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06/17/2005, 06:42 AM
I've read some posts here and elsewhere about the engine problem with losing a cylinder around 60k miles or so. I also read that its impossible or not feesible to replace the motor in these things since noone in the US offers them.

I guess my question is whether or not this issue is year model based.. i.e. does one model year have the issue and a later year not have it?

I like the vehicross, and am looking for something used after my truck lease is up. I hate to get into something that is going to just cost me money though since what I will end up purchasing will probably be in the higher mile range.

Thanks for the help - and the board.

V-Twin hiCROSS
06/17/2005, 07:48 AM
Doc X,
From what I have seen, you will not have any issues as long as you religiously check your oil level. I check my oil at every fill-up. I rarely, if ever, have to add any. But, a sudden decrease in the oil level is the first sign of a problem. My beast now has 65K miles, and I have not had any problems. Right now, price considered, there is not any other vehicle that I would rather be driving. These things are a blast, and people never stop asking you about them.
There are replacement engines if you should need one. My bet is that you won't as long as you follow the guidelines above.
As far as which year to buy, I would try and find an '00 or '01. I held out because of the 18" wheels/tires and the automatic climate control system (a feature that I now won't be able to live without). If you can find one that was taken care of, I promise you will be happy. One other note: these are probably not a good vehicle if you often haul around more than one other adult, or if you have kids in child seats. My friends and family are well aware that is a pain in the *ss to get in/out of the back seats. They alos do not have a large amount of cargo space, but that is why I have a utility trailer.

Hope this helps.

06/17/2005, 08:52 AM
You have to realize that the "issue" is pertinent to the Isuzu 3.5L engine and not the VehiCROSS. The same engine is used domestically in the VX, Trooper, Axiom, Rodeo and in a great number of international models also. I've personally owned four vehicles powered by this engine with the highest mileage one currently at 120K miles. No problems of any kind and I live in what's considered a "severe duty" environment. But out of the hundreds of thousands produced of this particular engine, there's bound to be a few with defects that slipped past quality control or maybe were just perhaps abused by prior owners. No matter what, there's no substitute for good regular maintenance. ;)

06/17/2005, 05:58 PM
Yep - I realize that its a motor problem and not a vehicross problem.

Also have read the threads about the back seat being small and rear visibility also being bad.

I like things that are ahead of their time.. I am an "early adopter" of technology which often bites me in the *shame on you**shame on you**shame on you**shame on you**shame on you* but so be it.

I wanted one of these when they first came out, but had a 23' boat and know for sure that one of these would not pull it, so I had to pass it by.

Now, I have a 2 wheel drive truck on a lease, and I have sworn to myself that this is my LAST lease. I want to find something that I can pull a fairly small boat with (and a VERY short distance - 3-5 miles) that is pretty quick, handles well, and looks cool.

My options were a 3000gt, G35, Vehicross, or maybe something like a 2 door full size tahoe/blazer.

I honestly would like to find something that gives me everything I want plus reliability, and also not bring a high price along with it. That basically knocks out the G35 and the Tahoe, and I'm not sure the 3000gt would be the right car for me.

Vehicrosses are coming down in price (but up in miles) and I love everything I know about them so far other than the few negatives.

Anyone have a link to specs on them so I can find out how much one can tow - or does anyone know off the top of their head?


06/17/2005, 07:24 PM
I wanted one of these when they first came out, but had a 23' boat and know for sure that one of these would not pull it, so I had to pass it by.
Was it a concrete hull? LOL! Used to pull a 26' Wellcraft center-console with no problem, especially getting it out of the water. Currently looking at 22' Catalinas and have no towing concerns at all, even more so if you put in an electric brake controller for the heavier rolling loads. The VX has the same ratings as a Trooper (500lbs tongue, 5000lbs trailer), so for most things you'll be in good shape. Just remember things happen a lot faster with the short-wheelbase. ;)

Here's a few links with some basic info...

Automotive.com VX Specs (http://www.automotive.com/2001/12/isuzu/vehicross/specifications)
Johnnyapollo's excellent VX site (http://www.wildtoys.com/VehiCROSS/)
Moncha's flaming specs page (http://www.moncha.com/vx_specs_frame.html)
MSN Autos VX page (http://autos.msn.com/research/vip/default.aspx?modelid=9905&src=YBT&state=Used)
Edmunds VX page (http://www.edmunds.com/used/1999/isuzu/vehicross/6811/roadtestarticle.html?articleId=44300)

06/17/2005, 08:25 PM
it was a 3900 pound Glastron Carlson CVX 23. I guess I just assumed that a 3.5 liter motor would have issues pulling it when my 4.3 liter blazer had issues pulling it.. Obviously 4x4 compared to 4x2 would make a diff though.

Thanks for the links.. I need to find someone in dallas that will let me drive one of theirs or find one for sale and go for a test ride I guess.

Again - thanks for the help.

06/17/2005, 08:40 PM
Something else I've noticed...

In looking at the pics, the lower "body armor" - and forgive me if I am misnaming it, I'm just going by looks - always looks VERY good on these things. One of my concerns (and I have this concern with the Avalanche too) is that the body armor stuff will look like cr*p after a year or two. Obviously not with the Vehicross though. What is it made of? Couldnt be plastic???

Also thought blue would be my pick of colors - but the Red looks VERY cool.

06/18/2005, 03:13 AM
uh, acutally if u dont care for the cladding(body armor) it does look like crap. it looks like crap on my car rite now lol, but a good rub down with "tire dressing" will make it look new again.

Jolly Roger VX'er
06/21/2005, 03:06 PM
I also read that its impossible or not feesible to replace the motor in these things since noone in the US offers them.


I don't know anything about these guys....just thought I would post in case there's any interest.

06/23/2005, 07:11 AM
"I like things that are ahead of their time..."

Doctor X, you will just LOVE the VX then. I've had mine for about 6 months now, and whenever people ask "What the hell IS that thing?!" I explain to them what it is and why they've never seen one before (ie, limited production). But the most startled and dumb-founded looks I get is when I tell them it's a '99. That's when jaws REALLY drop. I will NEVER get tired of that...