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Thread: International VX Meet - Feeler Guage

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    Question International VX Meet - Feeler Guage

    Being I have read several posts suggesting this idea (I've thought about it for a very long time), I thought I would post it up to get an idea of what kind of support and attendance we would be getting.

    Moab is a wonderful place to meet but, for the non-offroaders it is a turn off. So, I propose a meet of national (international?) proportions, in a central location (So the too far to drive rationale is removed from the equation), in a place allowing for a good sized event to take place without being exorbitantly expensive and a locale that is easy to get to.

    First, we have to see if there would be support (if any) for such an idea. Then we would have to see if that support would stem into actual productive planning.

    So, to start, I would like to ask everyone (Even the lurkers) to reply your thoughts on this proposal. I'm only after the beginning thoughts if the support for the idea would be there, not locations or other thoughts as of yet. So, hold those for a later follow-up posting. This will not happen anytime soon as there would be a tremendous amount of planning but, am thinking with in the next 2 years?

    The poll closes at the end of June - Then the next stage will start

    At the very least, answer the poll so we can see what kind of numbers we would likely expect. If not enough support, the idea goes to the trash can.
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