View Full Version : new removable winch setup

01/28/2003, 02:07 PM



OK, Dave, let's go get stuck! :D

'01 Proton # 1416

01/28/2003, 03:43 PM
That is sweet!!

01/29/2003, 05:44 PM
SWEET!:D Now spill the beans. Where did you get it? How much? And what's the torque of the wench. Peace and happy driving.

01/29/2003, 08:07 PM
How well is that attached? To the frame? (The reciever i mean.)

01/30/2003, 03:17 PM
This is the only 'behind the cladding' shot I have.


I had a 3/8" steel plate fabricated with holes to match the holes in the hitch plate. I then used 4 grade 8 bolts (2@ 1/2", 2@ 3/8") to sandwich the two together, clamping it onto the front push bar behind the cladding. I'm going to add a fifth bolt (1/4" grade 8 - shear strength: 4400lbs.) through the bar to keep the whole thing from twisting while the winch is use, although the four existing bolts have really snugged the unit in place.
Unfortunately, I have to remove the grill (three screws and four 10mm bolts) to get to the hitch pin. I could get a 6" hitch extension, but that would add strain and decrease strength, and I probably won't use it that often. (fingers crossed)

WARN M6000SDP - $540
CLASS 3 hitch - $29
3/8" plate - $50
nuts + bolts - $20

I'll head over to the jobsite this weekend and try it out. There should be plenty of ice and rain so I should be able to get myself stuck real good! I'll let you know.