View Full Version : VX Today Theme(s) for Pocket PC owners!

02/26/2003, 08:29 PM
For the geeks among us who use PDAs running Pocket PC, I am creating a few VX "Today" themes. I will update this post as I create more. Here is the first one. This is what your Today screen will look like with this theme installed:


To download click here! (http://www.yefim.com/files/pocketpc/VX_dark.tsk)

Update: Here is the second theme - VX 4! This is what it looks like:


To download click here! (http://www.yefim.com/files/pocketpc/VX4.tsk)

Update: Two more themes added!



To download click here! (http://www.yefim.com/files/pocketpc/vx_sunset.tsk)

Yellow VX:


To download click here! (http://www.yefim.com/files/pocketpc/vx_yellow.tsk)

How do I install the themes on my device?

First you must copy the .tsk file that you downloaded to your device via ActiveSync. You can do this by opening ActiveSync and clicking "Explore". Copy the file into either My Documents or Windows folder - My Documents is the folder that opens when you click Explore.

Then click Start > Settings > Today and select the theme you wish to use. Click OK, and see the new theme on your Today screen!

If you have any questions, let me know. :D

02/26/2003, 08:43 PM

It's guys like you that make my day! Yeah, I have to admit I am a gadget geek. I can't wait to upload your screen to my pocket PC. Thanks for coming up with this little gem for the rest of us gadget geeks...



02/26/2003, 08:48 PM
John, I am glad I am not the only one and I am happy that you like it. :) I will be making more, just need to select cool pictures - there are too many of them.

By the way, if anyone wants a theme with their own personal VX, send me your picture and I will be happy to make you one.