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03/25/2003, 06:20 PM
Tone sent my new hitch to my new address in Tucson
it arrived at the fedex office in Tucson on the 14th. No fedex deliver to my house checked on the fedex web site on the 17th. Drivers entry on the website wrong house address, That was BS, He just could not find it. I called Fedex on the 18th they said it would be deleivered that night. Now it is the 25 of March still no hitch. :mad: :mad: :argue:

03/25/2003, 06:31 PM
I had a similar problem with Fed Ex. I was waiting to receive some loan documents (for refinancing my VX oddly enough) and the just never seemed to show up. I called the people back that were doing the refi and they said that fed ex returned them saying that the address was invalid. I double checked the address that they had and it was correct. I told them to ship the documents UPS or USPS the next time. They arrived UPS a few days later.

Fed Ex may be great if you are sending from a business to a business, but sending to a home address, they are the absolute worst at finding your address. It's like they don't have access to mapquest or something.

Phil D
03/25/2003, 07:19 PM
Not car related, but..
A friend of mine ordered a custom made medieval styled harp- about 3 grand. The maker sent it FedEx. Somehow, FedEx crushed the whole thing in the middle, snapping the harp in 2.

To make matters worse, FedEx actually DELIVERED the damaged box, with no explanation, and claimed no responsibility.

03/26/2003, 06:02 AM
I understand if you are upset with FedEx, but I can say FedEx has always been the PREFERRED shipping method of, not only myself, but many mountainbikers and such that I talk to online and off. I have shipped many bikes that I have built up and sold off and never had a problem with FedEx... but I HAVE had problems with UPS. In fact, I have had to put in two claims for two seperate bikes (not claims for the entire bikes, but parts that were destroyed). The box would show up crushed at the door of the purchaser and we would have to put in claims of different parts that were totaled.

I think it will go either way. You just have to be as careful as possible when shipping (packaging and such), then you put it in the hands of the shipping co. and that is all you can do. Make sure and have the shipper take out insurance on the item (always more than it is worth) when the item is pricey, and then prey you get it in one piece!

03/26/2003, 06:19 AM
Thanks for letting me know - Iíll get with FedEx today and try to straighten it out. They are my preferred carrier but their Ground service has less of a track record. Sorry for the delay.

03/26/2003, 08:16 AM
I don't think that either Fed-Ex or Ups have my approval any more with shipping. Many times Ups or fed-ex has not delivered packages with in a reasonable time and they don't knock on your door, they sneek a notice on your door(probably because they don't want to take the time to deliver, maybe they have a date that night or something). To my amasement, they will have instructions on the box saying that it is ok to deliver to the apartment office if no one answers the door, but they ignore these instructions in black and write on the shipping label and write all over the notice saying "We are sorry we missed you, but if you sign this notice we will be happy to leave at your door or if you are not here again we will leave it at the apartment rental office".
The worst is when they ship something and leave my apartment number off of it. Instead of delivering to the apartment office and saying the apt # was left off and could they find the tennant, they just ship it back to whoever sent it to me AND MY PHONE NUMBER IS RIGHT ON THE LABEL!!!! They don't call the number saying "Oh, we have a package for you and it doesn't have the apartment number on it, what is your apartment number?"
Don't even get me started with refinancing issues and timely over night shipping that takes 3 weeks or packages arriving damaged like some 3rd country national played rugby with it or a Siberian Tiger used it for a chew toy..........