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08/02/2005, 03:58 PM
I thought it would be good to post up a list of consumable parts with part numbers that are relevent to the Vehicross in Australia. Please add if you come accross anything.

Spark plugs (note that these are ngk iridium tipped) - BKR5EIX-11
Oil Filter (ryco) - Z79A
Fuel Filter (ryco) - Z200
Timing Belt (gates) - T303
Serpentine Belt (gates) - 6PK2275 (manual quotes 2288 in length, but 2275 should fit)
Transmission Filter Kit (powermax) - FSK162
Brake pads (Bendix) - front 1270, rear 1280
Air Filter - same as jackaroo

moon buggy
08/05/2005, 04:57 PM
if you're looking to add to the VX dash here's a pic of the Holden rodeo dash, showing buttons and cruise control..
http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/data/500/thumbs/Rodeo_cruise_2000.jpg (http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/data/500/Rodeo_cruise_2000.jpg)

but apparently the Rodeo cruise isn't as easy a reinstall onto the VX but ..these guys do a nice install [thanks OZVX of this cruise control..which includes 3 different speed alert settings [eg 60, 80 and say 110kph] ..as well as cruise..pic is of MX5, the guy suggested to me this as an example of how their controls clip to the steering wheel...not cheap ..~$850AUD, but is more than just cruise..buttons are not illuminated ....its around $150 less sans speed alerts