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Thread: Moab ZuZoo Photos

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    Coupla shots of Kasia doing her best to tip over on Tipover Challenge on Hells Revenge, courtesy Baxman's daughter Becca:

    And one of me:

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    Nice pics. I especially like that first one.
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    I have to admit, that stuff inspires me to keep my VX in the garage where it's safe, haha. The only obstacles us mid-atlantic city folk have to worry about is roadkill and DC snipers.

    I would say it looks fun, but I have a hard time having fun with "The Boys" in my throat the whole time, hahaha. Cheers!
    Gary Noonan
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moncha
    A strap on Hell's Gate??? Shame Shame!! Was that the entrance down then back up? Or did they come up the G-Pa Bob way of years past.

    Me going down.. Came back the same way, no strap
    yeah, yeah yeah... that was, what? - five zu's ago? i think most the people who witnessed that are now dead. hahahah... lol j/k. COME TO MOAB NEXT YEAR SCOTT! You were missed.

    lest you forget, last year I did the same thing in the dragon without a strap. only difference this year is i felt a feather light front on the way back up due to the audio system in the rear. it's pretty heavy. besides - only thing on the other end of my strap on the way back up was tone and gill literally holding it with their hands... not sure what how that would have helped - but mentally it did wonders... ha.


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    Quote Originally Posted by nfpgasmask View Post
    I have quite a bit of video from Elephant Hill. I will hopefully have a little DVD put together in a week or so. I captured all the footage last night so all I need to do is edit it down to something around 1.5-2 hours.

    Sooooooo...been busy at work Bart ???.........

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    Thumbs up Pics & Words Will Never...

    Quote Originally Posted by biju View Post
    The mushy mushy warm fuzzy post-moab post: (and in no particular order)

    You did a great job of running Elephant Hill – thank you. Your off-road confidence has grown, as you hair has, since first meeting you three moab’s ago! Nice work, friend. Next time I hope to visit champ for a bit, as I missed him this time round. P.S. – good pep talk at the bottom of Hell’s Gate exit!

    A rock I can count on when things get hairy on the trail – or when I need a good larf! Although there’s nothing funny about crushing your hotwheels VX. You’ve witnessed me go from a pirate, to a stick of butter? WTF? Hahaha… Thanks for the good times, mang.

    You’re always good for VX trivia/discussion. Thanks for the use of the “Margarator” – it, and it alone, caused my alarm confusion that night (j/k). It’s always good to see you again. (Now send me that new front cladding you have!!!) I hope to see you lifted next year!!!

    If it weren’t for you we’d STILL be trying to get out of Cliff Hanger – and we don’t want to see biju when he can’t get to his beer (or I guess butter for that matter). So thanks! I’m convinced the FJ is a great machine. Now go defend us VXer’s on that TOY forum, boy!

    Thanks much for helping me out pre-moab. I’m happy I could do the same for you. It was good to see you, donna, dub and jim show up at my house that morning. The excitement of seeing old friends had me near speechless! The wheeling there after was even better – so was checking out the mods. Can’t wait until we meet again!

    I’m so bummed for you and your VX, yet so happy for you starting anew in California. Glad you could make the BBQ in Grand Junction. Best of luck on the new life. Keep us posted on the VX rebuild.

    Thanks for the spot up and down Hell’s Gate entrance with no issues! Enjoy the cocaine – but keep the cans!... they’ll make you rich one day. (ok. Not really.) Always a good time with you, guy. I didn’t get you a DVD, but rumor had it you have all the photo’s anyways? Bring the ML next year!

    The hospitality was outstanding, and the food was great. What a BIG success! Your fam is incredibly nice and accommodating. The only thing missing in moab was your VX (and you of course). Thanks for keeping the BBQ even though you knew weeks in advance you couldn’t go with (and kept it secret). What integrity!

    You ooze goodness – and are so nice I’m still in disbelief! Thanks for helping me with the pups and lunch on the trial. Next year we’ll hit up the whitewater rafting – promise. Stay well, and keep that boy of yours in check! Ha!

    You mad-man! That trooper and you are incredible on the trail. I’m even more impressed this year with the ease at which you tackled some of the toughest we encountered. Nice work out there! Enjoy the rotors, hope to see you soon!

    Nice to meet you and some of your fam. I loved the sunroof in the VX, but am sorry I missed the wood grain interior! (which I later heard you had). I’m hoping to get a chance to chat with you more next year!

    Sell, sell, sell some of those 700+ gas masks you have so you can make it to moab in 2008! Really glad you could make it this year, and glad I could see your ride in action (not to mention your wheels!). I hope you had a blast (and enjoyed the Easy Street Wheat!). Thanks for stepping up to do a video/DVD! I think we have another moab convert here folks!

    I’ve heard so much about this incredible guy, nocturnalvx, from many people. They were spot on! No hang ups, always smiling – and quick to help anybody! Thanks for the good times/laughs. I hope I don’t have to wait a few meets in moab before we meet again!

    Really missed you out on the trail, but got a chance to meet you at dinner a few times. Hope you enjoyed the trip, and your stay in Moab. More importantly – hope to see you out on the trails next year!

    Much more comfortable this year, dontcha think? Well, less fear anyways, eh? It was really good to see you, man. Can’t wait until (if) Moncha puts together another Colorado Colors meet so we can hook up again. By then you’ll have those five more mods Kenny’s talking about, right? Send me that .mp3!

    That wasn’t so bad, was it? The VX came out with flying colors! Now you’ll have to get a second VX and come out next year – it’s just what hasta happen!!! I think I hear Bart’s platinum rap album playing now!

    Glad you and your friend made it out (I forget his name, sorry…) Had a great time at Pasta J’s, and out on the trail. I’m quietly squashing the ‘butters’ tag, but we’ll see if that lasts. Ha! Start planning for next year, and for cryin’ out loud STAY LONGER wouldja? LOL.

    So much freaking fun to hang out with you – it’s a highlight in moab for sure. Our sick humor feeds off one another… Add some alcohol and my belly hurts from laughing so much. Next year we’ll have to ‘up’ our drinking time. For the love of hangers in the butt, NO Jägermeister!

    Menace is beautiful. Wish he and my kids could have hung out some. They would have had a great time. Maybe you’ll have that hood mod done by then? Would love to see that come to life! Until next year, friend.

    Vxironwoman indeed! Damn inspiring I must say… You did fantastic out there – much respect. Your enthusiasm and excitement was sooo cool to witness. It’s what it’s all about! I’m happy you had such a great time!

    I hope I didn’t miss anyone – and if I did please feel free to sharpen your shank and wield it crazily in my direction, k? There are plenty of other folks that i didn't get a chance to see/catch up with, and hope i can next year.

    Now it’s time to recover, and relax for a while. I need a post moab vacation. gesh!

    As a service to all the "first timers"...AND, all the "old timers" who might have forgotten what a blast they had last year, I thought I'd dust this puppy off for your perusal...

    I had such a good time re-reading this entire thread tonight, that I wanted you guys (an industry term ) to see what's in store.

    May I humbly suggest reading it from post #1, a trip down memory lane, canyon, hill, dale, valley, crack, gulch, wash...etc... WHATEVER, for me, but a potential preview for you "new kids".

    GOD, I Love this group of people.
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    Thumbs up

    As Bob Hope would say........"Thanks for the memories"
    See you soon in Moab.
    "Through Great Sacrifice..... Great Rewards Will Be Achieved"

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    I am sooooo EXCITED!!!! I have a little extra hop with every step I take because I leave for Moab in about 20 days!!! EEEEK!

    - Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VX crazy View Post
    I had to miss a few Moab Mays myself... not fun. However, you (and all those that can not make it this year) will be missed & will be in our thoughts as we , and , and . You will be missed, but will be able to live vicariously (sp?) through us here on have fun no matter where you are!
    The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... and zombies.

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