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06/30/2004, 05:00 AM
Itís funny how the lack of knowledge to the "public/potential buyer" about the VX truck is one of the MANY TOPICS & pathetic marketing AREAS that Isuzu failed on!

of course that's only my $.02 on the thought.

The Isuzu VX was the last truck I found on an internet SUV search page back in 99' while looking for a new truck to buy (of course it could have been due to the (V)ehicross alphabetical order in the name.) I believe it was MSN auto shopper or something???? Needless to say I fell in love on the spot (looks alone) and ran out the next day to drive and maybe buy! & After seeing the potential for serious modern rally style off roading, not to mention great handling (write-ups & personal test drive experience) in the diverse climate of the east coast weather it came home with me 3 days later. man i treated it like it was the crown jewel of new jersey!

But not till after I purchased the truck did I even see the commercial/s for it (prolly due to looking for them on my own...wishing to toot my own horn..LOL) although to the average "JOE" to even think of buying it for any other reason besides "it looks completely different even to this day (June 30th 2004) compared to all other SUV's in it's class" is the only true marketing ploy they have....and they did'nt even invent that unless you count the design team who built the damn thing. (Bottom line marketing for it and all other Isuzu trucks they(isuzu) make sucked & still sucks total A_S!)

When I bought my VX I bought it for 2 reasons without someone steering me towards commercial compliance:

1. The looks were a complete & total head turner "like it or not" it made you look!!!! ha ha no matter what you were driving back in 99'...I always got to say...I WIN the looks battle ugly & odd, sexy & sleek or not mthr-f**ker!!

2. The vehicle was supposed to perform better than any other SUV on the road at the time in an "all around realistic/overall <for what it is & within reason> fashion".

Well in my opinion it did just this in every way you tried to make it or "realistically" put it through. The winter setting worked nice for those bad east coast winter driving days, and the power setting made even "the worst" aggressive driver seem better then they really were. The truck could withstand airborne off roading (within reason, but yet that was un-heard of by your typical showroom floor SUV at that time) "again we or it won!" & it really held it's own in the typical back woods off roading torture that most 4x4 lovers will try and get through. (Again understanding the whole "within reason term")
Sure my other "toy" truck back then a BIG *** FORD F-250 with approx 9" LIFT & 44" tires and 460 motor worked to the unfair & just plain wrong "max" will & would devastate the VX in swamp land, car crushing, car pulling or mud bogging etc, but no way can my FORD handle the more realistic whoops, tight trails, or rally style course like the VX could....and that most SUV people "if they even use their SUV for what it's purpose is for?...do".

All that said:

This is exactly the reason Iím not just tearing my VX apart to sell it off for parts at this point and might just keep it (fix it and use it again someday myself) unless I find the proper buyer that will truly rebuild it for active duty once again.
Thatís the main reason I still have it....most potential buyers start off by saying well how many parts are good? If I strip it down how many parts are still in great shape to sell after I get what I want?......
Iím not hurting for money or down with that happening to a truck I loved and still love so much. When someone comes along that really wants the truck for good use, maybe (bring me a chopper) LOL I will sell it. If they don't? Oh well I got a killer rally truck to have lots of fun with without worrying about comedic stuff getting hurt during the fun. (Since of course the only serious damage to my truck is comedic)....

a big hell yeah to all the true VX people! Only wish I knew you all before my truck got messed up by some stupid philadelphia driver..(no pun intended to other philly drivers).

much luv,
kevin (lastmandrummer)

P.S. oh yeah: how many people feel due to the trucks "pre" empted & limited nature along with rare production numbers etc...feel isuzu should have offered us the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty on the 99's? and not at a stupid redickulous upgrade price like other normal companys usually do for normal production cars/trucks!....especially since anyone who got a 99' did not get it very early in the year of 99' anyway (i could be wrong about delivery for everyone)......but i thought that sucked big time!

06/30/2004, 07:17 AM
.... actually ...........
I will not criticize the VX marketing/advertising ........
how much can they spend to market a vehicle that will produced in limited quantities ?
I believe one of the companies involved in the VX marketing campaign received an 'award' for their work ..........