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Thread: 4400 RPM "LAG" in third gear 3rd Gear

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    4400 RPM "LAG" in third gear 3rd Gear

    So i floor it and merge onto highway, at somewhere between 4,100 and 4,400 RPM in third gear the RPM's "LAG" and hover there for a sec... Idea's?

    someone said it's an EGR thing, i doubt it's a clutch tranny thing as the RPM would slip it to a higher RPM and not likly to be a torque converter because again it would slip to higher rpm upon slipping.

    I thouhgt it might have to do something with the VVT SOHC to DOH-cam switching that this engine features delaying in it's 3200 RPM (or something like it) switch over.

    FPR? fuel delivery idea's?

    -Chris from Juneau, Alaska

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    Could be the T C locking up before it shifts to 4th...

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    Just to be safe I'd check tranny fluid level, make sure it's topped off. Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ikkesh View Post
    not likly to be a torque converter because again it would slip to higher rpm upon slipping.
    Disagree... when the TC locks up (in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) it will lower the engine speed by a couple-few hundred rpms, then again when it shifts into the next-higher gear.

    Low engine oil will affect the tranny performance, so check that.

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