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Thread: New Support Feature

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    New Support Feature

    This is now a more functioning SUPPORT CATEGORY.

    When a problem is identified, post a specific message of question.

    After the issue has been resolved, the Admin or the original poster of the topic can Close the thread and it will be moved to the resolved section at the end of this category. You find the CLOSE THREAD option under the THREAD TOOLS Drop down menu.

    If need be, the orginal poster can RE_OPEN a thread by selecting the open thread found in the same place as the close thread option.

    Please do not post questions or comments in this thread

    Scott /

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    I know I pass for an 'old dumb blonde', but I can't find the email address to send PayPal support to??? (Button does't appear.)

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    'Support' in the 'Main Menu' box on the left side of the home screen.

    Put a smiley after you say that Bub.

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