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Thread: Moab Trail Reviews

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    Moab Trail Reviews

    I'm writing this so that next year I can look here to see which trails I've
    already been on, and which ones I'd like to run again.

    Every one of the trails that I've been on has incredible scenery, so I'm not
    going to comment on that unless the scenery wasn't up to par. I'm just going
    to comment on how interesting the driving of the trail was.

    Also, I'm not too concerned with body damage. I don't WANT body damage, but
    if it happens, I'm not going to be too worried about it, so if you get all
    upset when you scrape the underside of your cladding, the your opinion will
    probably differ from mine on these trails.

    Year 1 (Zuzoo V)

    Devil's Racetrack taking Fix it Pass exit (Couldn't Find Rating. 3.5 maybe?)
    I'm not sure if this is the official name of the trail, it's not on any of the
    trail lists. It's WAY outside of Moab, so you have to drive for a while (hour
    or so) to get there. I'm not sure if my memory is flawed because it was my first
    trail ever in Moab, or if this trail is just awesome, but I REALLY enjoyed this
    trail. It had plenty of technical stuff to keep it interesting, and it also had
    some dirt road portions where you could really get some speed which was really
    cool if you are into that whole going fast while not on pavement thing.

    I would definately run this trail again if I ever have the opportunity.

    Elephant Hill (3.5)
    This was an average trail. It didn't have much as far as obstacles go. Seemed
    like it was mostly dirt road. If you haven't run it, you should, but after
    you've run it once, it isn't worth the drive to run it again because it's so far
    from Moab. There was a cool hiking trail that we did at the lunch spot that was
    better than the trail.

    I'd run this trail again, but it won't be until I've run all the other trails at least once.

    Dome Plateau (3.0)
    I didn't care for this trail very much at all because it was almost all dirt road.
    It did have some really cool caves with cave drawings though. It also had a great
    view off the side of the cliff at the lunch spot.

    I will run this trail one more time in the future because there was one optional obstacle that I didn't do, but after that I probably won't do it again.

    Pritchett Canyon (5)
    First of all, I didn't drive on this trail, I rode in Blue Dodge's (from
    pickup. This trail actually lacked a little on the scenery, but it MORE than made
    up for it with the trail itself. You don't have time to look at the landscape on
    this trail because the trail takes most of your attention. There are just so many
    cool obstacles on this trail. We took 4 trucks out on this trail, and only one of
    them came back 100% functional.

    I won't run this trail (yet) because I'm not equiped for it, but I'd definately ride with someone that was running it.

    Year 2 (Zuzoo VI)

    Tip Toe through Hell (3.5)
    This trail scared me. It seemed that there was always a danger of falling
    off something. I did the first fin of this trail on the last day we were there
    and it didn't bother me as much as it did the first time, so it is probably
    possible to get used to the edge of your truck being next to a drop off.
    Even though this trail scared me, I really enjoyed it. There was plenty of
    stuff to keep you interested. There were also several optional obstacles that
    we weren't equiped to do.

    I'd run this trail again in the full Hell's revenge form. I'll probably do it at Zuzoo VII.

    Kane Creek (3.5)
    This trail was ALL dirt road with 2 obstacles that give it its rating. The
    first one is probably the hardest of the two, and it wasn't that hard. My
    opinion is also skewed by the fact that we had 20 rigs on this trail, and
    it took FOREVER to get up the first obstacle. Do not run this trail with
    more than 15 rigs, especially if most of them are stock.

    I won't run this trail again.

    Metal Masher (4)
    I loved this trail. I can't say enough good things about this trail. It was
    plenty difficult to keep me interested, but the only spotting done was on an
    optional obstacle called "Rock Chucker." The obstacles were difficult, but all
    of the obstacles were sufficently far from cliffs that you didn't feel any
    danger of falling to your death. We ran it with 6 rigs that were equiped
    properly for the trail and it was fun. We ran it in the rain and I discovered
    that slickrock actually has good traction in rain. I wouldn't run this trail
    in a stock rig.

    I will run this trail every year until I find one I like better. This is currently my favorite trail. (May 2003)

    Steel Bender (3.5+)
    This was a very good 3.5 trail. It seemed like the whole trail was made up of
    obstacles. Nothing major, just lots of small obstacles. One obstacle that was
    a little too close to the edge of a drop for my taste, but it wasn't enough to
    make me not like the trail. There were also several optional obstacles to do, one
    of which I didn't make it up and will try again the next time I run it.

    I would really enjoy running this trail again.

    Fins & Things (3.5)
    Most of this trail is driving up and down fins. Most of the trail is not all that
    scary, unless you haven't done the steep climbs up slick rock before. It still
    impresses me just how steep of a climb you can make. There was one obstacle that
    scared me. Something about having your rig lose traction and start bouncing on
    a steep climb that just bothers me. It took me three tries to get up the
    obstacle and I only made it because of the inspirational words of the trail
    leader, Randii. He comes over to my window and sings me a song entitled
    "What would Anthony Monday do?" to the tune of the Bryan Boitano song from South
    Park. I then hit the hill with way more speed that I was comfortable with, kept my
    foot on the gas, and spun my tires all the way to the top.
    Ok, he didn't actually sing me a song, but he did ask me to think about what Tone
    would do in this situation.

    I would really enjoy running this trail again.

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    Re: Fins & Things

    Originally posted by SPAZZ
    I think I know that part on Fins & Things. I will have to send you a little video clip of that section. Thought it was easy personally though;Dp;
    Yes, but I tend to get uncomfortable way before you do. I think there is something wrong with your pucker factor detector.

    Send away. Size is not a problem.

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    Nice write up on the trails Tim!
    I seen a couple I would like to try next year just by your descriptions.
    And yea, Spazz your pucker factor is WAY off kilter!
    Makes me a little competitive.
    ...because vinyl just sounds better!

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    Great writeup, Tim... just goes to show how different people like different trails... I love Kane Creek and try to tun it each year, regardless of it being pretty easy.

    One of the things we struggle with in terms of event planning is number of vehicles. Gads, can you imagine running these trails with 50 people, like EJS is permitted to do?

    I've had almost the same exact frustration that you have for Kane Creek on Fins and Things before... and I'm beginning to inversely correlate size of group with quality of trail experience. The smaller the group is, the faster they move, the more fun we have.... Tough to organize, from an event perspective, but I know that's what I see on the trail!

    Randii (scared that I conjure up Brian Boitano in Tim's mind)

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    That's funny Randii, I don't remember you wearing ice skates! ;Dr;
    Scott /

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    Thumbs up Trails and tales

    Good thoughts Tim. You and Spazz, and probably Rich will come
    back way more radical next year. (Mods and driving skills will
    be impressive) I will be my conservative self again. I need more skid plates!!!!!!
    So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
    There's so much left to know, and I'm on the road to find out.

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    Originally posted by Randii

    Randii (scared that I conjure up Brian Boitano in Tim's mind)
    Actually you conjure up the image of a hacker from the 70s. Kind of a cross between Steve Wozniak and Richard Stallman. I'm not sure why, I have no idea what you do for a living. That's just what I think when I see you.

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    Great reviews tim! Now if I could just remember what trails I ran the first 2 years.....Hell’s Revenge is worth running each time IMHO - fantastic trail with lots of pucker power!

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    Actually you conjure up the image of a hacker from the 70s. Kind of a cross between Steve Wozniak and Richard Stallman. I'm not sure why, I have no idea what you do for a living. That's just what I think when I see you.
    Of those two options, I'll take 'aging hacker' over 'flaming figure skater.'

    By day, I write technical documentation for hardware and software. By night, I slip on the cape and mask and manage the staff over at


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    Originally posted by Randii
    [B]By night, I slip on the cape and mask and manage the staff over at
    Don't let him fool ya... that is actually code for, "I don the evening gown, skates, and makeup to head off to the nearest NorCal ice rink"; in a pinch the next best thing is the flamer bars in gaytown, while on a 'mission'.

    Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that Randii... Kudos to you for doing your own thing.


    Paybacks a real beyeotch, eh?
    Take care,
    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

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    Paybacks a real beyeotch, eh?
    Damn, and I can't edit your stuff here.

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    Originally posted by Randii
    Damn, and I can't edit your stuff here.
    I know... :laughp:

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    I can't believe you two took my thread and ran it totally off topic. Randii, as Managing Editor of 4x4wire, you should know better.

    Ok, I'm kidding, you guys had me rolling with laughter.

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    Okay, Okay... to make up for the transgressions...

    Okay, made it back, WHAT A WEEK! These things just keep getting better and better every year.

    A basic synopsis of my experiences and highlights through the week will follow. Pics are on

    Sun May 11, Arrive Moab, check in to the cabin and head downtown to take in all the scenic splendor and walk the shops and relax on Mother's Day.

    Mon, May 12, Drove to Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky district, and drove down the White Rim trail to Lathrop Canyon which descends to the Colorado River. This was a trail with awesome views and spectacular scenery, which I highly recommend to everyone that has a free day to take it. To depart the trail we decided to take Shafers trail to access Moab a bit more quickly. Total off highway miles ringed in @ ~ 60, fortunately I had a feel for the road on departure and made decent time to depart the 40 miles to pavement in ~ 2.5 hours. We had Musky Amigo, Big Swede, and Dave Harness join me on the trails this day and we had a blast taking in the sights. All in all, easy wheelin that a stock rig can handle with ease.

    Tue, May 13, There was a need to pre-run a LOT of trails, as staff was assigned to trails that were new to them. Everyone did an OUTSTANDING job of pre-running their trails, learning them and leading the crews through each trail. I chose to occompany Jim Paget and Joe D on Flat Iron Mesa since I had never ran it before and have heard good things about it. Corbin and Aaron joined us with a few others and we had a blast on this trail that is scenic and a lot of fun. Unfortunately the direction it is standardly ran in is down most the obstacles, and a run in reverse would make the trail move up in difficulty to a 4+ status from a 4, which we did not have the time for this day. Some tricky spots exist to bite your rockers, and such, but for the most part, it was a cool trail.

    Wed, May 14, Opening day of the official Moab 'Zu Zoo VI event. We were registered for the Ladies run on Seven Mile Rim, which had four ladies signed up, Deanna, Nickie, Julie, and Tia. Since these are all local trailseeker members, and we had nobody else sign up, the run was cancelled and we ended up going to breakfast and leisurely tooling around in the morning and took off to pre-run Wipe Out Hill. In route finding and such, it was found to be easier if we just ran Seven Mile Rim on Saturday and go to Wipe Out Hill. That is what we did. This trail is fairly confusing and difficult to find the correct route on since there are so many spur roads, but a little patience, trial and error, along with perseverance, we made it through and tackled Wipe Out Hill. Not only did we go down, we also drove back up. This is the only time of the day the guys drove, since the ladies weren't too interested in tackling the obstacle. It was impressive, my tilt guage maxed out twice on the two descents 45*+!!! Corbin, Jeff and myself were successful. Seven Mile Rim is wholy appropriate for a stocker as it runs ~3-3.5, Wipe Out Hill itself can be traversed down with minimal drama; to negotiate up requires a locker, or a TIGHT LSD and momentum! Not recommeded for the faint of heart.

    Thu, May 15, The ominous day arrived to run Behind the Rocks, which Corbin and Aaron deemed as TT (Torture Tia) time. She held up very well and had a great time. The day started off with a steady rain shower that lasted until about 11 AM, which made the trail all that much more interesting to deal with the mud, wet rock and such. Amazingly enough, the slickrock actually gets more traction when it rains since it washes away the silt, and cleans the tires. Unfortunately, with our trail it was difficult for that to happen since the slickrock was very sporadic and lots of sandy mud was tracked through to get there. Dallas, Corbin, Aaron and their passengers were all pretty miserable with the COLD rain and the highway trip to get to the trailhead. Virtually everyone got soaked, but none more than that crew. We had a fun and capable group which kept things moving right along and were lucky enough to reach the most dangerous and Tiaflying obstacle in all of Moab, according to Chuck Wells for lunch. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by then, and we all lined up to drive off the ledges. Great time and we completed the trail by 2:30!!! This trail can be completed by a moderately built vehicle, and even though it has a 4+ rating, I would think it is more ~ 4 excepting Upchuck (need 2 lockers for it). Definitely a pyschological testing trail, moreso than difficult obstacles. When run as Tiptoe BTR, it is substantially easier, and we took 2WD down it before. Gravity is our friend. I see no reason a moderately built rig could not get through it. Definitely take a strap to the rear on White Knuckle Hill for that 92" WB.

    Fri, May 16, Our turn for Golden Spike, which began the day rather omniously as there was carnage on the previous day and a vehicle still out there. Combine that with a large group and it spelled a recipe for a LONG DAY. Fortunately we were lucky and had a group of good drivers, because we moved right along, completed the obstacles and completed the trail back to pavement by 4:30. This included our one break of the day, the Golden Crack claimed Desha's right front axle. We strapped winched her up the remaining 6 obstacles/tough spots and still made it back quickly. That was a fun group and a good day. Make no mistake this is a LONG trail and without a locker, rocker protection, and apathy for your rear bumper, I would not recommend this trail to anyone. One you have them, go for it. Green Dragon and Swordy had a good time!

    Sat, May 16, My first opportunity to lead a trail at a 'Zu Zoo event, and I was fairly nervous about it, but we did well, and ran a group through Seven Mile Rim. Tia predominately drove this day while I was navigating and finding the correct route. The only holdup was finding the turnoff for Uranium Arch. We had made such good time up to that point, we decided to turn around and locate the turnoff. The rest of the trail was uneventful and when we arrived at the Wipe Out Hill we encountered a group of Land Rovers descending.
    This was a good thing as it influenced a lot of the group's decision to either ALL go down, ALL stay up, or those that wanted to go down had to get back up if not everyone wasnted to go down it. As it turned out, Musky Amigo, Mike Walters was the only person in our group to give it a rip. He did very well and walked up it. See above comments...

    Sun, May 18, day of check out and departure, true to form, we decided to run a trail on departing, this time was Lower Helldorado. Corbin, Aaron, Jeff Bathke, and myself set out for the trail and decided to give it a whirl. Getting through the entrance, Aaron blew a bead on his right front, and was fixed relatively quickly with the CO2 canister, We continued and about a quarter mile in, Aaron attempts an obstacle, gets bound up and grenades the right front u-joint/axle shaft ears. In attempting to clear the obstacle and get turned around, the ears caught the remnants of the u-joint and blew the ball joint. a trail fix didnt work out so we got him back to level ground removed the axle shaft and got the ball joint fixed to get him off the trail. A hose clamp around the ball joint and knuckle was deemed to be the fix to get him home ~400 miles. This trail was defnitely pushing the limits of myself and Locomigos mettle. Unfortunately, Aaron broke, so we will get another chance at Crawloween. I would not recommend this trail to anyone unless you have total disregard for body damage (chicks dig it right? ), locker(s), rocker protection, and several years experience.

    All in all a GREAT week, and I cant wait to go back...

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