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12/20/2004, 06:09 AM
How many of us who own a VX also collect all the "goodies" that are out there which are VX related?
Post it and let's find out how many "TRUE VX NUTS" there are...

12/20/2004, 07:05 AM
I have a BIG problem... Cannot get enough VX crap. It is so weird that I must have stupid VX toy and mags and other crap... LOL The wife thinks I am the biggest dork. We are looking at new houses and I want a area to make a wall of VX stuff! Will post pics when that happens.


12/20/2004, 12:01 PM
I think Dave and Johnnyapollo have the market cornered on goodies!

12/20/2004, 12:17 PM
I have the dealer brochure(about 12"x6" rounded on r. side) for
the 99 model yr. I'm working on a guy I know who has a cardboard display of the VX thats about 3 ft. taLL & 4 FT. wide,but so far he won't part with it.


12/20/2004, 03:16 PM
My VX paraphernalia : the actual VX, all of my other vehicles were just transportation.......Isuzu VX promotional video(DVD thanks to Tigergreen)....1/24 VX scale model....various magazine articles.(got to get my hands on the Road & Track road test) There are worse addictions.;)

12/20/2004, 03:47 PM
i have some of the more common toys.. the R/C VX, transformer VX, all the little model VX's, the tamiya put-it-togther-yourself VX, some brochures, the promotional VHS tape of Insights: Vehicross, a magazine or two, a couple of the Poster sets and postcard sets, and the schematic poster-size drawing of the VX. I dont know if anyone else has the VX mousepad that has the cool view from space with the VX kicking up clouds driving over the earth.

12/20/2004, 04:03 PM
Similar stuff to Anita (not the cool mousepad though! ;Dp; ) with a lot of HotWheels, some Tamiya kits, various brochures and a few R/C toys. Seems I've gotten in the habit of getting relevant items for most of my big toys and have similar items for my Caterpillars and Merkurs too. I think it really makes having something like that special when you can get the little goodies to go with it. When friends visit and see this stuff it's really neat when their faces light up realizing there are actual HotWheels or Matchbox versions of what's in your driveway!

12/20/2004, 04:43 PM
Two Hotwheels in silver, 5 or 6 in the Foxfire-looking color, and 2 of the Tiki Torcher paint scheme. The rounded-end brochure. A binder that I've filled with lots of reviews I printed out from the 'net, plus some magazine articles, the Area 51 ad, and a fold-out promo card. The Insights DVD. I kinda have the Wild Runner "R/C" VX that isn't really because it is corded. It has no oomph to speak of because it wouldn't even run over one of those little Hershey's chocolate nugget things I put in front of it. Scrapped all of it but the shell and may eventually fit it to a real R/C unit. I made an inquiry about buying a poster of it on the wall at the local dealership but never followed up on it. I have a Sony VX digital camera, but that doesn't count. :-)

As the toys go, they're cool to have but I have decided that if I have a few bucks sitting around that I can buy a toy with, from now on I'm going put it toward doing something for the actual VX I'm riding around in. The only things I would like to still have in that department would be the gas-powered R/C VX and the transformer.

12/20/2004, 08:12 PM
As Anita indicated I have a bunch of crap. I started sections of my VX homage site to record and display what I own:


Toys (partial listing):

Promo Stuff:

I still have a lot to go through and catalog including all the dealer manuals and InSights videos. I also began collecting images of all the collateral stuff that my VX came with:

I'd really like to find the mousepad, a dealer poster or that standup mentioned by Lawerence above. I guess I'm a collecting nut through and through.

-- Best, John

05/10/2005, 12:20 AM
Just found on Australian Ebay, Wheels magazine Feb 1998 with a 6 page article on the Vehicross. It is only available "buy it now" and is AU$22.94 incl. postage to the US.


05/10/2005, 05:02 AM
Hello OZ,
The only AUSSIE magazines I am missing in my collection right now is the WHEELS Magazine (Jan.,1994 issue) and the 4x4 Magazine (June,1999 issue).
I just picked up the WHEELS June,1997 off e-Bay a few days ago.
Keep your eyes peeled for these two back issues for me.