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05/26/2005, 11:44 AM
Some of you might be interested to know some of the awards given at the Banquet on Saturday night. Several VX'ers left early because of time eliments and didn't make the banquet. Saturday was filled with several activities at Portal including....

Voting for prettiest vehicle.. opened to all registered drivers.

Hit the duck... 2 ducks on poles that you had to get as close as possible without hitting.

Spotters challenge... Blindfolded driver, spotter calling out commands through a course made of cones. Drivers were challenged going forward and reverse.

GPS challenge... cordinates were given that drivers would have to find and take pictures of.

A card was passed out to all registered drivers at the event for voting on several topics. I'll try to remember...
Prettiest vehicle
Ugliest vehicle
most carnage
best stuck
best engineered vehicle
best trail guide
best spotter
trail guide most likely to get lost
most wrenching

A few awards were given to VX owners.... Congratulations

Todd Adams.... best trail guide (I believe 2nd place)
Todd Adams.... trail guide most likely to get lost

Andy (Swordy)... best engineered vehicle (3rd place)
Swordy/Marshall (Marshall driving, Swordy Spotting)... Most cones taken out on spotters challenge.

For all those that didn't go.... make arrangements at work now to go next year. It's a blast!

Again congrats!
Winners of these as best I can remember..
Prettiest vehicle..... Black amigo cant remember name
Ugliest vehicle..... Corbin Cowan 99 white Amigo w/exo
most carnage..... Fernando 1st gen Amigo ouched on Sat
best stuck..... Rob G Rodeo chop on Behind the rocks
best engineered..... 1st Dallas Nunns StinkyFab tube rail
best trail guide ..... Amanda (she's only 15 years old)
best spotter ..... Keith Ellingford (Locomigo)
trail guide most likely to get lost ..... Todd Adams
most wrenching..... Desha 1st gen Amigo

05/27/2005, 08:45 AM
Prettiest vehicle..... Black amigo cant remember name

If this is the Black 2nd Gen with blue trim, that would be Bob (maybe Bob and Cindy).

Very capable rig and well used.

FYI - I think I was in the running for "trail guide most likely to get lost" but by the time I was able to make a cell call to proclaim being lost, the award had already been claimed by Todd. I was so lost that I missed the BBQ and Banquet. I was supposed to be the MC.

In all fairness, I really wasn't lost. I knew exactly where I was and I knew where I wanted to be, I just couldn't figure out how to get there.


05/27/2005, 10:26 AM
Ok Steve We'll accept the excuse this time. That is as long as you weren't ditching us for some particular sweet thang you left in Los Vegas. :)

Green Dragon
05/27/2005, 12:01 PM
Actually the Award should have went to Jeff on the Friday run to Gold Rim.

He left three (3) of us waiting at the top of Gold Rim,for almost four hours while he & others played on Golden Spike & watched the Stinky Fab & Fernando show.

Had I known this was going to happen I would have taken the Golden Spike run initially.

We would have left sooner but we did not wish to leave the woman who was left alone. As soon as her husband arrived on foot I left.

First time in wheeling I have ever left the Group but I guess when the trail leader leaves me seeking shelter from the sun under a sandstone ledge for that length of time, I beg to be excused.

I was upset & remain upset. I left a day early & unlike the terminator. I will not be back.

First time

05/27/2005, 02:48 PM
I'll send your video to the seniors center next year.....

(just kidding) Sorry you didn't have a good time Bob. Part of the goldbar run has always been sticking around to watch the end of the golden spike group. You know that.
It was pretty hot that day. I saw you up on the rocks for a while and then later wondered where you mosied off to. Last time I did the gold bar trail, the tail gunner (Me) led those that didn't want to stay to watch, back down the hill early. Maybe this is something that should be standardized? Please re-consider your descision. I would miss you too much.

Green Dragon
05/27/2005, 03:40 PM
I'll send your video to the seniors center next year.....

Part of the goldbar run has always been sticking around to watch the end of the golden spike group. You know that.
Last time I did the gold bar trail, the tail gunner (Me) led those that didn't want to stay to watch, back down the hill early. Maybe this is something that should be standardized? Please re-consider your descision. I would miss you too much.

Exactly my point! I have been on a couple of Gold bar Rim trips most I ever waited was 1.5 hrs The operative words in your post are" stay to WATCH" Both the trail leader & tail gunner left & after numerous failed attempts to contact the leader by CB on the assigned channel we gave up. A long time later we watched from the top of the hill as the group from Golden Spike came into view. A short time after that our trail leader & the white Range Rover came into view. Both stopped at the bottom of the hill & as I stated before watched the Stinky Fab show. It was a full 15 minutes later that the rest of the Gold Bar Rim vehicles came into view (So much for keeping the guy behind you in your mirror).

If the trail leader & others wanted to try Golden Splke . Then that's the trail they should have signed up for, not take the easier route up then switch over.


P.S. I Don't visit the Senior Center as too many of those nice ladies of advanced years hit on me & barbara doesn't like it.

05/27/2005, 10:18 PM

Sorry to hear about the issues that I have read within this post. This is very dissappointing to read your thoughts as you have turned into a regular staple of the event and 'zu crew.

I can not comment as to the occurances or exactly what had happened, and I assume the Jeff you are referring to is Marmot (Jeff Bathke), and this behavior is very much not like him. Perhaps there is more to it than you were aware of?

Typically the Gold Bar Rim trail is ran on the same day as Golden Spike and ran in such a way that the GBR leaves later so that the more capable vehicles/drivers can drive into the Million Dollar Mile of GS backward once to the top of GBR, cross the Golden Crack and turn around and run through the MDM with the GS crew, picking up the lesser capable vehicles and drivers that ride in with the others to the crack. Its something of a tradition, and I am surprised you were not aware of this, and were not apprised of the situation. Very much does not sound like Jeff.

I do understand that the possibility of carnage is exceptionally high through that drive, hence the name, Million Dollar Mile. Any breakage can and does take longer to get back, and from what I understand, that is exactly what happened and the numbers of the group, along with breakage/carnage caused the exceptional delay. Sounds for the most part there was a lack of communication.

In reading the posts, I am shocked that you would have not joined that group to run that aspect of the trail and run the MDM.

I do hope you will reconsider and I have fwd a link of this to the board members and Jeff. I hope things will be straightened out.

Oh, point of order... Fernando was the best spotter, I am nowhere within that ballgame with my spotting skills.

05/27/2005, 11:00 PM
I to hope you reconcider and make it out next year. I really enjoyed sharing the trail with you this year. I think better communication would be the key to cure this problem. Maybe designating a leader to take an early group back in the event of a longer "play" delay.

Todd Adams
05/27/2005, 11:46 PM
I for one would have liked a detailed explanation of what the agenda was so I knew what to expect. This should have been done at the start of the trail over the CB. (Since I was on the Spike I have no idea if this was done but due to Bob's reaction I'm guessing it was not) I am sure part of the delay was in the late departure of Spike. Also because of the lateness in the day I bypassed "Double Whammy" since I was last and would have kept the group even longer.
I know part of the problem was the lack of trail selection after talking with Bob the night before.
So Bob since it fresh in your mind, what would we need to do to improve the event.
PS I would miss you.

Green Dragon
05/28/2005, 06:40 AM
In reading the posts, I am shocked that you would have not joined that group to run that aspect of the trail and run the MDM.

As most people know, I had run the MDM in previous years.I really don't think of myself as a Rookie thus I believe that I am knowledegible as to what USUALLY happens at the end of Gold Bar Rim trail. I chose to go on Gold Bar this time just to relax ( no white knuckles- no carnage), get back to the Hotel early, sit in the Spa have dinner, it didn't turn out that way. Since there appears to be no standard policy as to what occurs at the end of Gold Bar, I suppose MY expectations based on MY previous experiences can be interpreted as invalid & without merit.

It is not my intent to detract (but to inform) from what otherwise had been a great annual experience( I attended last 5 years). I highly recommend that anyone that has the opportunity, attend the Isuzu fest at least once. You hear all the talk about the trails & the scenery but for the most part, at least to me it's about the people that attend.They are friendly, always ready to help & make for a fun time. I can't think of a better place for a NEWBE to learn how to 4 wheel. I learned a lot & I will always remember & appreciate the many good times & the assistance given.

05/28/2005, 08:44 PM

As a newby to the driving aspect of Zuzoo this year I can understand your point, to a point. As a third year participant again I can understand your point. HOWEVER... I know that you have done The Golden Spike Trail. You've now been on BOTH sides of the trail.
The first year we did Gold Bar Rim was unlocked. We went (we, meaning me as a passenger) down to the crack and watched the guys (over an hour later) go over the crack and went back up the MDM trail. MDM trail took it's toll. Bruce, our leader broke down on the golden stairs for almost 2 hours. (All was well when he bought all of us beer that night.) When we did get back up to the other vehicles it was at least 3 hours later. The following year Swordy was tail gunner and took those who didn't want to wait back down the hill.
My suggestion is this.. Rembember these are all volunteers. Voice your opinions to the right channels. You, my friend are a dang good driver, and loved by all. You would be truely missed if you wern't there next year. Volunteer to be a trail leader next year.
Another thing would be to know what to expect. MDM is expected brakage. I'm sure you knew that, you've been there done that. Keith/Locomigo pointed out to me after a trail this year that you have to know your expectations of the trail prior to going on it. I went on one "3" rated trail and "expected" obstacles.... there wasn't one. The trail was an awesome trail, company was terrific, and the view was better than I think I'd ever seen, but looking for obstacles on a 3 trail was my mistake.
Bob I hope you reconcider not going again. Lifes too short to hold grudges (unless it's against Tone, and I'd say that's ok :yes: ). *smurk*
Looking forward to sharing dirt roads with you again,

Jeff the marmot
06/02/2005, 02:32 AM
Sorry to hear you were upset about the Gold Bar Rim trail that Friday. I apologize that you were at the top of the rim for such a long time. I'm glad that you stuck with the woman until her husband came back.

I had no idea that you wanted to return to your hotel early. If you would have expressed that wish, I definitely would have discussed this with Gilbert (tail gunner) to have one of us lead some people out early. As it was, I thought we were doing what you wanted since a few people had requested to sit in the shade and just relax at the Rim while the rest of the group ventured into the MDM.

It's true that I had never heard of what happened in a few of the previous years where someone led a few vehicles out early who didn't want to stick around for the optional MDM. I think that's a fantastic idea and should be "standardized". Unfortunately I didn't hear of that idea until now.

I've done the Spike a few times at past Zu Zoo events, so my Zu Zoo experience with the Gold Bar Rim group is that they spectate at the Crack and always follow the Golden Spike group out since they want to watch the Spike group and the Spike group is typically faster. The only time that I led Gold Bar Rim separately was with a different event, in which 14 out of 15 vehicles cruised into the MDM, so that didn't help my experience with how widely the Zu Zoo group split up this time.

I DID express to the group several times that day that it could potentially become a late return and our return time would be unknown due to MANY variables, including breakage in the optional section of the Spike. I said this at the driver's meeting as well as over the CB. The Range Rover breakage delayed us an hour in the morning plus the group was moving somewhat slow in general, so by afternoon I really wanted to keep things moving. In contrast to previous year's leaders on Gold Bar Rim, I wasn't willing to stick around at the Golden Crack and just wait for the Spike group to show up (particularly because we knew they left quite late). My plan was to get to the Crack, turn around, and head back with just our group since that would consume much of the day as it was. Or if we had run into the Spike group before that, I'd have discussed it with our group whether we even continue to the Crack. But as luck would have it, just as we finished returning across the Crack, a Hummer group showed up, immediately followed by the Zu Zoo Spike group. So naturally the Gold Bar Rim group with lots of spectators watched everyone cross the Crack. The Gold Bar Rim group stuck together and took up the rear, as was typical in past years of Zu Zoo events.

Due to the large number of vehicles ahead of us, it took a very long time to get back to the top of Gold Bar Rim. Of course I stuck with the Gold Bar group and made sure they got up all the major obstacles. There was a painfully long traffic jam at every major obstacle. I did NOT do anything to "play" or waste time in the MDM! I saw 3 attempts at Double Whammy by Travis and 3 attempts by Dallas, which was the very end of any attempts. The major delay at that same location was when a Hummer broke and another Hummer helping him blocked the trail. Then RobG and Dallas tried multiple alternate lines to try to get around them. I assume that's what you mean when you say the "Stinkyfab show". Meanwhile the Spike group and thus the Gold Bar group were stuck, waiting on people ahead of us to simply move.

Even immediately after that obstacle, a Hummer got wedged into the Body Snatcher and required a winch to get through. Another Hummer drove across dirt and bushes completely unnecessarily. This caused further delays while people (very appropriately) confronted the Hummers about their irresponsible actions.

It all took a lot of time for us to get back to you at the Rim. Thanks for wisely staying with that woman until her husband walked back. I don't blame you for leaving early, particularly now that I know your desire to leave early.

Now that you've heard the other side of the story, I hope you better understand what happened and I hope you can more easily let go of your anger. Again I say, sorry you had to wait so long. In future years, I'm sure there will be someone on trailstaff expecting to lead people out early, especially since there's more and more people every year who have already seen the MDM. So thanks for bringing up the issue.


06/08/2005, 02:53 PM
Grandpa Bob, I would be very disappointed if you did not show up next year. I enjoyed your company while you waited with me while Dallas went back to pick up the trailer after Metal Masher on Wednesday. It was hot and there was road construction and it took hours, and it was so sweet of you to insist on waiting with me (I'm sensing a pattern here, Grandpa Bob waiting with women ;-)). I hope you will reconsider your decision and come back. You've been a faithful attendee for many years and you'd be missed.