, I'll probably have a nice view from above. Ha!


    I wish I could have made moab at the 'correct' time. I was leaving moab, as the VX crew was getting there. I went with my friend's family. We did Elephant Hill - Devil's kitchen, and all over that more southern part of Canyonlands. Great time, but I'd rather have been with the VX Crew.

    Fam says hi! Berlynn should meet uncle dub soon enough

    Can't wait to break in the garage!

    Hope all is well here in VX Land.

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    Glad to see thing working well for ya! Congrats!
    Scott /

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    Holy carp, Richie! That is one wicked garage!! Congrats.


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    Sent you a PM last week. Did you get it?
    "Through Great Sacrifice..... Great Rewards Will Be Achieved"

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