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New VX owner

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Finally finally got a VX cruiser, only 88000 miles, lifted, new tires, new magnaflow dual in dual out, new secret weapon cold air intake, and all for only $8300. The best thing about is i was about to travel to new york to pick one up, but my last search attempt found this one in the town i live. Amazing find. More good new, my neighbor bought a 2001 isuzu trooper with only 140,000 miles from a police auction in Oklahoma. Its been sitting in his driveway for 6 months and now he is selling it to me for only $1000 and it drives like a dream. This all has made for a great start to the new year as i couldn't be happier. On another note, i need spare tire panel knobs, and found a forum saying to ping JASON621 to place an order for the knobs. HOW DO I PING??? Will provide photos of the VX when i get it out of the shop as i decided to go ahead and change out timing belt and switch the callimi shocks to ranchos 9000.
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