View Full Version : Uneven wear

01/04/2003, 08:58 PM
My front driver's side tire is getting bad wear on the inside shoulder but the passenger tire is fine on the other side with perfect wear. I have looked at other posts but all refer to tire wear on both tires and not on just one. Have had alignments done but i think it might be something with the suspension. I have cranked my torsion bars, but can't think of anything else that might be the problem. Any other ideas? I would hate to have to hear "do you take this off road?" from the dealer and get stuck with a big bill.

01/05/2003, 07:25 AM
You had an alignment after the T-bar lift?

It is possible for just 1 tire to be out of kilter and you could have had a misalignment before.
Once a tire starts wearing wrong, that spot will always wear down before the rest of the tread.