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04/18/2003, 10:12 AM
I just purchased my VX and have a query about the TOD display: Does it ever indicate just 2 wheel drive while the vehicle is moving? According to the manual, the TOD should engage when there is a need because of less than ideal traction, however my indicator ALWAYS registers at the first "notch," thus indicating 15%-30% engagement while on dry, smooth, stable pavement. Is this normal? My dealer has very little experience or knowledge of the system, and says everything is OK. I would like to use the TOD ONLY when needed, and hopefully get better fuel economy. Thanks. Larryb

Green Dragon
04/18/2003, 10:20 AM
Your TOD indication is correct. First bar lit when in 4 High.
You will not get better fuel milage with TOD off which can be accomplished by cutting Lt Blue wire at the Computer ( under passenger seat) & inserting on off switch at location of your choice.;pg;