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Thread: Moab '03 Pics....

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    Moab '03 Pics....

    I know there were some great shots taken out there - please post links to your gallery or other pic links here when you can. I shot an hour of video on the VX only run and another 30 minutes on Kane Creek and Metal Masher - all will be available on DVD by the middle of June. Got to meet several new trail leaders and hang out with the great ones from past Zus

    Here are the only stills I shot from Kane Creek - the one shot down into the canyon shows the remains of a jeep that didn't stay on the trail...
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    These pictures really make me sick to my stomach... I can't believe I had to miss it this year!

    Nice to see/hear that everyone had fun though!
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    Wow...awsome pics

    Beautiful country...
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    Here's mine. I took most pics on Golden Spike where I could concentrate on the pics and let Granpa Bob do the driving (thanks for the fun Bob!) He and Swordy handled one of Moab's best known trails easily.

    Only 358 days to go!!!!

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    Okay, I was over to Corbin's last night and we got a few of the 1600 some odd pics up... More to come soon.

    Keep in mind we did virtualy no editing or formatting, simply uploading into galleries...

    Here's a little taste:

    And the link to the pics...
    'Zu Zoo VI

    Enjoy! As I mentioned, more to come later, we ran out of time and stamina after the initial 3 galleries to complete the remainder.
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    My pics are in the Moab 'Zu Zoo VI Gallery (Still up-loading) We got 890MB of photos of everyone VX and Non-VX and will be burning CD's for those that would like one (Email Me your Addresses), They'll be higher res than what's posted...
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    Thumbs up

    Here they are... the first batch of pics from Zu Zoo VI!
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