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Thread: Cladding paint removal

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    Cladding paint removal

    Does anyone know of a very gentle paint remover chemical that would remove paint from the cladding? It appears that the original owner spray painted the cladding with a very dull, very low luster dark gray paint, probably from a spray can and it is partially coming off. It seems to be a very thin coating and I'd like to get it all off without any sanding or much scrubbing. I want to keep the cladding texture.

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    i used this stuff called "purple power" to clean up my cladding.. sprayed it all the way around, went back to scrub to discover it had taken the paint right off the gas cap door... not sure how itll do on painted cladding.. but if nothing else the paint on the cladding will be really clean

    i think it goes without saying.. dont get this stuff on any paint you still want on your vx

    i got a smaller bottle w/ sprayer at advanced auto

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    Before you try any chemicals tho, you might try to pressure wash it to see how much comes off.

    DO NOT use the point sprayer tho - use the fan. The point sprayer can cut concrete.

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