This is a shot of a 50watt halogen installed as a reverse light in my VX. It was taken with a flash, else the picture would be almost all white. Compare it to the 1w Luxen Star to see the relative difference in brightness - this one "blinded" the camera because it was so much brighter than the Luxeon - as you can not see anywhere near as much surrounding detail. Colors are not accurate, to get an idea of how much more yellow this lamp is, look at the reflection of the camera flash on the right and right above the light assembly. See how blue those reflections are? Compare to the similar reflections in the Luxeon photo where they are much whiter. The difference is the camera doing color compensation because the flash is really the same color, but since the halogen is so much more yellow the camer ends up making the flash reflectuion look as much more blue as the halogein is as much moreyellow.