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VehiCROSS.info Website Rules

We would like to begin this by indicating that the forums have a family rating. This means that all posts should be suitable for all people to read. This means that it is your responsibility keep your posts in check. The following rules will provide the details.

This is a VehiCROSS dedicated website, all topics, comments and photos should be related to Isuzu, or the VehiCROSS.

All "off topic" postings and photos shall be contained within the appropriate forums or personal photo albums or risk deletion.

Try to post to the forum that is most appropriate for the topic being presented.

No FOUL language nor inflections including using special characters to "Cheat" the automated censor will be tolerated in the subject lines, message bodies and or the chat area, this is grounds for immediate removal of your posting privileges. The definition of foul shall be at the discretion of the forum's administrator and/or moderators or by the consensus of reactions by the populous to such posting.

No spamming or postwhoring. Any such messages will be removed at the discretion of either a forum administrator or moderator and the offender WILL be banned permanently by username and IP address.

No flaming. Offenders will be warned and can be banned temporarily or permenantly. (Flaming is defined as "An insulting criticism or remark meant to incite anger, as on a computer network" Reference taken from Websters.com )

No bombing forums or threads with pointless posts. (These posts will be removed)

No shouting (Posting in all capital letters) in subject lines or message bodies. It's just plain rude and annoying.

VehiCROSS.info does not condone or promote illegal street racing and all related activities and any post promoting it may be removed and/or edited. The user may be subject to warning and/or removal of posting privileges.

No signature lines with foul or suggestive language in them and no signature lines with more than ten lines total will be accepted. Any pornographic or derogatory image linked to a signature/avatar will be edited/removed, others will be grounds for immediate removal of your posting privileges.

No linking or posting of pornographic material. Any images with nudity, indecent or inappropriate acts will be removed and the user posting will be issued a warning. Repeated offenses will result in the banning of that user and removal of posting privileges. These offenses will be at the sole discretion of the website Administrator or his agents.

You must respect the privacy of other members and individuals. Do not post personal information (i.e. addresses, phone numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, or any other information considered private) without the express permission of the individual.

Do not abuse BBcode. It is provided as a benefit to you and its usage can be revoked.

Each VehiCROSS.info website member is limited to one account/alias, unless otherwise authorized by a VehiCROSS.info Forum administrator. Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent yourself.

You must have a valid e-mail account where a forum moderator or website administrator can contact you. Members' accounts will be placed on a temporary restricted access level when an invalid email address is discovered.

VehiCROSS.info has addressed privacy concerns by allowing users to set-up their accounts so that e-mail addresses may not be displayed to other users, but rather moderators and administrators only.

No outside vendors nor advertisers are allowed without explicit permission from the site administration. No advertising, buying, selling, or trading anywhere within the website with the exception of the "For Sale" forum. The short explanation rules of that forum, which must be abided by are located under the main topic header. VehiCROSS.info is not responsible for any loss due to any sale or exchange of any item in the "For Sale" forum, please be careful with whom you do business.

Respect both forum moderators and website administrators. VehiCROSS.info reserves the right to edit, reprint, distribute, or delete any posting for any reason and without prior notification or explanation to the author. Moderators and administrators frequently review forum messages for those that are in violation of VehiCROSS.info website rules. Any messages found to be in violation will be deleted without warning or explanation.

All messages and photos posted are the property of poster. However, VehiCROSS.info reserves the right to delete or move any posting not conforming to any of the aforementioned rules without due notice to it's owner.

VehiCROSS.info reserves the right to restrict, suspend or ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.

VehiCROSS.info and its representatives will not be held liable for the result of the usage of any information provided in the VehiCROSS.info website, and disclaim all liability resulting in the use of the posted information.

Observe all copyright laws when posting copyrighted material. If the material belongs to someone else, credit the original author. Do not post material where you do not have permission to distribute it electronically or otherwise.

You will not discuss, suggest, engage, or encourage any illegal activity. Links provided to locations that deal with any such activity are also expressly forbidden.

Do not post content, messages or excerpts of messages that violate Federal, Provincial, or Local laws which include, but are not limited to, anything that violates a copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or is bound by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Any such material will be turned over to the authorities as requested.

VehiCROSS.info takes no responsibility for the content of any of the messages posted within the VehiCROSS.info website or of the authenticity of its authors.

All opinions and views expressed in the VehiCROSS.info website are solely those of their respective authors and are not necessarily those of VehiCROSS.info nor its representatives.

VehiCROSS.info reserves the right to change the aforementioned rules at any time without warning or notice. It is the responsibility of the forum member to check this page on a regular basis for any revisions in VehiCROSS.info website rules before making any posts to the forum.

By completing the registration process of the VehiCROSS.info website, you agree to abide by the above rules and terms.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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