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Thread: See all of you in Moab.

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    Wishing all of you going to Moab a safe journey and a lot of fabulous fun. Dont break the toys too much!!

    2000 Ebony #263
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    Oil is changed, fluids checked, wheeling tires are on, getting camp gear together...1.5 days til blastoff!
    Billy Oliver
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    I'M IN MOAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice and warm here, just a little breeze. Wind between Glenwood and Grand Junction SUCKED though.

    Couldnt find any open camping spots along the river and didnt feel like searching trails to find somwhere so I'm staying at Archveiw tonight and tomorrow night. Price really went up, $47 for 2 nights!!! But at least I have wireless access and can shower

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    Have a Fantastic time everyone!

    I am SO jealous!!!!!!

    oh and don't forget a billion pics

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    On my way!
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