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Who wants a Tone's/Tom's "ish" hitch?

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[QUOTE=Patr1ck;309379]I am considering making hitches for us that would be a hybrid of Tom's/Tones/my own. I want to see how many of you would be interested in one. I have been welding professionally for 10 years, while not a "Welder", it was required for my job as a heavy truck mechanic on a weekly basis at the least. I would fabricate them so that they require the same rear cladding mod that the Tone's hitch requires and would be nice and hidden in the rear cladding. They would be priced in the $300 to $350 range. Let me know who would be interested in one by posting in this thread. Im trying to gage whether it would be worth it or not to start doing this.[/QUOTE]

How much are the hitches ? thx, Rick
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  1. Ironman1's Avatar
    I would buy one.