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02/05/2003, 04:12 PM
Hi everybody: I am considering buy a VX. I kown from this board that you all ...love them very much. What concerns me is the problems I have seen on this board..... like heater moters, intake gaskets,fuel pumps,shocks, cd players. etc etc. ..all seem to be going bad... It also apears most of them are on low milage VXs. I do realize there under warrenty.... But warrenties dont last forever... Should I be fearful of these problems ?.......Is this just happening to a few ......or most of them ? Any feedback....or 2 cents worth .. would be welcomed.. Thanks in advance Fred.

02/05/2003, 04:39 PM
I've had two VX's and have had fewer problems than I ever did with any other of my vehicles.. I do more (f'roading, curb jumping, etc.) to the poor thing than I did to my other cars and it never fails me.. Being a mechanical thing they are gonna break. The question is, when? It's impossible to predict what will happen if anything.
You can worry about what might happen and avoid buying or you can jump in and try it out.. Yes, warranties don't last forever but you can get an extended one that is renewable and that could help curb any fears that you may have.

02/05/2003, 05:12 PM
I used to own Lincoln Mark VIII's and spent a lot of time on the Lincoln Owners board. Talk about problems!! And my first Mark VIII experienced most of them in the 10K miles that I drove it - warped rotors, drive train vibration, idle pulley failure, ignition coil failure, etc. The rate of failure and problems in those Lincolns FAR exceeds the rate posted here by VX owners. Only the S2000 board seemed to have a higher mod-to-problem ratio. After reading ALL of the messages on this board I would have NO hesitation in purchasing another VX. I definitely can't say that about the Mark VIII, although my second one was trouble free. HOWEVER, the VX is NOT for everyone. If you aren't dead set on owning one, then you may not be cut out for VX ownership. In my case I was sold before I even went to the dealership. If you really want one -- GET IT NOW!

02/05/2003, 05:21 PM
My 2001 with 30,000 miles has had a couple problems. First thing was the windows. The window tracks were too weak to hold the windows up, so they slid out causing the motors on em to burn out. Next was the seat latches don't release the seat properly to allow for rear seat access. Then the major problem. One day back in November, shortly after the 30,000 mile service, I was driving home and the check engine light came on, my V started shaking, and smoke began coming out the exhaust. Luckily I was at my exit, coasted down the hill to the parking lot where I live, and began investigating the cause. My first thoughts were spark plugs, coils, or something fuel. I went to the store, bought some autolites, and changed out the plugs. I noticed that oil was on one of the bottom of the plugs that I took out. Made me wonder, so I checked the oil level and it was extremely high. I thought that when the dealer did the 30,000 mile service they overfilled it with oil, or when they inspected the tranny they damaged the filter and it caused the fluid to suck up into the engine. SO, I broke down and called Isuzu Road Side and had it towed to the dealer. They told me it was the cheep after market Autolites and they wanted to charge me $125 to change em out. I told them I thought it was the plugs and changed them to see, but they wouldn't believe me. So, I went down to the dealer and changed out the six plugs and kept my money so I could take the woman out to dinner. I checked the oil level and they had fixed that problem and it didn;t act up. But, they denied ever doing anything to it and they said they didn't find an oil level problem. One month went by, no problem, then same thing happens. Had it towed again to the dealer, where it sat for about a month and a half while they replaced everything they could. All the while trying to accuse me of doing something to it, trying to charge me something. Can you believe they even accused me of putting diesel in it?!!! They started by replacing coils, wires, injectors, a head, and finally the ECU. So far, it hasn't acted up yet, but I am waiting. I guess my biggest problem would be no one knowing how to work on it and then breaking it, then having to give it up while they learn how to fix it and yet defend myself from their accusations.

02/05/2003, 06:18 PM
Don't be freaked out by buying a VX. I have almost 30K miles in a year and a half and haven't had any probs yet except for slow windows and I fixed them myself with a little silicon spray from the auto store. Japanese cars are really good and handbuilt Japanese trucks are GREAT!

02/05/2003, 09:12 PM
Go to any vehicle enthusiast board and you will find tons of discussion about problems, nobody needs help when everything is working great, so nobody talks about how great things are - "Hey man, I drove a toll road yesterday and had to roll my window up and down 20 times and it worked great!!!"

If the majority of the people on a car forum aren't dissing the car itself and talking about lawsuits and other serious stuff, then you can be pretty sure that part failures are not a widespread problem.

02/05/2003, 11:08 PM
I am the second owner of my VX. The first owner bought it as a "toy". It has 43k miles and is my daily driver. Every vehicle is going to have some kind of trouble. At least you have a wealth of information on these boards to diagnose and find parts to fix it. I have not had ANY trouble with my VX (that said, knock on wood) aside from the driver window acting up. It just rolls up cocked towards the rear and I pinch it to help it roll up straight. When it gets warmer outside, I'll use the info from these boards to get it right. I was dead set on buying my VX even after reading all the threads on problems. I made the right decision. Jump in and buy one. You will have our full support.

02/06/2003, 07:55 AM
You are right to be skeptical. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my VX. It is by far the most fun vehicle I have ever owned. The bad thing is that only about 4000 were built and as much as most owners don't want to admit it the percentage of problems is very high. Window-most have problems with them. CD players - most have problems with them. The high revving seems pretty common also. Make sure you don't over pay for it, blue book values are plummeting. I bought mine a little over a year ago and the Trade In Value on KBB.com was about $22k, I paid $17.5k (right after sep. 11th) now the trade-in value is under $10k. It also seems like we don't have a very good network of dealers that are familiar with the VX. I have not heard of very many serious problems, but every small problem seems to take the dealer several times to fix. Of course if you are cut from the same cloth as TONE you can rebuild the whole truck to your liking and be able to fix it yourself. Thank GOD for Tone as most of us owe him for a diagnosis or two and a fix or two also. Also keep in mind that this truck is very inpractical, gas milage -sucks, more than two passengers - forget it. Storage space is limited with rear seat in. The performance is great, the looks are untouchable and the ride is fantastic. I will probably keep my VX forever or at least until the warranty runs out and it starts costing me more than its worth.

02/06/2003, 09:18 AM
Wait a second! Since WHEN do most owners have CD changer and reving problems? I have been an owner and part of the VX forums for over two years and I can tell you right now, without taking a poll, this is untrue.

There have been many post about their problems with the CD changer, but off the top of my head, I can think of maybe 10? This is compared to at LEAST 150 or more members on the other board (a mod from the other site may know the actual number) is not most. AND... reving problems? Sure, some have posted about this... maybe like 5 TOPS!!!! I would put NEITHER in a category of most VX owners... I haven't had a problem with either.

The window problem seems intermittent on mine. I took it in for the problem once and it seemed to work ok when I got it back, but it started happening again. It may always happen unless you mod it. This I know and it doesn't bother me too much.

Other than that, the EGR nut has been my only annoyance really, and that is definitely no big deal. Anyone looking to purchase a VX... PLEASE don't be scared off by any of the posts. Just realize that, when test driving, the VX isn't for everyone.

02/06/2003, 09:41 AM
I guess I am just lucky. I have had no problems at all with my VX (knock on wood). No window problems, no revving problems, no CD problems - nothing except the headlight rubber gasket problem which the dealership fixed right away.

When I first got my VX and started reading this board, I kind of got worried about my purchase but the comments here are correct when they say that we tend to talk about the problems rather than just report A-OK. This is a really good board for resolving problems and meeting others that can help out with this special vehicle. All cars have problems but we are fortunate enough to have this board and the people on it to work out all the issues.

02/06/2003, 09:49 AM
Just like every other board, just because every member of a forum has not posted a problem does not mean many have not experience problems. I have had a reving problem since my purchase and it seems to pop up every now and then on the forum, the dealer acknowleges many people having the problem. The dealer also acknowledged that my CD player needed replacing without even looking at it, stating "we have been having problems with that unit." I am not slamming the VX, but rather being honest about the problems. When I was searching many people told me not to worry about the supposed CD issue because they new of many that did not have a problem, now a year later I am waiting on a new unit. Even if your figure of 5 members having a reving problem of 150 members, that is not very good. I would bet more than 30 members do not have stock intake or have a supercharger or some other mod that may affect the rmps. Stock VXs seem to have a reving problem, I have replaced a fuel pump, fuel regulator, idle air control and power steering switch all related to rmp problems. And searching the threads I would bet you would find several others with problems related to the same parts or simptoms. I had 140k miles on my jeep before I had to replace the fuel pump and that was related to rust in a replacement gas tank. I think that when people ask whether to buy a certain vehicle many owners of that vehicle are not honest about potential problems, I am trying to be honest. Again I would not trade my VX for any similarly priced vehicle, and I think it is very undervalued for the bang for buck aspect, but it is not without reliablity issues.

02/06/2003, 09:54 AM
Being a new onwer myself. I most say that I love my VX;Dy; I traded an AMIGO for it. I have had only the typical stuff happen. Nothing major. You got to love it even before thinking of it. I always liked the VX but since my best friend was trying to get 1 I decided not to get it the 1st year they came out. He never did get 1. Now he regerts not getting 1 and all I do is laugh. Since I found out about this board and Club VMAG he actually kicks himself.:laughy: If you are really undecided take it for a test drive and see for yourself. It looks great, Handles Great and It's a rare breed of SUV. No one will ever mistake your VX for another SUV.

02/06/2003, 04:13 PM

You bought yours used. How many miles? How did the previous owner treat it and what problems did they have with it? The parts you had replaced "related" to the rpm problem, Did you replace them , or the dealer. Do you know if all those parts were actually bad, or did the dealer misdiagnose or replace parts using trial and error to try to fix it? Did you have out-of-pocket expenses for the repairs, or did the warranty cover it all?

02/06/2003, 04:33 PM
I understand you are trying to be honest. I will be honest as well.

The CD changer (or a similar model) was used in almost every US Isuzu SUV, including the Rodeo, Amigo, and Trooper, so yes... if the dealer tells you they have had problems with it, then it could have been from all or one of these SUVs. Supposedly the CD changer is problematic, but from my perspective (as my wife has owned two Rodeos with the same CD changer) I haven't seen any problems or heard of any besides what has been posted on this board. Maybe this "problem" is something someone considering buying a VX should be told about, but if that is something that would keep you from buying one than it doesn't really matter.

As for the reving "problem"... I have an SC and have had custom intakes on my VX and never had a reving problem. I did, in fact, do a search on the other board to try and find reving problems and came up with like 3 people... manifold gasket and PS pressure switch being the two assumed causes. This does not sound like most owners.

My point is... don't lump "most owners" into a problematic category if you don't know it for a fact. If it's true, then I guess I am one of the few lucky ones!!!

02/06/2003, 10:16 PM
HI everybody : Thanks ...for all the replys. ,they were very helpful.. The reason I want the VX ..is because it s rare and very unusual...I currently own rare and unusual Studebakers and Nashes, which I am going to part with......everything you need or want for them is $100.00 or more each time...is not a hobby any more.. its a busniess...Any how ..I am look at a Dragon Green ( the color I want) vx at carmax in Raligh,NC...its only got 9k on it ..they want $19,998.00 for it ......IT seems like the green ones are harder to find..... I want a low milage one because I plan on keeping forever or longer!! I spotted a black VX today ....couldnt take to him ..Im was geting on the express way.. Well... thanks again for all the input and advice ......

02/06/2003, 11:31 PM
The Dragon Green VX's are almost as rare as the Foxfire Red... I'd definitely grab that one for that price. Sounds like a good deal!

02/07/2003, 06:01 AM
Maybe you only found 3 posts about the reving, but I know infact there has been more. Some may have been posted on Vmag, but never the less you are probably correct I should not have used the word "most". And I think I actually used the work "common" on that subject. My reasoning was that I have noticed a rpm issue being raised on this and other VX boards at least every 3 months or so. And just about everytime it is raised at least one response is "do a search we have talked about this before". It may not be as common as I implied, I am sorry that I hit a soft spot with a few of you.

The CD player is problematic, sure it should not be a huge factor in buying a car, but it does brake and I know I see that post "often".

VX Fix, you sound like me, you are going to make an emotional decision on buying this car, and great for you. Just be aware of certain problems and get them taken care of before your warranty expires. I purchased an aftermarket (MPP) warranty for mine, because it was used and a '99 (they didn't have the 100k mile warranty in '99) and it has proved to be very valuable. I had to wait 5 days for a part a few weeks ago and the Warranty company paid for a rental car at $25 per day and the repair of $500+ and now they are replacing my CD changer @ $661 I have more than paid for the warranty cost $1000 and I have 50k more miles to go.

Dragon Green is a beautiful color! Good Luck and I do hope I am one of the "unlucky" few that have problems with the VX. I do love it and probably will never sell it.