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Thread: Looking for links and reviews for the site

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    Exclamation Looking for links and reviews for the site

    I've been looking at the Web Links Section and noticed that it's pretty sparse.
    If you have your own VX web site or a site that is related to the categories please add them. If you would like to add a related category that is not listed, email me and I'll put it in.

    Also if you have tried a product and would like to write a review about that product please do so HERE. We can always use a valid opinion of products or other items. (eg. Car Wax, Hardware, Trails, etc...)

    While you're at it, if you have a link to some cool file that is VX related add it to the Downloads section.

    So, com'n folks, let's fill up these sections!

    All items submitted will be moderated and final approval will be at the discretion of the Administrator
    Scott /

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    Hey Scott,
    How about adding any off the small videos that have been taken for showing how Tone's 3rd brake light looks when it's working an other vids of off-road action and things of that nature?

    Tony "TDAWG" Rodriguez
    99 Astral Silver 0889

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    I submitted a few. I've also got links to a bunch of Japanese sites (if you want them) and some fan sites (members of this board). I hope those who have sites will put them up (feel weird about submitting sites for members).

    -- JOhn
    John Eaton
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    "Metaphors be with you"

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    Talking Japanese Site

    Found this site which shows the various colors and specs.

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    OK well I just added mine but it didn't show up???

    Is there a special way to add sites?


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    There's a big community of Russian VXers at
    2001 Isuzu VehiCROSS (build in progress): 4JX1/A340/part time, 2" body lift, front Aisin hubs, rear Aussie Locker, 4.56 gears, OEM rear sway bar disconnect, AirFlow snorkel, cabin air filter
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    new search engine site

    i been using to find everything for the vx's, and it is a nice search engine, you can see the page and description instead of clicking on every page, but there is a page that compares the vx and about 5 other suv's, i'll try to get the link for it.

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    I snail mailed you a CD of pdf versions of the different how2's that I've found here. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post them myself.

    Put a smiley after you say that Bub.

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    here is another link, that has a bunch of vx's on and what all they did to them at, sorry i went to the link parts and didn't seem to figure out where this one would go.

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