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Thread: ALL Ironmans Check in Here....

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    My 1999 just turned 150K on Christmas day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikride86 View Post
    My 1999 just turned 150K on Christmas day!

    Original engine??
    3" suspension lift, shocks: Rancho 9000, tires 33"x11.5", wheels 16"x8", offset= 0, no front sway bar

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    My 99 Ironman just hit 82k miles

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    Just checking in, purchased my 1999 Ironman yesterday and found it contains the original window sticker/destination checklist at 6mi/delivery manifest from Japan to San Diego to Eugene, OR/all work orders completed at the dealership/etc. It seems to have sat at the dealership in Eugene for just over two years before it was purchased, (have original trip permit as well), with 429mi on it in March of 2002. Looks to be in nearly pristine condition and all original with over $1000 in options and final dealer price in 1999 of $30,682 and shipping/handling of 695.00. I had no idea this was such a rare vehicle when I bought it off Craigslist here in Salem, OR from the original owners son. Will post pictures soon when I have the capability. Anything I need to know and what I can do with it to make it even more awesome would be helpful, thanks. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is the 6-disc Isuzu CD changer, (a few cd's seem to be stuck together in it).

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    Did u ever get that 6 disc changer to work?

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