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Thread: Kaiser Spotted

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    Kaiser Spotted

    I parked my VX next to a Silver 99' yesturday at the King of Prussia Mall, PA....Parking level 2 1/2, by Strawbridges at 3:30 pm. I was there for about a hour and when I left it was still parked there. It looked stock with a roof rack. Does it belong to anyone here? They attracted a lot of attention. They looked pretty cool parked together. We should put together a mini meet for the SE Penna area. Anyone interested?


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    I'm interested... the questions are: When and where?

    Some place unique and/or conspicuous

    A cruise night or car show ?

    An old stainless steel diner ?

    At the arch in Valley Forge Park ?

    A Picnic area at Ridley Creek State Park ?

    The Tiki Bar ( ) ?
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    Well, a day later and it would've been me. I was at the KOP Mall on Sunday (7/6). No roof rack and I have a 2001 but it's a kaiser.

    I'm up for a lil gathering, like Spike said, when and where is the question??

    Feel like we need an event planner for it....heheheh.

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