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06/01/2002, 10:51 AM
Use this thread to introduce yourself to the rest of the club.
Even if you are just lurking, this is an important thread. Tell us a litle about yourself and your experience in finding your VX.
While you are at it, select what you are driving here (http://www.vehicross.info/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=28)

Note:You will be able to reply to this thread but, you will not be able to respond to anyone else's. No photo's are allowed

06/02/2002, 01:42 AM
My wife saw the VX on an Info-mercial for a John Elway golf tornament Back in 1998 and couldn't get me to understand what it looked like. She then saw a small blurb that had a picture of the VX in a motor trade magazine. I said "Yeah, that's cool" while rolling my eyes :rolly:. We then spotted a '99 Astral Sliver sitting on the local dealer's lot.. I told her that was the "ugliest P.O.S. that I'd ever seen"!! As time went by I drove past it daily going to and from work, the looks of the VX must have grown on me and I finally said "Hey, that's kind of cool". Needless to say, we are on our second VX and I have never been so obsessed with anything in my life!
We have no kids, no dogs (http://www.moncha.com/monchas.html) (Anymore) and I'm looking forward to providing my fellow VX'ers a quality, fun and informative home.

06/03/2002, 06:07 PM
I love this vehicle! So much so Iíve had 2 and am considering a 3rd! Bought my first one in April of Ď99 with only a 2 minute test drive - didnít need anything more. Almost 3yrs later, itís only gotten better. There isnít much I wonít do with this baby! Iíve got a 12 yr old daughter who loves it almost as much as I do and even got to drive it in Moab.;Do;

06/04/2002, 11:04 AM
Back in 99, I spotted a VX at a dealer showroom and knew that I had to have one. I discovered the first VX forum back then and read it with increasing anticipation hoping for the day I would own one. In December of 99, I ordered a 2000 Ebony from Riverside Isuzu and took posession of the baby in May. I'll never forget the joy I felt when I saw my VX sitting in front of the dealership's office waiting for me. That same joy has never diminished even after 2 years... The added benefit is such a great bunch of people I have gotten to know through the forums.

THe honeymoon is still going on...:mbrasd:

06/09/2002, 08:35 AM
I was thinking about finally buying my first NEW car and was doing some surfing on the web. I looked at EVERYTHING... every make... every model. Nothing seemed all that exciting. When I saw the VX, I thought "Wow! I wish they actually made THAT vehicle." When I found out that it really was being sold in the US, I filled out a form to get some more info. I had no thoughts of actually buying one yet, but the very next day, an Isuzu dealer in Roanoke, VA called me and said "I've got one last '99 left. Come check it out." So I test drove it just about 2 city blocks... immediately turned it around... and began signing papers. :yesy: I HAD to have it.
Life Dunk (http://www.honda-wiki.org/wiki/Honda_Life_Dunk)

Jay Dunford
06/19/2002, 09:31 AM
I had some time to kill while on a job in Colorado Springs and saw a VX sitting on a lot. So I went in and talked to a salesman and he let me take it on a test drive. As soon as I got back to Dallas I started calling around and signed the papers a week later.

This has been the most fun to own vehicle I've ever had and I still look forward to getting into it every day.

I race in the local Dallas SCCA Rallycross series and was 1st in class last year. I was also 1st in class - 3rd overall in the Houston series last year.

- s a i n t -
06/19/2002, 09:41 AM
Somehow Isuzu had me profiled because I received an email back in '98 informing me of the VehiCROSS. I clicked the active link in the email and, lo and behold, I fell in love with it at first sight. From that moment, I knew what my next vehicle would be. I love cars/trucks (one of my few weaknesses!) so I couldn't wait to get one. Finally did in June of '00.

06/19/2002, 09:42 AM
;Dr; Okay... As I write this I've had my 1999 Ironman less than 24 hours! I had a vicarious love affair with a Proton truck last summer while visiting my dad in the hospital in Erie, PA. There it was, parked every day at the parking garage... and I stood there like an idiot and stared at it. I've waited a year to finally buy one.

So I'm VXing on a budget. Got mine with some damage, but it runs fine and I should have it looking good as new by the end of July! Yeah... what a damn cool truck! Its fun just to sit in it!

This forum is awsome, by the way!

06/19/2002, 09:56 AM
First time I saw a '99 iron man standing on a parking lot I knew I HAD TO HAVE this truck. Same day I came home and read as much as possible and the more I read I realised that I HAD TO HAVE this truck. A week later I went for a test drive and after the first test drive I knew that I HAD TO HAVE this truck! I out a deposit the same day and few days later I HAD THIS TRUCK :) :)

That was almost three years ago. Now after putting over 50,000 miles on it I still think it is the best vehicle on earth.

PS: Scott, great job with this site!

06/19/2002, 10:26 AM
Hello everyone. My name is Dave and since we are on this new and wonderful site, I have changed my sign-on from CatmanV to VXMAN. I know we are all going to enjoy this site. Scott, what a wonderful job you have done. THANK-YOU very much, for all your hard work. I have owned my 2000 Kaiser since 3/01, bought new, at dealer cost. I love my vx alot, just as most of us do. I have been married for 13 years, to my lovely wife Lil. We have 3 kids, step-son Chris-19, Angela-13, Hollie-11. I love pool-shooting and have been in a league for 5 years. I'm a BIG KID at heart and I'm just starting to learn to play the Bass Guitar. I love smoking cigars, have a dog named Lexus and cat named Hunny. That's enough for now. Can't wait to see Everyone over here.

Dave ;Db;

06/19/2002, 11:32 AM

06/19/2002, 01:10 PM
Stands up and faces everyone

Hello My name is Dan and I am addicted to my VehiCROSS!!!

Saw the VX back in 97 at an auto show as a concept vehicle from Isuzu soon to be introduced to the states. It was on from there and I had to have one!!!

As of September 2002 my dreams and goals to own the VX where obtained :)

06/19/2002, 01:20 PM

I bow before you...The site is excellent. I purchased my 01 Ironman last December. (Christmas came just a wee bit early that year) ;pb; I have been mostly lurking on the list since then. I guess I should become a productive member of the VX community! I look forward to viewing your site over the next few days. Once again great job!!!:cool!:

Westminster, Colorado
01 Ironman

06/19/2002, 01:26 PM
Hey I made it! Good work guys looking good!

I have had my VX for about 2 years now and I love it more now than when I got it! These forms have been great and so useful in gathering information and meeting and talking with such a cool group of dedicated owners.

I look forward to more good times with your and my VehiCROSS!


06/19/2002, 01:29 PM
SWEET! Good to see the new site all up and running. As soon as I get comfortable in the new den, I will be sure to make my contribution and become UBER. Having been the owner of 2 VXs now, I can honestly say, we own the tightest vehicle on the planet. Can a vehicle get any cooler? Nah, I think not. :D

06/19/2002, 01:37 PM
I've had my '99 Ironman for over 2 years and have 76,000 miles. Have had very few problems & love this beast in the woods. I've hauled alot of big game from the "field" and have always gotten compliments. This is my "mid-life-crisis" vehicle and my son can't wait to get this hand me down.

Good job on the new site -- I'm here! Randy

06/19/2002, 01:47 PM
HI Honey,...I'm home!!!!
(*stretches, kicks off shoes and wiggles his toes)
I'm a naturalized USA american from Canada. I had the good luck to be brought up doing mostly snow skiing and working horses on ranches. I spent many years ski racing on the World Cup and the Pro Tour, then many years working as a helicopter ski guide and climbing guide climbing thruout the Andes, the Alps, Alaska, and the Himalaya, and now I make it as a horse trainer, training cutting horses up in the hi mountains of Idaho.(Myself and two buddies, were the first ever to ski from the tops all of the La Sal mtns. that overlook Moab.)
I used to show horses more than 200 times a years...Many. many years spent in dull cheap motels and even cheaper bars while driving easily over 100,000 miles a year in big pickups with big horse trailers and many horses to bed down and feed each night.
Now I have the best woman, dogs, horses, and ranch that I could ever hope to have, and I now, pretty much refuse to go anywhere!
I also finally have some time to drive something besides a 1 ton pickup. And the VX is just what the doctor ordered! I've got 100's of miles of great rally type dirt roads right out my door, as well as lots of super 4x4 mtn. trails and roads.
My wife is a veternarian. We have 4 Aussiecross cow dogs, 3 cats and many horses. Our place is named the 'Coolhand Ranch'. We even have a big stream in the back yard for good troat fishing.
It's a great pleasure for me to access the brains of so many talented and fun people about this fun truck thru this site.

06/19/2002, 01:47 PM
Loving this new board!!!

I first spotted a VehiCROSS in a car mag as a model at a car show. I thought "WOW, that is such a cool car.", but that i would never own one. Then about three years ago, i was on my way to my friends house and passed by an Isuzu dealer with one on the lot. It was a dealer demo that someone was driving. I again thought i could never own this truck. And then as i passed by another Isuzu dealership almost two years ago i saw a proton yellow sitting in the lot. I quickly turned around and asked for a test drive. I told my friend that was with me that it would be so cool if i could afford it. The dealer said "Why not?", and i said "My payments would be outragous." Then then he said "Lets find out." After a week of pain and aggravation, she was mine!!!

Cool forum Scott! Keep up the good work!

06/19/2002, 02:07 PM

Great looking boards here! :homer:
Can't wait to start exploring all the nooks and crannies. Gotta get out of this noobie stage soon. Formerly December House. Need to gets icons for an Astral Silver! Ain't a complaint, though.

I first saw the VX articles in R&T and C&D - not the best reviews. Didn't give it too much thought until I was strolling through the mall and there she was! Love at first sight. Started doing some research and ended up torn between an Iron Man in Atlanta and the Astral in Tallahassee. The dealership pulled it out of the mall and let me take it for the weekend. The salesman gave me a chit to fill up the tank and two people walked up to me and started asking me all of these questions about her...that was all she wrote. Since then it's not uncommon to find greasy fingerprints on the freshly cleaned windows. Strangers point and oogle.

No real mods, just debadged the tailgate to keep 'em guessing and put in some good tint for that hot Florida sun. It attracts enough attention just standing still.

28K miles in 26 months, and I drive it daily. Lord, I wish I lived farther from work!

06/19/2002, 02:11 PM
I believe it was the end of `98 when I spotted the VX in a Field&Stream at some redneck's house. I immediatley declared that I would some day own one, present company did not seem too impressed (it ain't no pickup).

Well for almost a year now I have been enjoying the hell out of this truck. It was well worth the wait, and the monthly payments. ;Do;

06/19/2002, 02:25 PM
The first time I saw a VX was when I was helping a friend move his aunt from Houston to Dallas. His brother showed up to help us load the truck and he was driving a VX (Berthabert now owns this vehicle). This was Saturday, Feb 3, 2001. I went to the Isuzu web site on Monday and used it to get a quote from several dealers in Houston. I drove mine home Tuesday, Feb 6, 2001 and haven't had any regrets. I went to Moab for the first time this year and I had so much fun that I'm pretty sure I'll go back every year until I die.

06/19/2002, 02:25 PM
DAMN! Why'd it take me so long to get here? Now I'm going to have to boost my posts back up to 760 like on the other board!!!


06/19/2002, 02:26 PM

Way to go Scott!! We cops do have flashes of brilliance, from time to time, but this site goes beyond that.
I got my '99 last December from McKenzie Bond just west of Houston. I had a long week battle over the price with them but it all ended well. I gave up a "mint" '91 modified Wrangler that I drove off the show room floor. I swore I'd never give it up but I could not keep passing the VX daily without having to own it.
The mods I've done are minor compared to others but I really don't want to change the overall appearance. Many thanks to all of you that keep posting info that improves the quailty of my ride.
Video Reviews (http://videoreviews.org)

Lisa K
06/19/2002, 02:36 PM
Just checking in (and checking out this really cool VX website). GREAT job Scott!

06/19/2002, 02:37 PM
I first saw a Proton when car shopping for my wife. We both looked at it, I sat in it and told her I thought it was cool. She let me know how she felt, YUCK!! You like that !? That color? Oh my god get out of the heat you're sick. So, on we went to the next dealer (The rest of the day all I could think was, that is MY VX). So months later we went shopping again, this time we were both ready to get new vehicles. I took her back to the VX. Same reaction. Then the next week I spent some time online and did my research on the VX. I went to Japan on business and visited various dealers and parts vendors. Came back and took her back to the VX. We test drove it, we liked it. She began to warm up to it. But, she needed a van or something similar to her current 4Runner for the kids, not some fast two door rock climber. She looked at the AXIOM loved it, power, room, TOD, good looking.

I sent out an e-mail to Isuzu dealers all over the southwest looking for the best price on a Proton VX. Best deal was made back at the first place we went (in fact we had another 1K knocked off both vehicles when we told them we wanted both the VX and Axiom that day)

Now, my wife and I trade vehicles every now & then and she says she loves the fact we got the proton (Remember color comment), and loves the VX allaround. She is always the one planning our next trek into the Arizona wilderness to test the limits of the VX. It grew on her and she loves it.

It turns out over this six month period I was right, when I first sat in that VX I kept thinking this is mine. It is the exact one I sat in that first day. Gotta love it when you know it was meant to be!

06/19/2002, 03:54 PM
Back in late 1999 I saw one at a dealer and I laughed and laughed that someone would actually buy such a vehicle, but it intrigued me. After reseaching the vehicle and ordeing a brochure it fast became one of my dream cars. In late 2001 I started looking at used prices and was able to purchase my 1999 Black VX for very little money. I absolutely love this truck! I think it is a permanent member of our family. It is a little tough getting my two girls in and out, but it is worth it.

06/19/2002, 04:35 PM
Great job Scott! Very cool site.

Mark Griffin

06/19/2002, 05:19 PM
I found mine in a little town in Kansas. They could not get rid of it because no one knew what it was. I KNEW, and traded them a 99 Dakota they gave 17,000 for! I drove back to Texas a happy man!!! Then my insurance went up because of rate hikes and a different zip code, think that will stop me from owning it??? Hell no!! I just keep on truckin. Don't get me wrong if someone wants to buy it for the right price it's gone..........It will get replaced by a 2001 so don't fret!! I hope to be with you guys for a long time to come!! '99 Astral Silver!:cool:

06/19/2002, 06:08 PM
Hey y'all!

Keith (Locomigo) here... Bought our 99 Migo softie as a new job present and after 10 years of waiting, from viewing the first 89 I fell in love with...

I, like Scott, have NEVER been SO obsessed with anything this badly in all of my life.

Great job on the site Scott, looks like a lot of fun, and glad to be here.

Hope to see as many of you that care to join us in Beuna Vista next month for Colorado 'Zu! Should be another GREAT 'Zu time.

Let me know if ever you need additional promoting, support or anything else.

06/19/2002, 07:07 PM
My wife purchased an O1 all wheel drive Passat wagon. I was on my second Trooper and had an appointment for an oil change and what should be sitting in the showroom??? I sat down with the salesman and started figuring out how I could take that red VX home. Anyway, the wagon reduced the need for the Trooper's cargo and I had always been struck with the VX since it came out. "A SUV sportscar with Recaro seats like my old 77 Targa!" I was hooked. My 10 year old loved it at first sight and my wife tolerates it. Shortly after I took delivery an advertisement ran from my dealer with the same car for 10K less that the sticker that I negotiated upon. I was/am upset about that. Still love the car. Have written to dealer and Isuzu about the immediate depreciation experience. Also, I look forward to reading the forum (previous and now this one) daily.


06/19/2002, 07:12 PM
Hi everyone, Iím Deby. Iím married with two wonderful kids, and a fantastically terrific husband (Swordy) who dreams up mods for our 01í VX. Last year in April he came home with his face all lit up like it was Christmas. He had just seen his first VX (being pulled over on the freeway). He ran straight to the computer to see it on a website. We were the proud owners a week later.
To be honest, I wasnít to sure about this giant tennis shoe on bicycle tires. Everyday I would go outside and stare at it trying to get used to the looks. While I was thinking on road practicality, he was thinking off road mega V. It had itís first scratch within a week from tree branches on a dirt road. Thus began the newly designed Swordy V. He has me totally hooked on 4wheeling. I love it! Every weekend we are out on dirt roads. He even lets me help him plot out our unseen trails.
We joined a truck club, and go on long haul outings too. Walt talked us into Moab. It was such a blast. I canít wait for Moab VI. Several guides were amazed to see the VehiCross attempt and make some of the side trails. We are going with our truck club in August to do the Rubicon. I encourage anyone who owns one of these great vehicles to get out and enjoy the dirt. OR, when you come out to So Cal, go out with us.

06/19/2002, 08:19 PM
My name is Chris Elfers and I've owned my VX for a year now and I still feel excited every time I get into tihs awesome truck. It's neat to think that there are fewer VX's than Bentleys so lots of head-turns. ;eekg;

Scott, you've done a great job on this site and I hope everyone starts using this site! Very exciting!

I thank everyone on this board (ok, the VMAG board) for contributing. It helps me understand and enjoy my truck even more (as well as help debug problems).

-Chris Elfers
"VEHIcross is really really COOL, man"

06/19/2002, 11:03 PM
Back in late '99 I saw a VX for the first time in a car show. I'm not exactly the kind of person who buys things by impulse, but that day a bell rang quite loud: "That's the car that goes with me!"

I started gathering all the necessary info -and the financial support- to put my hands on one of these babies. I bumped into the first Vehicross forum at that time, and it definitively was the information source I needed to make up my mind. I finally was able to get one on July '00, and I only regret not having more time every day to drive it.

As a VX proud owner and fanatic and one of the forum's greatest lurker, I just gotta say it's a great thing to share the passion for this car with you guys. Only good things come from people with such a great taste!


06/19/2002, 11:42 PM
O.K. I can go on & on about how wicked kewl the VX is, how excited I get looking at and driving mine, how cool it is to see another VX on the street (or rock climbing in Moab), and how lucky I feel to own such an awesome ride... but I'm not going to because I know it's nothing new to you. I will say that I'm glad to be part of such a cool group of people :group: , and look forward to more meets!

06/20/2002, 12:30 AM
Hello All...
I bought my 99 in Dec 2000
I love this truck
After owning 12 different 4X4s, its obvious to me that this is best 4x4 for the money, ever, period.

note: BigMeatVX- previously Pete6

Allan L 99 VX 0n 35's

06/20/2002, 07:10 AM
I originally saw the VX in an auto show preview... when the beast finally made it to the cover of Car and Driver, I was hooked ;Dy; . I began actively seeking one in 2000 with the new Proton Yellow paint. When I couldn't find one (I was told the initial shipment only had 30 in yellow, and that only two were still available - on in Hawaii and the other garnered no response from the dealer) - I almost bought a Foxfire Red. I finally just gave up and kept driving the 4Runner.

Last may, coming back from the Toyota parts store with components for the Camry, I thought I'd give the Isuzu dealer another try (it was on the way), and see if the new model had come out. Turns out they had just sold the only one they had the day before, it was a Proton, and that there was a $0 down 0% deal. I was heartbroken ;eekb; ...but they thought they could find me another one. A week later, and the one sold had been returned (they guy decided on black)...so I ended up with it. It's been a love affair ever since.

No regrets here... even with the quirks (my girlfriend hates the rear-seat accessibility and rear visibility), I wouldn't give it up for a free Hummer.

-- Best, John

PS - Thanks for this great new board!

06/20/2002, 07:15 AM
Hi Folks,

Dave here in Denver. The first time I saw a VX was out car shopping on a Sunday with a friend. We drove past an Isuzu lot and there was a silver VX. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was, so made him turn around and go back. He thought it was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen, but I thought it was a great design. I went back and test drove it a week later, but wasn't completely happy with the handling. I did a lot of research on VX's after that. 2 years later when I decided it was time to trade off the 95 Supra, I figured I'd go for something more practical. I was looking at Volvo and Mercedes sedans, but kept going back to the VX. I drove a 2000 and perhaps it's shifting had been learned when being driven cautiously, but I didn't like it - the handling was much sharper with the 18" wheels now. I got an offer from a dealer in Boulder on a 2001 Firefox for the same price the 2000 was offered to me at, and decided to drive it. For whatever reason, this one shifted much better (maybe there was a programming change in 2001??). I haggled for half an hour and drove it home. I've had it for 16 months now, and nearly 20,000 miles. I love it. Only problem was a leak in a front axle oil seal - fixed under warranty. It sure beats the Supra for Colorado winters!

Joe Fargo
06/20/2002, 08:26 AM
I saw a VX a couple years ago, liked it but couldn't afford it. Finally got a '99 in January. I've had lots of cars over the years, but nothing like this. I love the comments and looks this car gets. The shortcomings are many, but they pale in comparison to the fun you get from driving this thing.

The engine blew up at 53k miles, but Isuzu covered it free. I bought an extended warranty for when the factory one is up. I'm afraid this thing is expensive to fix when it breaks.

I thought about selling it after the engine blew up, but the trade in value sucks, and I can't find anything I like better anyway.

I'm 51, my kids are grown and only the 17 year old lives with me and my wife, so we almost never have anyone but the two of us onboard. Of course the 17 year old son loves to cruise the vx, but he's only got to drive it 3 times since January of '02.

My wife just bought an '02 Subaru Outback Sedan Limited, she loves AWD. The VMag Subaru list sure isn't as good or busy as the VX one!!!

I'm looking forward to all the new posts here, good job so far!

06/20/2002, 09:27 AM
I had to change my name again after making some dumb mistakes while trying to sign in...yep you can get the man out of europe, but never the european out of the man!
Having said that, I'd like to congratulate you yanks with reaching the quarter finals of the world championship football. Is anybody there remotely interested in the spectacular performances of your "mannshaft" here in Japan? I hope you kick Germany's *** tomorrow!
Ok back to the VX, well I can say that I'm the veteran here, having my VX since 1998, it has given me pleasure with a big P!
I just love this car...it's the second best choice I've made since coming to Japan after marrying my lovely wife!
But they have a lot in common, great styling, great noise, reliable, both are expensive..one drinks like a fish the other can't stop eating, and best of all, they make me feel good about being alive!
Great site Scott, you're the man, and thank you and Tone and the other guys who send me some great mails when my old man past away last year. It's great to have a second family!
One request, if you guys post your pictures, can you post a pic of yourseld with it...it's nice to be able to put a face with the texts!


06/20/2002, 10:05 AM
I first saw the VX (Silver) in 1999, while helping my wifes cousin shop for a car. I couldn't believe it! The coolest car I'd ever seen. At the time, I was happy with the truck I was driving so I didn't give it any thought. Move forward a year and I'm looking to get a new car. The list included S4, TT Quat, Volvo Turbo wagon, Z3 M coupe, BMW 850 and the VX. I guess you know what I picked. . . :D

06/20/2002, 10:35 AM
This website rocks!! I'm a fairly new member to the VX owner group, just bought my 2001 Kaiser Silver VX in May 2002. I first saw one in a movie theater parking lot in late 1999 near Langhorne, PA and was like....whoooaaa.....what is that?? Did all the research to get info on it from Isuzu and found it cost more than what I could afford. Well the price came down earlier this year on 2001 leftovers so I jumped, had my 2002 Toyota Celica GTS taken back and bought the VX at a dealership in Richboro, PA. This is by far the best ride I've ever owned and the best SUV/truck out there!! What's even better is owners across the country coming together like this!!


01 Silver VX
West Chester, PA


06/20/2002, 10:37 AM
I followed the Vehicross from the drawing board to production. I wanted one so bad. I was finally able to buy a used 1999 silver for $27K with about 13K on the odometer. I have since painted the exterior metallic blue and changed the red interior to purple. I love this vehicle...

1999 Blue VX #257

06/20/2002, 01:09 PM
I remember the first time I saw the VX was back in design school looking through the Japanese Car Styling magazines back in 1994. I happened to see an image of the VX in one issue and my first reaction was "YECH!" Who would want to buy that thing!

Five years later, just gotten over a bad relationship, I was looking for something to fill that emptiness I felt. A co-worker had asked me if I saw the new Isuzu Vehicross yet and I didn't even know what he was talking about. He said it was the coolest thing out there and hasn't been released to the public yet. So I immediately ran to the computer to check it out on Isuzus site and there it was...love at first sight! I told my co-worker that I was going to get it! Of course, he thought I was full of it.

After work, I went home and spent all night doing research on the net. I even called the local dealers the next day and found out that you have to put a deposit down and be on a long waiting list. I sent a deposit to a dealer and had to endure an agonizing wait for that phone call. After about a month, I called the dealer and they told me it may come in next week. I called the dealer then and they just kept giving me the same story. Finally, I decided to give up and had them rip up the check. This was in April 1999.

One weekend at work, I decided to call a dealership in San Jose just see if they would know when they may receive any VXs. And to my surprise, they said they had a silver one on their showroom floor. I drove like a maniac to the dealership and like a dream, with the majestic violins in the background, there it was.

It was the first time I got to check this vehicle out up close and personal. And it wasn't too long that the salesman asked if I wanted to go for a spin. So, I did. Again, I heard the violins play even louder as I drove through the streets and noticing all the reactions from other drivers around me. I felt like I was in a presidential limo or something. Upon my return, I was hooked. I was in the middle of a lease of a 1999 Honda Passport but I wanted out. They worked out the paperwork for me and I ended up paying a little more than todays prices. But I didn't care. You can't put a price on the feeling I got driving home with this baby four hours later.

Today, I had returned my leased Astral Silver back in May '01 for a brand new purchase of a '01 Ebony. I've had a few problems with the '01 than the '99. But, all were taken care of under warranty. To this day, I'm still at awe with the fine styling and engineering feats that Isuzu has temporarily displayed in the making of the VX. No other vehicle, except for the VX-O2 and VX-4, even comes close. In fact, it is because of the radical styling of the VX-O2, that has inspired me to start Vehicross Concepts. Koodos to my wife, Cindy, as she has supported me through the long nights and weekends while getting the VXC in full gear.

I have been a member of the VX community way back and have seen how things have changed. This board and its members have been through a lot. With little or no support from Isuzus marketing along with the aftermarket industry, we've managed to strive against all odds to survive as a strong member of the 4wd community and put our name out there for the world to recognize.

And it's nice to finally move into a decent home with decent people. Thanks Scott and Tone for leading the way. Never have I seen such a group of good people unite from throughout the globe over one little vehicle. ;Db;

06/20/2002, 05:21 PM
Last fall I decided I needed to replace my '98 Lincoln Mark VIII Collector's Edition with something that I wouldn't be hesitant to drive in the rain and snow. The CE had been relegated to the driveway to make room in the garage for my '70 Torino Cobra, '01 Honda S2000 and '00 Honda CBR600F4 (ALL yellow!) I wanted all wheel drive...something sporty...something different...something cool!! My options were the VehiCROSS and the... uh... well... NOTHING! Since I was going to be driving this machine I decided on a good used VX. I shopped around and located a '99 Iron Man in Maryland. It was very nice and I was ready to negotiate, but I mentioned to the salesman that all my other vehicles were yellow and I really wanted a Proton, but there were NONE in the DC area. He said he had BRAND NEW PROTON on the showroom floor. One look and I was hooked! We argued for a few hours before coming to an agreed price and then I suffered through hours of paperwork before FINALLY being able to drive MY VehiCROSS home. None of my friends or family seemed surprised when I drove up in the VX -- it seemed more in line with my other rides than the plain white Lincoln. I haven't regretted this purchase for one minutes. We're going to be around for a LONG time.

06/20/2002, 05:31 PM
If I recall the first time I actually saw a VX was in March of 99 after a car meet in Atlanta. I was driving home and ran into major transmisson problems. Needless to say I ended up at a Mitsubishi/Isuzu dealer and during my wait they unloaded a 99 Ironman VX - which was for promo for it's release. I picked up some papers on it and gave it a look over. Well 4 years later here I am with my new 01 VX sitting in my garage :) (Still have that Mits (VR4) too :)) This is a great group and hopefully I'll get to meet some of you.

06/20/2002, 11:08 PM
Hi Guys,

Glad to see the new site up and running. I recently had a death in my family. ;), I wrecked my 1993 Twin Turbo Mazda RX-7. I don't mean to be crude on this site, but that was one unique and amazing car. The RX-7 guys have a forum using this same forum software. I lived in there. They have an amazing amount of members and a great history of cars to discuss.

All that to say, when I wrecked my RX-7, it was time to get something with a back seat. After having a car that was so rare and unique, I wanted something that could replace it. That's what sold me on the VehiCross. If I was going to get four seats and an SUV, I wanted something to stand out. The VehiCross sure fits the bill.

I first saw the VehiCross in 1999 when they were selling for list plus. I just ignored it and went on. When I got in the buying mood in March, I thought I'd buy a used VehiCross. Then I ran across Isuzudealers.com and found the new prices were cheaper than some of the used prices I'd seen. Ended up buying my 2001 FoxFire Red Mica for $22,000, including spoiler sunroof, roof rack and factory maintence manual. I've got 2,200 miles now and I'm leaving on a road trip to Florida tomorrow.

Thanks to all who put this together. The new site makes me feel right at home.

06/20/2002, 11:28 PM
I first saw the VX in 1999 as well. I honestly cannot recall where or how I found out about this car. I wish I could. I took my girlfriend at the time to check out an Astral, and she didn't like the red interior either, so I waited. :) When I was looking in 2000, no dealer had any black/grey, so I waited still. In Dec '00 I got called by two seperate dealers about a black/grey, and I picked my MY2001 up with 10 miles on the clock, before they had even inspected it.

Little did I know my girlfriend would dis my black/grey one too! Needless to say I still have my VX today.

06/21/2002, 07:44 AM
I just wanted to post on the new site. This site rocks. I've had my VX for about 6 weeks now, and I just can't get enough of it. I think some of my friends, while envious of my kick-*** ride, have become a little tired of my obvious obsession. I just love it so much!

06/21/2002, 12:27 PM
First saw a VX back in 1999. I was in the market for a new SUV, and at the time bought a Trooper because it cost less and was more practical than the VX. In April 2002 I saw an ASTRAL silver VX at CARMAX going for $18k so I took it for a test drive, and it was world's apart from the Trooper, the VX handles like a sportscar, I fell in love and bought it on the spot. ;po;

06/21/2002, 01:39 PM
I've been fortunate to own many nice cars in my lifetime (Jaguar XK8 Convertible, BMW, Cadillac Escalade, Lotus Esprit, Datsun 280Z to name a few). The VehiCROSS is just as fun as any Iíve owned. Iím in my 30ís and since purchasing my VX in April 2002, I feel like Iím back in high school again! I love working on it in the garage (something I havenít done in a long time).

Iím a computer consultant currently hailing from Northern Virginia, although Chicago is where I call ďhomeĒ.

I have a "personal home page" at http://donavon.com and my VehiCROSS tribute page at http://VehiCROSS.net.

Reg Hinnant
06/21/2002, 03:53 PM
Looking for a replacement for my Dodge Raider 2dr was disappointing until I was shown a website that reviewed the VX. After researching it more and lurking on the VX forum, I was hooked. Local dealer was uncooperative,(we donít have any/cant get any/why would you want one/lets go for a ride in a Rodeo) so I located & purchased my 99 Iron Man sight unseen from Bues Isuzu in SLC, Utah. 1500 miles away. (did I tell you I had not driven one yet?) Thanks to Tone in Austin, I got a ride in his to confirm that I made the right decision.
Automobiles come with many attributes. Lots of them are gratifying to own in many ways. Not many have a lasting fun factor that starts to translate into value for the money spent. This is the most fun vehicle I have had in years!
And part of the fun is the VX owners in this forum. A great group!

06/21/2002, 07:51 PM
Well this is why I joined Isuzu. Any one tha can make a vehicle like this I wanted to work for. I love taking the VX out on the trails and jumping it. If you have a question on how the software works please let me know and I will let you know. Thanks for the great work Scott.

06/22/2002, 09:19 AM
Thanks for inviting me to this place, it's cool! I have (on 06/22/02) around 81k on mine and have enjoyed every minute!

What has been increasingly interesting about this vehicle has been the concept of driving a modern-day classic, a factor which was of course increased by discontinuation.

Anyway, greetings!

- n y k

Hopefully the pic came through...

- n y k http://www.fluidtelevision.com/VXcropped.JPG

>>>Combined posts...WSG

06/22/2002, 10:37 AM
;Dp; I first saw a VX on the road about a year ago.
It was just for a short few seconds; later that day, I
said "I saw the neatest SUV--the extra tire was built
into the back of the car's body." I didn't explain it
well and my friend who works for Volvo (25+ years)
didn't know the vehicle.

I used my Volvo connection to get on the waiting list
for the 2003 Volvo XC90. It has the neat "rounded" look
of the VX, but with a much bigger price tag. I had
this nagging feeling that I would not want to fork out
the 45K+ when the Volvo became available...

On Tues of this past week, I saw an ad in the paper for
a 2000 red VX. I drove to a small town in
SC and looked at it. An older lady
owned it and she definitely did not fit the "normal" VX
owner profile... She had enjoyed it but needed
something to haul hay and got an Avalanche. (Her
other cars: MG 50s replica "kit" car, corvette, PTcruiser,
fancy camper and the Avalanche. She also had 36
chiwow-wows (sp). Hmm...)

We did some wheelin' and dealin' and I picked up my
new VehiCROSS last night! Decided to fork out some
money for a good detail job and it will be delivered in
a matter of hours. I just cannot wipe this smile off
my face!

I was looking for a "sit up high" car for about a year,
but didn't like the enormous size of most SUVs. So I'm
delighted by the "limited cargo capacity!" And it's
downright fun to drive.

I am also glad that there is a venue for talking with other
owners of this unique vehicle. I had emailed "Dave" in
Clemson SC before I bought mine and he gave me
good advice. I even have a question: Should I do the
"van eyes" thing for rear visibility?

My profile: Love autos, (Dad owned a car dealership:
Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperials) have owned a Prelude and
an Infiniti. I am a 40ish college professor who also
enjoys road biking (Trek 5000 carbon fiber beauty.)

I debated whether or not to write this post because I
have never done such a thing before. Hope it's not
too silly!

06/22/2002, 10:47 AM

Hi Guys,
I think this is an extraordinary forum : EXCELLENT WORK.
I remember reading a review on the VX, stating that if Darth Vader needed a vehicle to head to the beach it would be the VX. I didn't realize the truth of that until I actually saw one on the showroom floor. In any event, it was not till moving to Maryland that I purchased mine over the phone at Criswell Isuzu in Annapolis. Ask for Charlie...he'll take care of you.
The uniqueness of the vehicle has always been a draw, as has its performance.
Now, I'm always advocating safe driving, so I would never speed unless I had a police escort, which I had the other day. Going through the center of downtown Baltimore at 70 mph was quite a buzz heading to Shock Trauma, and finally coming to a screeching hault in the ambulance bay at around 8:30 in the morning. The police stayed around to look at the car while I dashed in to attend the emergency, but the cops still flash their headlights at me when I go past them down town.
Safe driving everyone, and keep well !

06/22/2002, 04:32 PM
I guess it all started back in 1968 when I was 11 and Hotwheels were introduced. I would take my $1.00 a week allowance and walk to the Milton Bradley Store and buy my 1 Hotwheel. I was the kid that never crashed them or scratched them. I'm still collecting them today at 44.
Now my toys are BIGGER. I first saw the Vehicross at a local dealership in 1999. My job requires a 4 door so I had to pass. I was waiting for the 4 door version to come out in 2000 and when I heard that the Axion would be produced instead of the 4 door Vehicross I decided the 2-door would have to do. I looked here locally first but no one would deal so I drove 6 hours to Jacksonville, Fl and bought a new 1999 in July 2000. I've got 41K miles on it now and loving every minute that I'm in it. I even sold my 1972 Corvette convertible when I got this as the vette just sat in the garage.
I guess I love the Vehicross because it makes me stand out in the crowd!!!!!!

06/22/2002, 07:10 PM
Hello all,

About a year ago I started seeing VXs around the Boston area. Before that, I had only seen them in car shows. Last November, I saw a Proton VX at a show at the Bayside Arena, in fact that was my main motivation for going. The Isuzu people wouldn't let us inside the car because a dealer was lending it to the show just to gather interest, not to have people climb all over it. Around the same time, my girlfriend of four years was starting to turn up the heat on the marriage issue. I told her, when I get my VX, you get your ring.
About three weeks later I was driving thru Watertown and I saw a Proton in front of a Mitsubishi dealer so I went in and asked about it. They said it was for sale, and hooked me up w/ the salesman. After running the numbers we were quoted $488/mo. for 6 YEARS!!! I said "too much" and found a used one on Ebay. I brought this info to the saleman and between the manager and the dealership owner they were able to "find" some extra money and dropped the payment to $432/mo. for 5 years. Now, I'm not a rocket scientist but Mr. Calculator told me thats around $9000! I wish I could "find" that kind of money lying around. We signed the papers.
During the paper signing, trade-in, financing, etc. the salesman mentioned that the VX was at the car show the month before!!!

Glad to be part of the group,
Great site, Scott,


P.S. Vicky got her ring for X-mas. We got married in Vegas in Feb.

06/22/2002, 07:48 PM
Saw the VX while shopping for my other car, my 99 Trooper. Couldn't afford it then but always wanted one. Purchased a 2001 Foxfire Red VX last week. It really is unbelievable. . .

06/22/2002, 10:24 PM
Bought my 2000 Dragon Green VX a little over a year ago - traded my 2000 Celica GT-S to get it. Decided I needed a better winter vehicle and more room for my Newfoundland dog, Whaler. Had been interested in the VX for a while when I finally got around to taking one for a test drive. Drove the Dragon home the same day! My 15 year old son calls the VX the "biggest pimpmobile". My wife still hates it. Hey, at least she doesn't ask me to drive it, so I don't have to share!

Anyway, it's nice to finally be on the new site. Great job, Scott!

06/23/2002, 11:18 PM
:) Bought my VX in December been wanting one since I saw it in an auto show 3 years ago. Just joined the forum, site looks great.

06/24/2002, 10:54 AM
Hey all. I've loved the Vehicross ever since that cool commercial back in 1998 when they first came out as a '99 model. I was in school and couldn't afford one, but sure as hell I'd be buying one once I got out. Well, I got out and began my teaching career in '99, but I couldn't afford a VX yet. Long story short, after they discontinued them, I figured I couldn't find a good used one, so when I could finally buy a new car, I went for a new Acura RSX. Loved it, but kept looking for that perfect VX. Found it about two months ago. I traded in my new RSX for a used 2000 VX. Best decission I ever made. I LOVE it!!!!

VX crazy
09/24/2002, 06:40 PM
;Do; Hi all, my name is Lisa and I have owned my vx since 5/02, bought new while the prices have bottomed out. I have wanted this turck since I saw it in 1999 and took one for a spin. For the 3 yrs since I have talked non stop about the vx, driving my husbancd crazy! I barely let him sit in the passanger seat, and he has never driven it. I hope it lasts until someone comes out with another unique fine cross between truck and car!!

09/29/2002, 12:47 PM
Just picked up my 2001 VehiCross...all black, had 600 miles on it when I bought it. It was the one used on the TV show MutantX.

Have always liked the car and since moving to Canada 5 mths ago, was finally convinced I wouldn't be able to drive my corvette in the winter...so my VX is the winter car.

Love it so far, well except for the gas milage...

10/01/2002, 03:49 PM
Hello everybody. Just bought my '99 Astral #1977 last monday. I love it! I first seen a VX last spring. I never seen anything like it before and told myself I would like to have one. When I learned that they weren't imported any longer I thought they would now cost a small fortune. The more I researched, the more I wanted one, at any cost (almost). I have searched for months at dealers and found this one on the internet on a Saturday, and bought it that Monday. Never regretted it. I love this vehicle and all its quriks. So you can't see out the back window, I learned to use the mirrors. The back seat isn't that small, just a little hard to get in and out of. One thng that does drive me nuts though is when I'm adjusting the stereo volume while driving and I inadvertantly shut the radio OFF. Pain in my neck. Gotta love this VX!

10/02/2002, 02:10 PM
IN 1999 I was watching t.v. and saw the vehicross commercial for the first time, and it was LOVE at first sight. the next day I went to my local Isuzu dealer and placed an order for a new '99 victory white Ironman edition. Early in '00 I took delivery of my VehiCROSS, I agreed to let it sit in the showroom for two weeks. That weekend I went to the Great Smokey Mts. where a car show was going on. More people crowded around my VX than any other car in the show!! And I wasn't even in it. At the time I owned the only VX registered in Tn. So every where I went people flocked to it. I constantly had to clean the glass where onlookers peered inside. Since then I have only fallen deeper in love with it. Until I found V-MAG and this forum nobody knew anything about the VX (the dealer included). You guys have made the daunting process of modifing my VX a pleasure. Sure I have had the normal problems (windows,squeaking hood,etc) but it's nice to know that there are people out there who love the VehiCROSS as much as I , and are willing to share there knowledge. I hope to attend a meet in the future to actually put faces with e-handles.:rotate: CARLYMAC

10/03/2002, 12:13 PM
Hi, I love the VX on-line community. I've already made a few posts. My grey VX-01 is currently completely stock except for custom wheel spacers that the stock 18" wheels bolt onto. They work very well for handling. The wheels look better too as they stick out as far as the fenders do. The spacers theoretically hurt the ride quality though, but I don't know how much as they came with the car (5200 miles). Am planning on getting a set of 16" wheels for off-road tires [18" not for sale]. Skid plates are on order.
-- Quest

10/07/2002, 05:10 PM
Because of Scott's patience with my lack of computer savy I am making my humble notes available. I first saw the VX at the autoshow in Houston,TX.,two years ago and proceeded to assess its value on a logical and economical basis. Time passed and until recently I had not seen any about. But sure enough 3 weeks ago a Proton flashed by and I was overcome by the desire to know more about this flashy sports vehicle however it was gone before I could treat my eyes to this most exciting vision. Needless to say the impact was immediate and I had to have one, ASAP if not before.
The search begain on the net and numerous calls about the country was met by too late we just sold IT. Finally after two weeks I found one in Atlanta, GA. and jumped a plane the next day with cashier check in hand and was driving my new 2001, white, Triathalon, homeward bound back to Houston, a 2 day trip.What a JOY and Delight.
I'm in my second child hood,a single guy, no dawgs ,ex Army combat pilot{Nam},former stock broker and so on. Living in the big city where to my surprise there are very few VX'spossibly fewer than 10. I've run out of space so you can tell I'm excited.

<<< Admin note, Yeah!!! Bob! No patience needed on my part, just glad you made it!...WSG :supercool>>>

VX Monster
10/09/2002, 05:23 PM
Could anyone still be reading this thread?

For those from the other board, I was "VX Steve" in Chicago. I'm still in Chicago, and for that matter, still "VX Steve" there. But here, I'm VX Monster.

Someday, I'll tell all of you why. ;-)

I've got 2000 miles on my 2001 Kaiser Grey (#1027). I've never loved a vehicle like this before... it's unnatural, don't you think? Then again, look at the group I'm asking....

I've only had mine for a couple of months, and I've only been able to plan mods so far. Well, I made a cup holder, and I swapped out the horn this week (still not quite right, but way better than before). And I've begun the debadging. But there's oh, so much more to do.

See you all here,


10/15/2002, 02:42 PM
Hi everyone, I've been a car enthusiast all my life, but no car has ever struck me the way the VX did, the only thing I needed to check was the legroom, which I did at the L.A. car show and was surprised at the extra length. I told the stranger sitting next to me that this is my next vehicle. I had to wait a couple years before I could afford a 99 silver with only 16K miles on it for $18K. It was well worth the wait, this is the perfect GO ANYWHERE, EASY TO PARK AND MANEUVER, SPORTS CAR COCKPIT, ADVENTURE MACHINE. I'm sure they designed it especially for me.;Db;

10/19/2002, 12:28 AM
N1 from Sydney Australia (soon moving back to HK). My VX is a 1997 Empire Blue Japan spec. I bought it and shipped it over myself. Wish I can ship it back to HK now...

10/21/2002, 03:43 AM
Greetings from Portland Oregon.

I've had my '01 Green Mica since late August. Nearing the 5k mile mark now and it's been a great ride.

I first saw the VX concept in late '97. I had a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time. It was a decent rig, but it really wasn't anything special (typical domestic car traits). I liked the VX when I first saw it, but I was pretty much locked in with the Jeep and didn't really think much about switching. After two years with the Jeep, I had got tired of it and decided to move on to some thing more sporty. I ended up with a bright yellow '98 VW GTI VR6. It was a fun little car. Soon after I bought it, I landed a lucrative job in the SF Bay Area and started to mod it pretty heavily. We spent most weekends canyon carving up and down northern California. We had some great times.

Almost two years ago, the dot-com bubble burst. Inevitably, I lost my job and ended up moving back to Oregon. One frosty January morning, while I was on my way to my dreaded temp job, some jerk ran me off of the highway. By some strange luck, I walked away without a scratch. The little GTI wasn't so lucky. A 360 degree spin and two contacts with the cement barrier left quite a bit of damage. The body shop kind of botched the repairs, and the yellow German go-kart just wasn't the same anymore. Plus, I had become increasingly tired of the watercooled VW crowd, which consisted mostly of young kids with more ego than IQ. It was pretty clear the GTI had to go.

I toyed with the idea of getting a beater truck. However, being one who loves cars way too much, I couldn't subject myself to that fate. I must've filed the VX away in my subconscious since I first saw it in '97... because it came to me in a dream. The next morning I did a quick search of local lots and found a white '99 Ironman. It needed at least 3k worth of work. Its previous owner paid zero attention to basic maintenance (shame shame). The exterior was quite weathered. While it had only 17k on the clock, the exterior made it look like it had 70k!The dealer gave me a quote of 18k (vs the 24.9k sticker). It sat on the lot for three more months and I talked them down to 16k. It was another month after that before I was finally able to part with the beloved GTI. I immediately contacted the dealer to seal the deal. But, just my luck, someone else had bought it for 24.9K earlier that morning. Honestly, I felt sorry for the guy for playing that much.

So, after 4 months of waiting, I was back in the hunt again. I found a few nice used VX's, but the asking prices were still too high. Once I found out how much a new one was/is going for, I couldn't justify saving 2k by buying a used one with uncertain history. Several calls to Pugmire Isuzu in GA and the the gears were set in motion... or, so I had thought. Service at Pugmire was painfully slow. I had to live with an extremely boring rental car for almost 7 weeks before my Green VX finally arrived. Now, how's that for dedication? :)

When I bought the VX over the phone, I had no idea how the Mica Green looked. I got it for the gray/black interior. It' was either green with black/gray, or black with red/black. During the long unexpected wait, I got very antsy about my color choice. When it finally arrived, I was 200% satisfied and couldn't wipe the grin off of my face. A late model Ferrari was being unloaded from the transporter before I could get my hands on my long awaited VX. A small curious crowd gathered around the transporter in the mall parking lot, and none of them paid much attention to the Italian rocket. Now, almost 5K miles later, I still get bombarded with questions when I go to fill her up. My heavily modified bright yellow GTI never got that much attention.

Well, that's my VX story. Sorry about the length. I feel like I went through the depths of hell and climbed Mt. Everest to get mine... thought I'd share. Can't wait to get to know all of you and learn all there is to learn about my VX!

PS-that supercharger looks mighty tempting... should I starve for the sake of having more HP? Wait, what I am thinking?? Absolutely!

10/22/2002, 09:57 PM
Hi All!

I told him I'd get one, but he said yeah-uh huh...

Well, when he came home last Thursday night it was sitting in the driveway!

I saw one awhile ago, and thought it was cool! The hubby thought it was ugly!

Then I saw that a coworker had one, and I asked him how he liked it. He said he loved it!

I did alot of research, and as I didn't want something that everyone else has (and I can't afford a Yukon Denali) I started looking for one.

I found a FoxFire Red '01, with 200 miles (never been titled), and 2 hours later she was mine!

She is way cool, although the V6 is taking some getting used to...

I traded in a '94 Bronco, that I think was possessed! :wtfp:

My summer ride is a '94 Black Rose Corvette... Maybe I need to buy a performance kit??? ;Dp;

Any way, it is growing on my husband, but he still calls me a space cadet or "alien" - I call it my space buggy!

Glad to have found you all!

10/23/2002, 12:03 PM
I call mine the lunar assult vehicle. If anyone doesn't like it... to the moon baby!

10/29/2002, 11:28 PM

Well... its Mom's VX.... we got it.... back in March of 01 new... it took the local dealership a little over a year until they could get one.... we saw it, traded in our 96 Trooper for the VX. its silver, grey/black w/ tha 18's! (Bling BlinG! :D ) We love it so far. its had quite the leaky tranny... but everything else has been ok. Dad still wont let me take it off roading... Im soo curious to see how these things do in the dirt... Our Trooper would tear it up off road. im expecting a lot from this VX! We live in a town of only about 20k people... EVERYONE knows my mom by her car. LoL, She still gets looks in it everyday. The only thing weve done so far is tinted the windows. we had it done professionaly at SolarShield. Its 5% mirror tinting... and with the silver color... it looks pretty good i think. Im trying to talk Mom into an exhaust and maybe a better intake.. not sure what all is avail... just glad i found the site!!!

-bryan in SOuthern Oregon.

11/05/2002, 08:44 PM

VX Mark
11/11/2002, 12:24 PM
I've been a member on the VX board since I bought my '01 back in April '01... in fact, surfing the board helped convince me to take the plunge! It was a very busy summer this year, and I just now finally got around to signing up for this board. Great job to everyone who got it up and running!


11/19/2002, 09:18 PM
Hello I am new hear. My name is Jeff and I am getting my first vehi cross from Iowa,, delivered this friday to Michigan. It is a 99 like new with 27000 miles on it.I have heard nothing but good things about them. I wanted a unique vehicle that wouldn't kill my wallet. I got it for 17,500 so I think that was fair. I will let you all now how I like it :). I actually haven't driven one yet I purchased this with only seeing pics from the dealer.


11/21/2002, 12:05 AM
I'm VERY new here, just found the site last night, and I think it's great! I just purchased a '99 Black about a week ago. I LOVE IT!
I have a lot of questions, and look forward to meeting you all!
Please feel free to e-mail me as I get to know everyone!
Thanks for being here!

11/24/2002, 02:55 PM
Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 2001 kaiser . I had a brand new Dodge Dakota ext. cab And my sister told me o f a friend of ours that worked at the dealership. I had noticed the Vx out there for some time and told her I would be over to take it out for a drive. I couldn't afford the price but they told me to take it home and drive it and they would work on the price. About six days later and trying to take it back three times. They came down to what I wanted. They just wouldn't take it back. So i got the truck at a price I was willing to pay. Good thing I love it . Except for the gas mileage. 15 and 13 mpg. There isn't to many in Arkansas I understand . Does anyone know how many they made in 2001 U.S.?? good chating with you all.

jim falcione
11/27/2002, 04:49 PM
Hi from Pittsburgh! My first encounter with a VX was back in '99. I was driving past an Izusu dealer and caught a glimpse of a Proton Yellow. I was floored!! I "ran" into the showroom and began drooling. To my utter dismay the salesman informed me that the vehicle was already sold and was not expecting another anytime soon:( . Three years later I finally purchased an Astral Silver.
I've had it several months and the novelty has definitely not worn off :) :)

11/29/2002, 09:43 PM
Hi there;
I just bought a 99 VX today. On driving it home, I got stuck in a 2" snow storm. My wife had no problem in her 93 pathfinder. Only thing I can figure is that the rear tires (Bridgestoneís) were worn below spec (but the front tires were good.) To say the least, I was disappointed in the traction control. It was working because when I got home, I asked my wife to watch the wheels in the snow-covered driveway and she mentioned that the front wheels were indeed spinning.

I hope that it is the tires - i can't believe the VX is really this bad in the traction department. Does anyone know of any way to lock in the TOD 4-wheel drive for those slippery occasions? (Just got the car and started reading the manual today, so I AM a novice!)

Also, can anyone recommend a decent tire. I don't plan to do any off-roading but I need something to get through the snow & ice of New England winters.

11/30/2002, 11:34 AM
I 1st saw the VX in 99 when a friend was looking to by a new car. We were working near an ISUZU dealer in SEEKONK, MASS.
As we were going by I saw the 2nd love of my life besides the wife;Dy; So we went in and asked about it. Since he was only 18 they treated him like a kid so then I asked about it they gave me the keys and off we went. We got back gave it up and went on our way. But the VX was still on my mind. I was driving a 94 ISUZU AMIGO that I just loved. customizied the interior to match the VX red/balck leather seat with embroidery that said ISUZU carbon fiber dash kit I mean the works but it was no VX.
Well last December I was in an accident with a Toyota pick-up with a plow. He had been speeding and lost control hitting a dodge daytona and my little AMIGO.;Dy; That was all she wrote even after getting it fixed it just didin't feel the same. I still drove but the love was gone. I decide to start looking for something new.
After talking to my wife I decide that the only vehicle I was willing to trade my AMIGO for was a CHEVY AVALANCE cuz it was different for everything else. I totally forgot about the VX. Then the day I decide to buy the Avalance my wife calls me like a crazy woman and tells me to check my e-mail. I ask her why and she says you'll see. So I did I couldn't beleive it a 1999 ISUZU VehiCross in silver with only 4669 miles on for $18650. I couldn't beleive that so I called up the mitsubishi dealer to ask if they had misprinted the AD on it. The sales guy said nope.;Dy; I said ok and went over to check it out. I was true. I asked how they got it?
He told me that a 25 yr old kid only drove it to get away on the weekends so he traded it in for a montero limited.
So I told the guy to start the paper work. He said so do you want to go for a test drive? I said nope. he said how much of a down payment we I be making I said whatever you give me for my AMIGO he told me how much do I want I said nothing less than $6500 but alot of the custom audio/video comes out and the rims come off he said he had to run it by his manger. They checked it out and said ok. He comes back with a payment plan and I laughed:laughy: He said that it was the only way. I told him I'll be back went to the bank withdrew the differance and went back. I asked if they would pick up the TAX, TITLE and I would be transfring my plates he checked and said sure so I pulled out the cash and he almost dropped dead of shock. since they aggreed to pick up the differance they changed the plates and I was off. Haven't look back since. But i still wonder every now and then what ever happened to my LITTLE AMIGO.

12/06/2002, 05:13 PM
after we saw our first VehiCROSS in Portsmouth, NH - yellow, of course. Well, having learned some time ago that there isn't anyting in life we have to have, we moved on, until about one month ago. My wife is a residential appraiser in the Inland Northwest, and needed a vehicle capable of off-roading. She was driving a Chevy Suburban 7.4L - nice, but not up to the task.
So, having seen the VCROSS in our neighborhood delaler, it caught our eye. We test drove, read, compared, and she loves it . Any recommendations for snow tires tires wheels? How about synchronizing the remote door lock with the auto garage door code?


12/15/2002, 10:30 AM

12/15/2002, 01:40 PM
You can use the Advanced Search (http://www.vehicross.info/forums/memberlist.php?s=&action=search) and search by the city of state of your choosing or any of the other parameters given to find like interests. (Hint use the full name or 2 letter abreviation since some use either)

12/16/2002, 08:02 AM
Or should I say Family.:party: :group::biggroup:

12/19/2002, 09:50 AM
Well I'm new here and finally I can get info I can't find anywhere else regarding the vehicross. This site is great I hope to meet some Vehicross owners. I have had my V-cross for a year now and I love it. If there is anyone who can help me get some accesories I would really appriciate it.

Thank You

12/21/2002, 09:03 PM
Hello VX ers,

As of this evening (12/21/02) something virtually cosmic has happened, besides the Winter Solstice. I've become the proud owner of a Black 2000 VehiCross in Atlanta, GA.

My first encounter with a VX was upon a rear-view approach of a black VX a little over a year ago while traveling northbound on Moreland Avenue just south of I-20 near my intown neighborhood of East Atlanta. (Yep, I even remember the very spot where we first made eye contact). I recall trying to spped-up in my 1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE, to get a better view. I never managed to even catch-up.

Fast forward; just this past election day, as I was heading to the polls in my voting precinct, on a dreary wash-out-of-a-day, I parked behind a snazzy yellow VX sporting a high-hat car-top rack and fog-lamps. After a year of oggling and debating a Jeep Wrangler as my next car, I was instantly smitten with curiosity about this odd-ball motor vehicle that seemed almost embracable. On election night, instead of watching returns, I was busy at my PC hunting for this elusive predatory-looking creature.

Of course Isuzu's own website was not leading me in the right direction. Then, after much surfing, I found VehiCross.info!

A day later, the weather had cleared and I was sitting with a friend on the patio of a pizza parlor in another nearby intown neighborhood: Candler Park. As we sit down, a silver VX drives by and I shout, "There's another one!".

Unable to find a VX for sale in Atlanta, I quickly turned to Carmax. (I've done business helping site Carmax stores before, but never traded with them). They had three!! One in Miami, one in Maryland, and one 2-hours up the road in Greenville, South Carolina.

Of course I'm pretty wet behind the ears, but I think the time invested in looking for, researching, and hauling myself up to Greenville, will pay off in the satisfaction and enjoyment I think me and the new arrival will be having.

Oh yeah! Thanks to Dyanni for information and encouragement that made this decision between my heart and my head much more agreeable.

12/23/2002, 08:42 AM
Wow, this board is shiny! Anyway, been posting over at VMag and finally thought to show my nose here. Got a '01 Dragon Green cruising the streets and trails of sunny central Florida and here's my story:

Back in '98 I was on my second Trooper, a '95 Limited, and saw the infamous rocket-car ad on TV and thought that was the coolest most brazen thing Isuzu had pulled since the Impulse. Called around the next day and found that the Orlando dealer had a silver and an Iron Man. I went that weekend and drove the whitey and loved it. Just couldn't swing the $$$ and didn't really want to part with the Trooper. Well, time goes by and the Trooper turns into an '01 F-250 SuperDuty which then turns into a '93 Trooper RS since I couldn't find a decent '89 RS. While cruising some Trooper forums recently I catch wind that the VX is being discontinued. Surprised, I look for more info and stumble on the Isuzu dealer site and find the list of remaining new units, all either red or green. Proton would've been nice, but that Dragon Green really works for me. Well, after a few calls I end up flying to Chicago to pick my baby up from the M'Lady folk and drove her right back to Florida over the weekend with a stop in Atlanta to show off to friends. She just purred all the way home just like an Isuzu should. The only mod I've done so far is the 18W bulb change in the running lights, but I'm compiling a list thanks to all the wonderful folk here and on VMag.;Db;

12/26/2002, 10:23 PM
Hello VX enthusiasts-
I can't tell you how happy I am to find this forum. I can see some people have really taken the vx deal to the next level. I applaud you and am totally inspired to continue the evolution of my vx beyond where I already have it. Great to see the appreciation of truly a great car, and even better knowing I have one to appreciate.

Happy Holidays

12/29/2002, 12:48 PM
:lookb:A NYC VX lover dropping in...

How's it going? Just stumbled upon this site - pretty cool - wanted to intoduce ourselves...

"What kind of car could ever compare to or replace my old Jag" :confused: I thought...I'll have to buy another one...nothing else could compare...but then it happened...saw a VX & fell in love with it @ the 2001 car show, in Jacob Javitts Center in NY. Tried to buy it on the spot...denied...went to the dealer but couldn't get approved, they tried to get me to put 10K down...so I went to another dealer & purchased outright. (rar) :D

18 months & 20K miles later, I've had no problems & nothing but fun with Victoria my VX...we were playing in the snow on XMAS, 4x4'ing around, and unintentionally pissing off the other cards which were slippin n sliding. :p

Have fun with yours...and for all the new owners...a word of caution...beware of the pointers, they're out there...


12/29/2002, 06:44 PM

My name is John Spears. I'm the proud owner of a '99 Silver VX with 26K miles. I haven't yet been able to drive it but my Brother in Law did before I purchased it. I'm told is is cherry. I'll fly to pick it up the 18th of January and will drive it 1,000 miles home. Can't wait.

I'm a long time Izuzu enthusiast and have owned four different Troopers. I currently drive a '93 3.2L SOCH auto that has 180K. I'm the original owner and hope that the VX holds up as well as this trooper has.

I look forward to contributing what I can to the board. Owning four troopers and being a hand ons type of guy, I have gotten quite a bit of grease under my nails over the years. And I usually don't have too many bolts/nuts left over.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and happy new year and VXing.


01/01/2003, 11:23 PM
:) Hi - As the site states I am a noobee - I have just got my VX it's a 99 3.2L V6 European - I think - I have only had the VX a couple of days - but already I love it, wife hates it - not for the family. Need a few spare parts for it - which I am having a bit of trouble locating as I live in the UK - and all the dealers here - won't or cannot help. - I will keep you posted on my new affair with my VX. I will appologise now for any stupid questions I may ask in the future.


01/02/2003, 07:54 AM
I first noticed the VX in 98 while working/surfing the net for an Insurance company here in town. At the time I was too poor to purchace 'The coolest and toughest off road/on road compact SUV ever made.' I quit my Insurance job sold my Honda CRX and headed out on my bike for some adventure. When I returned, it was my manifest dentiny to find the VX I had drempt of in years past. After a year of searching, I found one w/ 7000 miles! I had to get it. It only set me back 16,800- it's worth every penny. I've had it off roading...it's better than my buddies Wrangler...and I paid 4,000 less!

01/11/2003, 05:48 PM
I am very new to the Vehicross family. I saw my 1st one maybe a year ago and loved it but I had no idea what kind of vehicle it was. Then I saw another a few months ago and noticed the make (Isuzu). So I went to the Isuzu website and they didn't have it there. I started going crazy not knowing what kind of vehicle this was becuase I wanted to have one so bad. Finally I found out it was a vehicross doing searchs online. I tried finding one for sale with no luck. I read that there were only around 4000 of them in the states and started giving up on it. Then just browsing on ebay I feel in love. I've only had mine for a few days now but I can tell this is going to be my baby for a long time.


01/13/2003, 06:50 PM
I don't remember exactly when or where I first saw a VX, but I do remember it was a magazine.

It was before it ever came out in the US -- so I'm thinking like 1997 or so -- and I'm pretty sure I was in an airport book shop SOMEWHERE.

What I do remember is thinking WOW that is TOO cool!

And from that point on I was hooked. It wasn't one of those everyday obssessions, but every so often I'd see the commercial, or it would just pop into my head and I'd think "Yeah...someday."

Well, someday for me finally came in November of 2001. My wife and I had settled into our new house and my old car (a Dodge Neon which I drove right into the ground, and bless it's heart it never gave me a stitch of trouble) was showing signs of perhaps giving way, so I was able to convince the wife that I NEEDED a new car.

After a heck of a search, I finally found it -- 2000 Dragon Green, 8900 miles -- the price was right. In Torrington, Connecticut.

And me...two states away in New Jersey.

No worries....I negotiated over the phone, struck a deal and after working the 12:30am to 8:30 am shift, I hit the road to get my new baby.

The only problem -- I get up to the dealership and they try to jack up the price on me. Uh uh. The lack of sleep worked for me there -- I got good and surly and got the price I wanted and the car of my dreams.

So now, over a year later, the Beast still wows me every time I see him. He still wows a lot of people on the streets too!

And another thing that wows me -- that so many great people can be brought together by a great truck!


01/13/2003, 08:06 PM
Hey there,

Some of you may recognize me from the old board. Figured I'd come out of the woodwork and see how everyone is doing?

For those of you who don't know me.. I'm JAG! from McAllen, TX (real deep south Texas)... Have had my VX since Oct. 2000 -- it's about nearing 15K, and except for some minor annoyances here and there (the notorious window binding), all has been well. :D

Anyhow, just thought I'd check in and see what's up.

Thanks WSG for the email and the VXINFO link.


01/14/2003, 06:49 PM
Hey, umm look im really sorry about this everyone, im a phony...I dont have a V-X...I'm 20..and own an Altima, but i've been in love with this car since i first saw in on the lot, almost 4 and a half years ago..You have to understand, everyday for the past 3 years i pass by this. I saw them come and go..White, Grey, Iron-Man edition..Then yellow..When i finally decided to get one, saved up enough money to put a down payment, they got rid of my BABY!!!! I hope you guys could find a way to forgive this. You mustn't know how hard it is to see other people drive around town in a YOUR car, that should've been mine... ANyone out there that knows a dealer ship in the Miami, Ft' Lauderdale,Palm Beach area that has one for sale, help me out....Please..and Thank you

01 Dragon
01/19/2003, 08:30 PM
I first saw one in 99 sometime in Pensacola, FL out and about, well I told my wife about it and
that night we were at the dealer checking one out, well it was more than we could afford so...
we dreamed and looked at them on and off for over 2 years. Well finally I was looking on
Autotrader and found a 2001 DRAGON GREEN, with 8k on it for $19,500. I called and talked to
the guy and he sent me some pics and gave me the history, one week later.....IM INTRODUCING
MYSELF as the proud new owner of that DRAGON!
Im Tom from Pensacola, FL...I work and am into My Dog Roman Mr. Monster. He is a Neapolitan
Mastiff, and will be a year old on Tuesday. He is 130lbs of love and protection;pg; so thats my
take care

01/19/2003, 08:55 PM
Hi everybody I just signed on I am in thr process of locating a Dragon Green VX seem rather hard to locate. most are white, silver or black . Found two today will check out on Tue.just wanted to say HI FRED from Lousville OH.

HI Everybody I am Fred from Louisville, Oh. As of yet I do not own a VX, always thought they were Hott Am in the process of looking for a DRAGON GREEN one seems most are black, silver or white . I have only seen one green one ever. Just found two today , going to check on them on tue. Seems everbody here really likes them and enjoy owning one or two.!! Good to be here talk to you later. Fred

>>> Merged two posts...wsg

01/20/2003, 01:39 PM
Hi Everybody : I am Fred from Louisville Oh. As of yet I do not own a VX . In the process of trying to find a Dragon GREEN one . Have always wanted one since 99 . Seems everbody here loves the one or they own. Have located three so far two in VA they are NEW never titled, one in NCwith 9k . seems green one are harder to find! Thanks for all the good advice on this site it has been helpful in making the decistion to seek out a VX. Fred

01/28/2003, 08:02 AM
My Name is Dave and I am the proud owner of a 1999 Ebony Black VX. She has everything offered, roof rack, rear mat and so on. Besides dropping in a K&N air filter I havent done any mods. In the next month or so I would like to up my stereo and possibly s/c. I am based in NY but am in my senior year of college at Purdue University. My VX is no longer under bumper to bumper which means shes eally growing up. Glad to be part of this site. Feel free to IM or PM me.:mbrasd:

Arachnid J
01/28/2003, 11:48 AM
Hello, My name is James and I live in Titusville,FL. I go by the member name Machine on the Club.Vmag board. The first time that I had seen a VX was in '99. I almost ran off of the road looking back at it as I passed. It was a Kaiser Silver VX and I knew that I would have to have one. I had gone back later to check on it and it was gone. I didn't even know what it was! I found an Ironman edition later on. It was sitting on a showroom floor and when I asked about it, they told me that it was already sold. I felt like I was running out of luck when it come to having one of my own. Fortunatlely, I was able to order a 2001 Ironman VX from a dealership that was right down the road from me. I have never been more happy with a vehicle. It is my "precious"!

01/28/2003, 02:07 PM
Hi my name is jim walker i first saw the vx in 98 on the tv and thought it was great took me till nov 99 to get silver one paid 26900. has been great so far just a little while back started lookin for another truck and my first thought was a second one for myself and one for the better half.jump online at carmax and found 2001 proton yellow with 11406 miles in VA i drove down on friday the 24 of this year and bought it. It was great drivin both of thaem home the looks and waves were to kool.I live in a small town of about 25,000 south of buffalo, ny we now have 3 vxs in are small little town.

01/28/2003, 03:52 PM
Whats Gooood??

Hi my name is David and I'm from Brookyln, NY. I just got accepted to FordhAM uNIVERSITY as an early decision applicant!! Yeh I'm happy :p Well the first time I saw the Vx was actually last year around this time in Manhattan. I fliped out the first time I saw it and told my dad about it. We saw it again in the city and he really liked it. He was tired of me driving his Lincoln Navigator around so he decided to buy me the Vx. Yeh I know I'm a lucky son of a b*tch. We went all the way to Maryland to pick it up after I saw a new 2001 Kaiser Silver for a great price on the internet. Its such a hot ride. I get looks like no other. I basically kept it stock but I got the windows tinted silver and black and debaged it. I got it new July of 2001 and now I have around 9k miles on it. Aright Im enjoying my Vx and I Know you all are too! Catch you guys later...Peace

02/05/2003, 11:20 PM
Hi all, I just took delivery of my 2000 Black VX #0754 with 21000 miles. Replacing my '97 Jeep Wrangler 4cyl with 91000 miles.

This was actually purchased from a commercial Isuzu dealership where it was the boss' company car.

So far I love it. I have already picked up a playpen for it and just waiting for the roof rack to come in at the dealership.

02/18/2003, 07:43 AM
Hello Everyone ,

My name is Val , I live near Boston, MA. I just bought a 99 VX Ironman Edition 2 days ago. It has 15k miles on it. I loved it as soon as I test drove it , but I loved it even more when the snow storm hit and I was going 50 on the highway during the biggest storm in the last 10 years ( more than 2 feet of snow!!) while loughing at all the cars stuck and thrown off the highway. I've been trying to get my VX stuck in the piles of snow, but every time it just jumps over. Today my work is cancelled. I am taking my digital camera and going trail riding. This will be funn!!! I will post pics once I'm back in the eve.

Mean while I have some questions for people that might know the answers.

1. How many miles should I be able to go on a full tank? And what kind of gas should I fuel it up with??

2. Should I do a tune up? Even though the car has only 15k on it?

3. Should I change transmission oil?

4. Are there any other maintenance I should do from the start?

5. The rear seats are very comfy, but getting in is a problem cause space is so tiny even if I move forward the front seats.

6. What 's the max speed in 4-low ?

7. Is it a good idea to put in a performance air intake , if it is, what's the best one?

8. Do we ever have VX meets here in New England? If yes, when?

9. Is it a good idea to re-paint the plastic skirt (bumper) , if yes what kind of paint is the best to use???

I would appreciate if fellow VX owners could help me out . Now I got to go , have fun in the snow. I will post a message when the pics will be inn. Thanks, Val

Scrapin 240
02/18/2003, 08:53 PM
Hey, just checking and chatting for my dad on the forum. he just picked up his 2001 VX about a month now with 11K and its come in very handy with all the snow up in NYC. Well I also help run another site with forums, www.importfanatix.com for anyone interested in the import scene.

Well glad to see the support for the VX and hopefully i can help eventually.

02/24/2003, 12:54 PM
Hi, My name is Trevor , I'm from Colorado Springs, Co.

First time I saw the VX was the concept model, in the movie ďMission to MarsĒ. I told my friend who worked at an Isuzu dealership, thatís what I wanted. He then told me I couldnít get the convertible version like in the movie, but he had some on the lot. I drove down, and there it was, a yellow VX! I didnít even test drive it, I know it was for me. I have loved it ever since. After the sale my friend bought himself a Silver VX

I found this web page cruising around for some ďModsĒ I have to say very nice site, and very nice people.

Thanks Tone, for the email showing me a Mod list, and the welcome to the club!


02/25/2003, 01:30 AM
Geof here, but everyone calls me Doc.

What can I say, came from the land of Oz to work in Ft.Worth (well, actually, live in Ft.Worth, work in Bedford) and saw a yellow V-Cross at DFW when I got off the plane. This was in 2000, or maybe late 1999.

Knew I had to have one, but with a suitcase and $2,000 being all I had in the world, not bloody likely.

A year later, grabbed a Dec.2000 build dark green one with all options (err ... that would be roofracks and not a lot more B) for way under list, brand new on o.o9% finance.

It's great, want to grab me some Yokies (285/60 x 18) and a PV muffler, will debadge it real soon now ... and that's about it.

Coming from Oz, been a 4WD owner for years, used to have a Range Rover with a big block truck motor (300HP) and Camel Trophy gears, 2 1/2" drainpipe exhaust that would climb a vertical wall, but that was before the divorce. B/

Still love the red dirt and miss the outback, almost as much as I miss the ocean.

See you Texan V-Cross owners out there somewhere, maybe even somewhere other than Texas. B]

(I love Tombstone in Arizona just BTW)

03/02/2003, 06:28 PM
I am an owner of a 2001 Dragon Mica Green VX. NEVER in a MILLION years did I think I would ever own one!! Saw it in the paper right before it was to be unmasked....saw the price on it too, and thought I would never own one.....but I figured just maybe in a few years. Well I didn't know they would only be in production for a few years. I actually forgot the name of it after a while. So last July I was looking to buy a new vehicle, and looking at things like the RAV4 etc......nothing was really ME....and I kept telling my husband, about this cool SUV by Isuzu........but I couldn't remember the name. I went to the Isuzu site and nothing!! After some searching I found it,,,then found the Isuzu site that tells you what dealers have what vehicles......then my search began!!! Found the color I wanted......2001 with only 36 miles on it! Brand new! Drove 5 hours to Marietta Georgia to get it! And it was SO worth it! LOVE IT!!! Still can not believe I own one! I still look at it in wonder every day!! lol I haven't done any mods to it yet, still happy with it the way it is.....not to mention, need cash. Like to do alot of research before I decide what to do to it anyway. Anyone else in the Hinesville, GA area that has one? I know there is one other guy on Fort Stewart that has one.....and go figure I didn't see him or his VX since I've been here, but the DAY I come back from buying my baby.......there he goes the other way HAHAHHA!!! Well at least it's black...and not green! lol


03/02/2003, 10:13 PM
Hi everyone. I'm the very proud owner of a '99 Ironman. I have been on Club Vmag for over a year and am just now joining this board. Looks great! :)

03/15/2003, 06:17 PM
This is such a great site! I've owned my 99 Ebony VX since May 2002. I got it with 15,500 miles on it and I actually found it in our local newspaper. The interesting thing is that it was actually first for sale about 10 miles from my house when it's first owner bought it. I feel like I brought it home!

I had seen the VX in Consumer Reports and I wanted something that could get me thru New York winters. Well, this winter has been a great test. Christmas day, I went thru 1 1/2 feet of snow when most other people were quaking in their boots.

I love my VX! ;Db;

Phil D
03/18/2003, 08:36 PM
I have been drooling over VXs since they came out. I am now in a serious effort to buy one. I am currently looking at a '99 Ironman with 59K on it. It's not my first choice, but I have to find one that I can finance. The dealer is asking $15,990. If I can't get it financed, however...

Anyway, I have been lurking here for a few months now, and the knowledge I have gained from this place will (hopefully) allow me to get exactly what I want, without paying too much for it.

If anyone has any input that can help me, I'm not too proud to take it.

Anyway, here's to me getting a VX, and joining a great club of owners!


03/18/2003, 10:18 PM
Ahhh....it's so unfortunate to only be 17 years old. I work a steady part time job, but alas I doubt I'll ever be able to afford one of these beauties until I'm at least out of high school. How...melodramatic :( You all remember the drool you worked up every time you saw one until you had one for yourself. Well, I'll be in that pain a couple more years. SOMEONE has to tell me how i can find one affordably, and if so, how bad the insurance is gonna stab me ;)

03/19/2003, 02:06 PM
Wayne here.

After a minor fender bender in my 87' Nissan Pulsar, I was faced with a decision - repair or buy new. You see, although the accident was minor in nature, I was, after all, in a Pulsar. She still ran for me, but I knew she couldn't keep it up for long...

Sensing the clock was ticking, I began to save my money, and kept an eye out for a possible new ride. Surfing the net and comparing vehicles I was actually leaning towards the Pontiac Aztec. Say what you will - it had a definitive style (like it or hate it) and was potentially affordable. Other SUV's were either too big or too small. Then the magic happened...

While viewing the Isuzu web site for information on an Amigo, my eyes fell upon our beloved Vehicross. I loved it. I needed it. I wanted it. The price tag, though, was disconcerting. Throwing caution to the wind, however, I decided to go for it.

That was a decision I have NEVER regretted. Despite having a long wait for my VX to be delivered - the dealer had difficulty finding the exact one I wanted (black or silver with the black and gray interior)- as well as some difficulties with my trade-in, I eventually took delivery of my VX. As a bonus, Isuzu was running interest free financing the month I decided to buy - the stars had truly aligned, this car was for me.

As any VX owner will attest, nothing beats the quizical looks and double takes generated by this sweet ride. It has been relatively problem free (minor cd player problem, currently a minor window problem) and an absolute joy.

Being an architect, it doesn't hurt to roll onto construction sites in this bad-boy as opposed to the Pulsar. First impressions always seem to go my way when I'm in my Ebony Black 2001 Vehicross.

Rock on VXer's...

03/21/2003, 04:30 PM
Just got mine - A 2001 Kaiser with only 81 miles. Of course I still haven't been able to drive it yet because title and registration in PA requires everything but an organ donation, but I've waited this long and hopefully I can wait a little longer. Love this board!! Used it very much when I was researching my purchase.

03/25/2003, 05:07 PM
Hello! Im Chris and i jut purchased a 1999 Silver VX with 31774 miles. All im doing now is anxiously awating delivery!

:evil: Chris :evil:

04/04/2003, 10:29 PM
Hey guys, been looking at this site for a while, just decided to join up. I am from Va but now living in Greenville, NC. My Nissan Sentra got stolen last September, I had it since college and wanted something with some power and style. I know very little about cars but when I saw the VX I had to have it. I tested drove one in Raleigh but the guy was a little unreasonable on the price so I ended up driving over 200 miles to pick up my Silver 99 VX (41, 300 miles). I LOVE THIS VEHICLE. I have taken it off road and it handles like a charm (in snow too). I always use BP 89 grade, get about 17 mpg on the highway and about 22 on the highway. Some of the small problems I have had are: Wet drivers side carpet (currently trying to fix this), my hood won't pop when I pull the lever, Cruise main indicator light stays on, when I slow down from 50 mph or greater I hear a strange friction noise, my passenger side window moves out of place on occassion, and recently my engine will not start of the first turn of the key (starts fine and then just cuts off this maybe happens about once a week now). I have called the Isuzu dealership here in Greenville, but they haven't even heard of the Vehicross so I am currently looking for somebody to service me.

I love driving this car, I have about a 25 minute ride to work and it makes the trip fun. I am 27/accountant and my girlfriend loves to drive it, and she really likes the leather seats. I wash the outside cadding about once a month with Armor All and it keeps it looking pretty dark.

I have two questions: Where do you guys get your axle and transfer case oil changed ? Are there any other things I should do at 15,000 miles? Please let me know if you have any insight to any of the above problems. my email is deldorado@yahoo.com

Glad to be a part of this board.

04/07/2003, 04:30 PM
This is Medic here. I just picked up a 2000 VX last Thursday, and have to admit, I'm very impressed so far. I traded in my '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I don't regret the decision at all. I'm a dyed in the wool Jeeper, so it was nice to see a similar devotion to the VX while I was researching it on the net. It made my decision to trade my Jeep in that much easier. I'm still a Jeeper at heart, and own an '85 CJ-7 that I've rebuilt from the ground up.
The only mods I have planned so far are for the stereo system, and rear hatch remote opener. Other than that, I'll enjoy my new ride, and upgrade as desired.

04/10/2003, 09:15 PM
I finally got a VX !:D The first time I saw it, I was in love. It was a concept vehicle at the '96 (I think) Phoenix Auto Show. But unlike other really cool, futuristic looking concepts I fell in love with, like the Ford Splash concept of '93 (no, not the little truck they stuck the name on a few years later) they were actually going to make this one!!! I HAD TO HAVE ONE!:cool!: Unfortunatly, by the time they came out, my business, how should I say, stunk!!:( I came within 5 months of getting the last new 2001 in Arizona, and the price was only $23,800;eekp; Oh well, thats life. I finally found a mistreated 4 year old ('99) last month, owned buy a numbskull who's 3 year lease had run out, and I got it for a song.:o I am fixing him up slowly on a tight budget, But boy I love this beast!:D It handles like a sports car on road, and off road its like a Baja on steroids! (no, not that new Subaru truck thing) My License plate is " ZOID " I noticed a few of you have zoid in small caps. Is that your Lic. Plt. name also!:confused: I'm ZONER, and I hope to go on some trips with you other Arizonan's in the future. P.S. My Zoids bottom teeth just came in! If you see us on the road, give us a growl. Don't worry, my Zoid only bites tires off of lower off-road life forms. BCNU

:D :D :D ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

>>> fixed the tail end of your post... WSG

BTW...'zoid is just a ranking stage here in VX land.. The more posts you have, you end up with a different title.

04/11/2003, 03:49 PM
My wife, Beth, and I had seen the VehiCROSS sometime back and had been blown away by it all the way around. There is just nothing else like it. She has been hankerin' for an SUV for some time now and this was our first pick, although we just didn't see it as possible or feasible. My car at the time ('87 Celica GT-S w/246,000 miles) was the oldest so I was the next up for a buy and a low mpg SUV couldn't be our first choice. Being a longtime Toyota/TRD enthusiast, I picked a '01 Celica GT-S w/Action Package (I'm big on loyalty) as my next and our primary car (by the by, a car I absolutely love, think is a thrill to drive, don't regret buying, and am probably overprotective of). We still salivated over the VX but just didn't see how we could do it. When we found out the VX was out of production, we were more than saddened. Beth was looking at possibly a 4-Runner, the Volvo SUV (used), or even, if she decided to go with just a car, a BMW 325 as the vehicle for her a few years down the road. This tells you what kind of class the VX beats out to us. This past Friday night as we headed up to East TN (Smoky MTN Area) to visit my family, our hearts skipped a beat as we saw a silver VX sitting on the lot of a used car dealer here in Huntsville. Being a loan officer at a local credit union, she knows the lots to trust and Russell's was one of them. We made a U-ey and checked it out. Other than worn Pirelli Scorpions, it was in great shape. She called on Saturday, got them down in price (which was definitely a great buy judging by NADA, Blue Book, and Internet sales) and Monday morning I showed up to test drive it and have it checked out by a friend of mine who is a mechanic. I loved it right from the start. It drives like a sport coupe with an attitude and I know of what I speak. As one example, her Cousin's X-Terra handles like a heavy on the Utility SUV comparatively (feels like its always about to tip over on corners, for one). The VX is heavy on the Sport and far beyond competent (from what I've read from you folks here) in the Utility. The VX drives (acceleration, speed, and handling) more like my Celica than any of the Jeeps, trucks, or SUV's I've driven throughout my life. After checking it out on the internet (here being one of my primary sites), I found no bad reviews of it and an ownership pool that makes up an exclusive, vociferously loyal club that vehemently loves this unique ride. This really is a concept car that delivers more than looks. The owners love its performance and reliability along with its whiplash looks. Needless to say, I bought it. My wife is thrilled as am I. Being able to get this and seeing her so happy has been an immeasurable blessing. This is the vehicle we would have chosen over all others, but thought that by the time we were in the market to buy a new vehicle, it would be long gone. I just love watching everyone else watch it. When we went to pick it up on the lot (I had closed the deal, had the keys, and the dealership was closed), two sets of people came up asking if we had bought it already just in the five minutes it took me to back it out of where they had it and get my wife set up in it. This machine gets attention! Oh, and as far as my handle here, when I first saw the VX, the front end struck me as being very aggressive and animalistic. My first thought was that it looked snake-like, like a viper or cobra, but I also realized that the snake thing and cars has too many highly visible links (oh, say, the Dodge Viper, and Mustang Cobra) already. But a snake just didn't quite fit for the VX anyway, and I came across something that brought it into focus for me when looking at the VX's front end - a SabreTooth Tiger. Hence I came up with SABR2TH for our personalized tag. And SABR2TH sure looks good sitting next to MIDKNYT, my dark blue Celica. They are both going to be well taken care of members of the family. As you may have noticed, once I get started I'm quite long winded. My apologies. Really, I'm basically pretty quiet, so don't worry, I won't be cluttering up the forums very much. Just had to share my enthusiasm and you did ask for our story. Have a great day all,


Todd Adams
04/12/2003, 09:26 AM
I purchased my first Isuzu (a new Amigo) in 1992. My wife and I had owned many 4x4ís and had used them to explore southern Utah since the Ď70ís. I bought the Amigo at the time since it had all the necessary requirements like 4.56 to 1 gears, 31Ē tires stock, short wheel base etc. for the type of wheeling we did. I passed on the Jeep Wrangler since I have always been a non conformist.

When I saw the photos of the prototype Vehicross I was intrigued. When they came out I knew I had to have one. The first one I looked at had a dealer added value tag on it putting the price over 40K! I waited and waited. You know how people either love or hate the looks, well my wife Linda hates the looks so that was another obstacle I had to overcome.

Well I finally made a killer deal on a new VX and Linda ďgot used to the looksĒ. I have never regretted the purchase although some people donít take the vehicle or me seriously until they come on a trail ride.

I am one of the founders of Moab ĎZuZoo. Linda and I (she owns and drives a Jeep) lead trails during the largest 4x4event in the world, the Moab Easter Jeep Safari. I am President of the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association and a Marshal at UROC ( www.uroc4x4.com ) as such you can imagine the VX has not remained stock.

Some of the modifications that are now on the VX include 33Ē BFGís, hidden winch, 4Ē lift, ARB locker in the front with the rear coming soon.

Hope to see many of you on the VX only run in Moab.


04/16/2003, 10:51 AM

I saw VX first in 97-98 Autoshow in Boston - they were saying it is a prototype and nobody knew if it will see the light of manufacturing line... but it did ! Boy, was I happy to get my hands on '99 Ironman in December '00. I love my car and take good care of it. Oil changes every 2,500 K miles (Semi-senthetic Qaker State 4x4), carwashes and polishing :) etc....
I hope to install sunroof and new wider and quiter tieres, but will have to ask you guyes/gals for advice.

Thanx !

04/18/2003, 10:35 PM
Hey all,

I'm the proud new owner of a 1999 Astral Silver VX, just picked it up today. Myself and my wife were in the market for an SUV as my corvette was getting to be impractical. We drove a few different SUV's and wern't really sold on them... then one day passing a Best Buy I saw a yellow VX pulling out, said to myself there is a nice SUV that I haven't looked into yet. Went on the internet, found a local Isuzu dealer that had a few and I walked out with this one.

So far I'm very impressed with it... Could use a little more ummph from a dead stop, but even that isn't anything to complain about.

I'll be posting soon.. I don't have an owners manual yet on the car and I'm wonder the ins and outs on the 4 WD system... and is synthetic motor oil ok to run in them.



04/22/2003, 07:56 PM
Hey all. I'm Kevin, and just bought a '99 Silver VX. Saw it first about a year ago, and when it was time to buy a car, was looking for it first. Only owned one other car - a '90 Buick Century. At first, only found a 01 VX which was quickly bought, so almost settled for a Xterra. Wasn't impressed by all the negatives about it I saw on the web, so I kept looking, and behold! Found a '99. I wanted to be an automotive designer, even went to Center for Creative studies in Detroit to pursue automotive design degree, but bills came a knockin, so I settled for retail. But when I had the money, and wanted the most distinctive, the most aggresive car on the road today, could only think of the VX. Most other SUV's look like boats, are too boring, etc. Waiting for delivery tomorrow, can't wait to take it out. Planning to buy a camera I saw in the Sharper Image catalog, that has a small separate screen for the rear visibility problem (you try parallel parking that thing in a major city!). Love the Site!


04/25/2003, 08:06 AM
- After flying from Philadelphia to Milwaukee
(via Atlanta - same departure and arrival times of a flight stopping in Chicago for almost $200 less) ...

- Renting a car and driving to Green Bay to make the transaction
(and having my friend drive that back to Milwaukee) ...

- I am now the happy owner of a 2000 IronMan

- We spent some time in Chicago on our way home to Philadelphia.

Stopped and ate at Demon Dogs, a 20 yr old establishment that is getting leveled in a few months due to city planning. It is owned and operate by the band manager for 'Chicago' There are pictures, instruments, gold and platium records and anything else you can think of plastered on the walls. They also have an endless loop of Chicago tunes playing over the sound system.

We survived being at the bottom of a 9 car pile up without a scratch (the amusing photo to be posted in the gallery in the near future)

Then I drove the VX into the garage inside the John Hancock tower - That would have been a great sight from the street since you go up a corkscrew ramp and then enter the side of the building on the 6th floor. Too bad I couldn't take it up to the top floor with me! That would have been one great photo as well!

- Then we stopped at the original Quaker Steak & Lube location in Sharon, PA (just east of the Ohio border)

They make the best wings I've ever had. (and are officially rated as one of the top 3 wing establishments in the US)
I have been craving them since I went to one of their other sites in Pittsburgh a couple yrs ago while on a business trip.

It was a 3 day blast of a trip.

Cant beat:
Buying a car that I had wanted to test drive since I first saw one on the 'land speed' TV commercial ...
Visiting some really unique landmarks in a city that has a strong pulse ...
... and then, of course, there are those wings!


Hope to see some of you out on the road!!!


04/25/2003, 06:07 PM
I wanted one when they first came out but the price was way to high. Since then I almost missed the show.
I was able to compair a stock Ironman against my homebuilt Samurai with a V-6 with C-4 automatic, lockers both axles, 35 tires. We started at the bottom of a steep grade with loose gravel and hardpack. I slipped and spun most of the way to top.
The V Cross never spun a tire and went to the top like it was flat!
I have been looking for a year for the right one. Just found it today in Georgia, And it is being shipped to San Diego on Monday.
It has 6,400 miles and is Maroon in color with all black interior.
Now I have a 1989 Wrangler for sale. I paid to much at $20,500 which includes shipping here. I am a very happy owner.

04/27/2003, 06:57 PM
Well, let's see...I'm a photojournalist and business owner and thus pretty hard on cars due to the types of assignments and events I cover. I'm a sports car guy hands down. My current steed is a Viper eating (and pretty much anything else for that matter) third gen RX7. 2600lbs. and almost 500 rear wheel hp on pump gas. Although it makes a fine daily driver, it's forte' is pavement only and of course, it's an awesome track tool. I live in "God's waiting room", ie. Florida and I'm always nervous about being taken out by a Licoln Town Car (we sell more here than anywhere else in the world). When the VX came out, I had my eye on them but it wasn't until about a year and a half later that the opportunity presented itself.

I found an extremely low mileage 99 Ebony that had never been titled, important if you want the factory warranty. I managed to haggle them down about $2K as the dealer had purchased it, hoping to speculate on it's rarity. Needless to say that fell through and I picked it up at a decent price.

I was attracted to it's tank-like construction, body cladding, hey! look at me looks, and of course, it's performance. The fact that I could head down a dirt trail chasing brush fires or whatever else comes my way was a big pull. Remote resovoir front shocks, bike rack, Ironman mats, competent handling, it was all great. The warranty was also attractive as photojournalists are fairly hard on cars. I spent a lot of time lurking on the VX BBS gathering info about the car, it's quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. I'm a car guy and I have no problem putting up with a few "issues". I'm definitely not Joe-consumer and have always liked vehicles offering something a bit different. The first week we had the VX, someone rear-ended us in traffic. Getting out, the offending car had a caved-in hood and front grille in pieces. Not a scratch on the VX.

I've been away from the VX community for about a year, having participated in the old BBS sporadically. I have big plans over the next few months to modify my VX. It often takes a back seat to the RX7 but it's time has come so to speak. My only modification to date is an Injen intake.

Anyway, that's about it! This is a great resource and I'm very glad to have found it and the members who contribute here.

05/02/2003, 08:43 PM
Hello everyone! I'm in Jacksonville, FL... anyone else nearby? I just traded in my 1995 Dodge Avenger ES and brought home a 1999 VehiCROSS in excellent shape and am very excited about it. It is Astral silver, and I immediately shined up the cladding with Son of a Gun and when I swung by the dealer the next day they clearly wished they'd used the right stuff on it because it made it look so much better. Even the hood insert came along nicely after two applications. I've had a passion for these things ever since I sat in one at a local car show several years ago. This is a dream come true! I really look forward to learning from everyone here and making new friends. Right now I'm gearing up to keep this thing in great shape. Got a little car vac, replaced the stock mats with some nice deep-dish rubber ones, put a steering wheel cover and seat covers in to help protect the leather in everyday driving. Also griping at the wife to get her stuff organized in the garage because this baby is gonna be garaged and not sit out and bake. :-) No eating or drinking allowed in it either. BTW, how easy is it to get a new orange plastic front turn signal cover? That's one little thing I do need to fix - it's cracked around the screws and loose on one side. Guess I'll call up an Isuzu dealer and find out - got it from a used car lot associated with a Lexus/Mercedes/Porsche dealership, as someone traded it in on a new Porsche.

>>> Move ya into this thread... WELCOME! WSG

05/06/2003, 04:13 PM
I first saw the VX while helping my wifeís cousin shop for a car. We were wondering around the dealership when I saw it. I thought it was wild. I thought maybe it wasn't for sale (a race car they brought in to look cool or something). Low and behold it had a price tag. At the time I was still driving my race truck and not in the market.

Two years later, I'm selling the truck and I had completely forgotten about the VX. I go back to "dealership row" and I see a white one (same color as my truck)! I guess it was meant to be.

I had come up with a wish list for my new vehicle-automatic, leather interior, FAST, 4 or all wheel drive, two doors and unique (people had been photographing my truck for years and there were knock offs everywhere!).

Low and behold the VX had everything I wanted.

I got about sixty thousand miles and no real problems to speak of!

Yellow Patriot
05/09/2003, 01:45 PM
I don't seem to know how to get started on your site. I signed in yesterday and thought that I posted a thread as a new comer, but I'm not sure what happened.
I have been viewing your site for about a year, I've had my proton VX for two years. It sure is a fun little car. It is a 2001 model that was bought to replace the wife's car but she didn't like all the attention it brings. So she's back to her T & C minivan
I was driving an older corvette (another fun car) but had to park it to use the new car. My oldest daughter has me tuning the Vette and maybe a paint job so she can drive it to school, UTEP student. She presently has a Wrangler Sahara. My younger daughter says that the VX will be her first car, she's ten going on sixteen. I don't agree with her because I really like my VX.
I'm a Product engineer on the Patriot Missile system at Ft. Bliss, Texas. Retired Army from Army Air Defense. I still consider FLA. my home, Winter Park. Will return upon my next retirement, can't wait.

V-Twin hiCROSS
05/13/2003, 11:39 AM
Hello all,
I finally bought my VehiCross!! I have been searching for one for the past six months, but just hadn't found the perfect one. It is a 2000 Dragon Green beast. It has 24K miles and is in perfect condition. I knew the first time I drove one that I needed to have one. After much research, I decided it was the the effort to find an '00 or '01 because of the 18" rims and climate control. After 3 weeks of haggling with the dealer, she is mine. It took a little convincing for my wife, but she caved as soon as she rode in it. Now, she keeps asking when she is going to get to drive it for a day. Not yet Baby, maybe next month. Anyway, thanks for this extensive database of VX information, it made my searching much easier.

05/21/2003, 08:43 PM
Hi ! I'm New.
Ha Ha Ha.
I Bought My 1999 VX about 2years ago, then finally I joined this web-site.

05/23/2003, 12:17 PM

05/28/2003, 02:05 PM
I've had my 2001 Vx for 1 whole year now. As of a month ago, it is wearing a nice shiney coat of Line-X bedliner on it's cladding. I'll never have to worry about cladding scratches again.

James Kubajak
06/01/2003, 07:05 PM
I picked up my VX in Dallas Thursday and drove it home to Northwood (Toledo), Ohio... My; what a fine ride!

It's an interesting combination of high tech (electronically controlled engine and transmission) and low tech (mechanical odometer, no way into the back without a key, fussy power windows). What was a $30,000 car with a prop-rod to hold up the hood!

I expected the 20 miles per gallon I got. I didn't expect the ride to be so much fun!

If only the rear-view camera had been included on US models - rear visibility really sucks.

My Da'Lan trailer hitch was waiting when I got home and I look forward to the arrival of some other goodies soon.

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the VX.

06/10/2003, 10:33 PM
I'm not a VX owner but enjoy talking Isuzu! I drive a lifted 02 Axiom. Live near the Santa Anita horse racing track in beautiful Arcadia, CA. This forum rocks!

06/15/2003, 10:19 PM
I just bought a 2000 Vehicross, its Kaiser Silver, #275. It has 40,000 miles and so far I'm in love with it! There are a few things I'd love to do with it, like get a smaller brake pedal (my foot hits the brake and the gas at the same time) and install a thermomter/compass rearview mirror. I'm excited to talk with other owners and find some other mods and meeting times! I'm in Minneapolis, MN in case anyone is in the area and sees me drive by!c:\ c:\vehicross.jpg

06/16/2003, 02:40 PM
I've been driving my VX since 2000. I first saw it at an Iron Man event back in 96-97? I was in high school then and that car became my dream car. I sat in it and thought it was the coolest thing ever. In 1999 I was driving by the usual Isuzu dealership when I spotted the VX in their showroom. I traded in my 1997 Blazer ZR2 SUV which had 33's, all chromed out and cherry red. At the time it was the hottest little SUV around. My wife was furious, but shortly fell in love with the VX. She still thinks of the VX as a horrible investment because of how much it has depreciated in value. I was a little disappointed too, but after thinking about it, VALUE IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER. After 60,000 miles, two trips out West, a dozen camping trips, and many miles along the East coast, I have decided to finally put a stop to the nonsense, I am in the process of lifting and detailing the VX to become my new offroad machine, and I'm selling my 92 Jeep Wrangler with 35's and Spring Over to the highest bidder... Away with Jeep and Hello VX. I am excited to take it on some adventures as everyone on this post has such good stories to tell!

So, sorry for the detailed story, anyway, I'm 23, married, and work for Hewlett-Packard. I do some consulting on the side and just started my own business, the website is called www.pocketPCguy.com and one day it will be up!!! I am somewhat of a guru when it comes to handhelds, go figure, I like toys! Look forward to working with all you and hopefully meeting you at a few rally's!

06/19/2003, 03:01 PM

06/21/2003, 04:52 PM
I've know about VX's for a while and have been hoping to find a used one at the right price.

I traveled from Tampa to Pompeno Beach today (380 miles) ;eekg; to look at a 99 VX at a dealer for $12995. I was told they did not have a lot of room with the price. After 4 hours of driving, they would not budge at all on the price and would only pony up $400 in trade for my 94 Integra :mad: with 250K miles (kinda makes sense). I wanted to see what the financing would be. I waited and waited, with them telling me it would be another 10 minutes every so often and waited total 45 minutes . I got sick of this, the sales guy had moved on to a new customer too, so I walked out and drove home through blinding rain. :confused: The VX was ok, but has some UV damage to the clading and it looked like a battery had cracked in it as the tray and fender well had acid damage.

Maybe something will turn up towards the end of the year when I am more ready and the dealer is more willing.


06/22/2003, 04:41 PM
I've had no problems except the defective windows (fixed for now) and headlight rubber (total replacement of both headlight assemblies under warranty). I leased my 99 Ebony in October, 1999 when the price was at its highest. The lease terminates this October and provides for a $16K purchase price. The total outlay would probably set a record for the most expensive stock VX in America. Nevertheless, given the maximum satisfaction and minimal problems presented over only 28K miles, my best option may be to surrender and enjoy it.

06/28/2003, 08:13 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have been a Vehicross admirer for several years, and am now searching for a vehicross for sale in California. Does anyone know of any dealers that still have some? Ideally I'd love to get a silver, black, or white 2001 VX. Ok, well if anyone has any suggestions on tracking some down please let me know. I tracked down several 6 months ago that were new 2001s, but alas others beat me to purchasing. Anyways, I'm glad to be a member and I hope you all can help me with my search.

Thanks :)

06/29/2003, 12:47 PM
Hi Kristin! I used to live on corner of Bay & Stockton. Try using www.autotrader.com

I just tried it with my old zip code and came up with this one:

What do you know... it's silver too. Good luck! :)

ps-might want to try eBay too.

06/29/2003, 04:10 PM
Thanks Paul & Everyone,

I didn't even know about that website. That one is in good condition too with low miles. Ideally I want to get a new one. When I went on a massive phone search about 8 months ago I tracked down about 4 in the Bay Area that were new, but by the time I got there they were sold :(. I heard there may be new ones still in Southern CA, but I'm not sure where. If anyone hears anything please email me. Also, I was curious what you guys do to deal with the rearview visibility problem. I heard that some people get the little circular mirrors to attach to the sideview mirrors while others do the rearview cams. What do you guys like better? Advantages/Disadvantages? Also, if you have the rearview cams did you get a dash mount or a roof mount? Ok, sorry for the tons of questions, just thinking about stuff to do after I get a VX. Thanks again for the website & ideas.

06/30/2003, 01:43 PM
Hello all.
When I first got my VX, I found the original vx forum, though it was shut down. Flash forward 2 years and one broken axle later ... while looking for a used front left axle online, i found not one but two great forums to use.
Over the two years, I have moved on to custon wrangler rear springs for about a 3 1/2 inch lift and clear 33" tires easily, even in extreme situations. After seeing what some of you have been able to do, I'm completely blown away! After spending some time reading most of the posts, I think someone even had a sighting of me. Very cool.

Thanks for all the effort,


07/04/2003, 08:18 PM
The Tonka Bug

Proud owner for 12 months. Discovered that there are two major issues with VX ownership in the UK:

Outrageous cost of fuel!
ZERO support.

I dealt with the first problem by getting an LPG conversion. This is still going strong and I kept ground clearance despite the under body tank!
As for the second problem, that is where you guys (and girls) across the water have been invaluable. A big "CHEERS" to you on the other side of the pond for you advice which I have (until now) been silently tapping in to.
I have a Japanese import model which has the rear monitor and TV installation. This has allowed me to fit a Clarion GPS system.
I too have had a problem with the left hand window seizing. A replacement motor (Nissan Maxima was the only one available on line) was installed, tracks widened and now all is sweet!
About to drive 3000 mile round trip across Europe. Wish me luck!
;eekg; ;Db;

07/13/2003, 05:42 PM
Hi All,
I just, literally just got 2001 Protonon Yellow, 0911. It's been only 24 h I brought it home.

I took 3 days of begging, praising, threatening and other things done to have my husband convinced to buy this car. Ofcourse he said no, I said nothing and I thought that was it.
The next day he called me at 10 in the morning at work, right in the middle of breakfast rush - I am a waitress besides being nuts - that he is buying the car. I got a panic attack and hung up on him. I tried to call him back but his cell phone was off. I called dealership, but the sales guy secretly disappeared and was nowhere to be found. Then the things got weird - there was someone wanting something, and order to go, and my boss staring at me, and right in the middle of all that my hubby walked in with the sales guy and both demanded answer: yes or no?
No, absolutely no. Then yes. Then no again. Then paper bag and a glass of cold water. At the end there was dealer's strong handshake and people congratulating me. I had to sit down.

Really it is my first VX. I saw a few on the street but did not pay attention to them. Then by some accident, visiting dealership with my dad for something, I test drove this funky looking yellow thing and got stricken by lightning. My life was not complete without one. With emphasis on WAS... :)

07/14/2003, 03:46 PM
In Boston, MA - my green dragon will be with me 1 year in November. Looking for others out there - travel to NE PA all of the time via Upstate NY.

Freon VX
07/15/2003, 07:00 PM
Im picking up my silver 99 in Wisconsin tomorrow! Im so stoked. Can't wait to hook up with you guys for a couple of runs and shows. My name is Bill, and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.;Dr;

07/28/2003, 11:06 AM
Really glad to have found this place!
Mid-2000 I was having the oil changed in my Outback Sport...the dealership next door had a black VX on a turntable.
3 hours later (including 2 calls to my wife), I was driving home in my new VX.
Yep, I have the notorious "cocking window" issue (been serviced 3 x and it's still screwed up) and the rubber coming off of the headlights, but I love this thing and wouldnt choose to part with it...period.
Hope to contribute some info over time!
All the best to everyone...
Jerry G

08/15/2003, 01:42 AM
This is my first post in this forums and it definity wont be my last. Anyways I bought my used 99 silver Vehicross 2 months ago and I have been loving it since then..well....except when going over potholes..
The Peak Towers Condo (http://pattayaluxurycondos.com)

08/20/2003, 04:05 PM
hiya VX freaks!!! Im Kramer Im new to the site and my vx should be on its way. Im IN Indiana now but my vx was in Kansas. Thanks to the mods and all on the site. I spent a few weeks back in the shadows to see if a vx is for me. (I hope so be it I just purchased on and have yet to drive one) Anyone know off hand how much the vx is rated to tow? and no guessing please I need to pull a Audi A4 to Utah and need to know if my new ride can do it safely
thanks in advance!!!

08/27/2003, 10:54 PM
I guess WSG feels it's time to introduce myself.
I am a 22 year old male, born and raised in the Washington, D.C. metro area. I am attending Law school at Catholic University. I chose the vehicross because I saw one at the car show when i was about 16 (Japanese version with the back-up camera). Went online to get info, was one of the first to see them come off the truck in '98. Went into shock over the 30K price tag and never thought I could get one.
I started shopping for a new car last fall and was lucky to find one with less than 5K miles. I like it mostly for its looks and the fact that not too many people have them. To think I actually considered getting an xterra for a while.

Nice to meet everybody, I've been reading post on this and the other board since about this time last year. So I've gotten to know what you guys are all about.

OT: Does anyone have an 18" rim they can sell me, I bent one of mine pretty badly and don't like driving on the donut.

09/01/2003, 09:42 PM
Hey, gang...my name is Erik. Just found this site tonight while doing a search on Isuzu dealers in my area. Looks great! I'm so-oooo jealous seeing those photos of the VX owners driving in the middle of the desert with all those cool rock formations!

I live in PA...and unfortunately, there's nothing like that around here. Although, one time I did find a construction site with some dirt hills...

09/06/2003, 07:31 AM
OK, I was slow, but I finally found you Scott, Tone, Anita and the rest of the bunch over here! I'm Jim, an airline Captain in Missouri and former Air Force T38 and F4 pilot, and my 1999 Vehicross ( owned since April 29, 1999 ) just turned over 133,000 miles. My VX has seen a lot of offroad driving up the trail to my cabin in the Ozarks. No mechanical problems and the engine and drive train are doing great. I use Mobil 1 synthetic and change every 4,000 miles and it just started burning about a quarter of a quart every 4,000 miles -- insignificant in my book. I drive it in power mode all the time, except in mud or snow and get 14 mpg city and 15 mpg highway. I've done all my own maintenance, escept I've had the transmission fluid changed at the dealership every 30,000 miles. I do the engine oil, transer case, differential and radiator myself. I replaced the brakes at 85,000 miles, I'm on my third set of tires, and second battery. Besides for the standard window lift fix, the drivers leather seat is showing a little wear at the bottom left front, the orange door insert on the driver's side is developing a 2 inch crack at the lock post, and my CD changer stopped playing the last two CD positions last month. No problems with the hood insert or lights. Still original muffler and eshaust and shocks and coil springs and with all the mileage and offroad use they've softened a bit and I like the softer ride even better now, so I don't plan on replacing them. Modifications include Safari Bar and fog lamps, 1972 Cadillac Fleetwood horn ( obtained at the junkyard and it sounds so deep and cool ), dynamatting, and as my Goodyear AT/S tires have worn in the last 40,000 miles I'm about to go back to the Goodyear MT/Rs even though they're a little noisy -- I loved them before and supposedly they have a new tread compound that doesn't wear as fast. Good to be with you all again!:D

09/08/2003, 09:52 PM
Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself to the club. My name is Clyde and I just bought my VehiCross last week. So far I'm loving it (except for the windows). I think it's a fun vehicle to drive and my girlfriend and I always get a smile out of all the attention and reactions we get from other drivers while in it. We're still getting used to all the "rubber-necking" This past week I've been looking at wheels I could use in the winter time since I don't want to tear up the chrome wheels I have on it now. If anybody could give me info on whether Chevrolet truck wheels can be made to fit on the VX somehow I would sure appreciate the info. Thanks. :)

Chuck Ellis
09/18/2003, 08:38 PM
Hey there.. just got the thing a while ago,had to have it.Waited 2 years to find a good one.This one is 100%stock,looks like a garage monster. De-badged it and thats it.Rough ride{after a suburban},but so what! Love the traction and cornering.this one is fun! See ya at the next meet. Chuck Ellis

09/25/2003, 09:17 PM
Just thought I'd introduce myself. Name's Justin and I bought a 2001 Foxfire about four months ago. It's still bone stock, but I'm really enjoying it.

10/05/2003, 02:42 PM
I just purchased my VX. gotta say i love it already. Saw one back in late 99, early 00 and knew i had to have one. Then found out they stopped making them.

So finding one in a dealership was a hassle. First one i saw was white. (blech) then about a year later, now, i found mine. silver, gotta love it.

Anyway, anyone know a good aftermarket shop that i can do a little customizing at?
Also, anything out there yet that gets rid of the doughnut spare for a full size? (the spare cover wont fit over a full size)

10/08/2003, 11:21 AM
I had my VEx for a year and I love IT!!
I saw this car just in the magazine when I was in KOREA.

I always have this car in my mind and NOW!!~~~~~~~~~~



IF I have chance to buy another car......

it'll always Be VEX;eekr;

10/20/2003, 08:46 AM
Hey there... my name is Peter and I live in Scottsdale, AZ...
I have had a White 99 IRONMAN VX for the last 3 years and it is really a fun vehichle! I never go off road and enjoy driving my Lexus SC400 so much that I am going to sell the VX... BOO HOO...
:( since having both is just too expensive...
I wish I had found the site earlier since there is soo much info about this great vehichle... Anyway, I'm sure any of those looking have seen my post in the FOR SALE section...

10/20/2003, 07:33 PM
Hi everyone. I have been vehicle shopping for the past 3 weeks and it's been a disappointing experience since I've found NOTHING that excites me. I was torn between an SUV and a car, but still, nothing I looked at made me want to own it. I was hoping to have a new vehicle before the snow hits because the car I'm driving now is awful in the snow, so I got on E-Bay for the heck of it to see what's out there that I may have not already checked out. And there it was - a VehiCross! My jaw dropped and I KNEW I just found the vehicle I HAD to have! I started doing some research and homework and THEN found out how truly incredible this vehicle is, as well as hard to find. Needless to say, I've also got hubby convinced that THIS is exactly the vehicle for me, so we are on our mission to find one. Peter, yours looks fabulous, but it's so darned far away. How does one go about getting a vehicle across country, short of flying out and driving back? There's one in NY I hope to see next week, and one right here in Connecticut, but I won't make a final choice until I've checked out every one I can find in the country. Thanks for all being here, I'm sure this will be a daily stop for me now.

10/20/2003, 08:47 PM
Whats up... me and my fiance just bought our 1st VX. It is a '99 ironman. We both work for GM companys so that proves that there is nothing out there like the VX for us to buy 1. We saw it in a trader and my fiance had to have. We saw it and 2 days later we had it. I am currently trying to find simple custom parts for it so if anyone can help... much thanks -- also what is the largest size most aggressive tire you can put on without any lift??? Can I get some help... Thanks

10/25/2003, 08:50 PM
Hello again! I'm not a "wannaBe" anymore..... I just took possession of my VX an hour ago! 2001 Foxfire (burgundy), and she's gorgeous! Can't wait til the sun comes up so I can go wax her and get her all shiny and clean.... THEN she'll really feel like mine. Unfortunately I can't really drive her til the seller takes his money to the lienholder and they mail me the title and I can go register her, but I can still sit and stare at her til then! I'm off to go read all I need to know about my upcoming experiences of being a VX owner!!!!!

10/29/2003, 12:07 PM
Hi everyone! I'm Meghan, my fiance is Patrick, and we have been the proud owners of a 99 VX since 2000. We live out in Boston and from what I've read, a lot of you are around here. Hopefully we'll cross paths one day. We are on the road constantly from Boston to NYC (every weekend)....120,000 miles and still going strong! Our VX has yet to let us down. ;)

11/02/2003, 10:26 AM
Hello Everyone, I am the new, proud owner of Paul T's #1393 Dragon Green VX. Paul was a great guy to deal with and he delivered a great ride in near perfect condition. Thank-you, Paul.

I live in the NW corner of Montana, just a few miles outside Glacier National Park. Been here all of my life except a few years with Uncle Sam including a tour of SE Asia. I have learned a lot about the VX viewing this site as a guest while I was in the process of purchasing. Now that I am a very happy owner; I figured it was time to register. Great site! Thanks........

11/07/2003, 02:38 PM
I first noticed the VX in 1995, there was a write-up about this really cool concept vehicle like nothing I had ever seen before. At that very moment I knew I had to have one and swore to myself if they moved to market I would buy. They did, I did, you know the story. I bought a 1999 Vehicross with all options (very few options, as everything standard) floor mats, cargo mat, roof rack, bike rack, and hitch.

I ran into this website by accident because I was looking to warn other Isuzu owners about the bad experiences I have had with Corporate Isuzu. Fortunitely my dealer has been great so I have no complaints there. Don't get me wrong, I totally love my VX and can't even think of anything else sold that could replace it, but I think I may get rid of it in another year. I have had several problems from minor to major and now they all come out of my pocket. Here is a list of my past problems:

Blown intake gasket (1 week ownership)
Check engine light problem (1 year old)
leaking windshield (2 years until problem fixed)
Electrical problem caused by leaking windshield (nothing worked)
Cracked exhaust manifold (2 years old)
Bad fuel injectors (3 yrs old 48000 miles)
Finally Blown Motor caused by faulty bearings (4 yrs. old 62,000)

I will now have to pay $5,500 for a new engine as the dealer has told me it can't be rebuilt. After finally paying off the loan my VX I was looking forward to enjoying it and trying out the 4X4 system. Now I get to take another loan for a new motor and won't be able to play for another year at least. I understand that I am past the mileage on my powertrain warranty, but I was hoping that since it was only 2000 miles Isuzu could help me out a bit. They won't so now once I have a new engine I will worry about new problems and no warranty.

I hope that my VX is the only one out with this problem because this vehicle should be enjoyed not cause headaches. I'm still undecided whether to keep it since I can't figure out what to replace it with. Good luck and have fun!!

11/07/2003, 03:34 PM
I started looking at the VX a few months ago. I was looking for a small wheelbase SUV for my wife. The VX, obviously, caught my eye. I've been busy reading the reviews and pouring over the posts in the forums. I've followed the sales and the for-sales on eBay and AutoTrader. I learned enough in the past two months to determine that THIS was the vehicle.

I found a local owner who was selling. I borrowed it for a day and took it home for my wife to test drive. She didn't like it. Oh, she liked the VX, but the blind spots in the back made it impossible for her to comfortably drive. So.....after getting myself all worked up about the VX......I bought it and she now drives my "old" Grand Cherokee Limited.....heated seats and all. And I drive my "new" VX. And so far, two happy campers!!!!!


11/11/2003, 12:35 AM
I had always been into Troopers - always loved em. Had a 1990 then a 1993.... till 2001 when I wrecked it good. It had been wrecked before, but I was getting tired of fixing it. Of course, I loved the VX's but I never thought in a million years I would own one. But what the hell..... dreams can be a reality. I guess back when they were new I wasnt making the money I do now and they were so expensive new..... I just sortof put them out of my mind thinking they would be unattainable and I never saw any around in Nebraska where I was living. After that last accident though.... I Knew what I wanted... and I got one... have had it a year and 2 months now..... ive been the happiest ive ever been in that time.... yes, a vehicle can actually do that for you sometimes!
I got my tricked out 2000 Jeep wrangler and my custom Buell S1WL, but they dont do for me what my V cross does - I dont think any other vehicle ever will.
I now live in Vernon, CT - I think ive seen only one other one in the last 6 months. People freak out over my VX every where i go. Thats fun.... I look forward to meeting other VX owners and Id like to go to one of these meets too sometime. Ive been traveling all over New England in my VX - I'll wave if I see ya!

Raque Thomas
11/11/2003, 06:57 AM
Ahh....TJ, you have the infamous Proton Yellow VX with the painted cladding! How is that paint on the cladding holding up? Any idea how it was done? I've been told that paint "would never" stick long term, and that I would have "constant" chipping problems. It sure looks good!

11/19/2003, 07:46 AM

2001 Ironman...I LOVE MY VX!

I fell in love with it the first day I saw it (which was whn I was reading a copy of Consumer Reports.) I simply knew nothing that kewl looking could be as awful as CR made it out to be. I watched it for a few years and finally took the leap. I simply adore this little toy!

11/22/2003, 06:45 PM

In about 9 days (Monday Dec 01) I pick up my 1999 Black VX from Washington (at the border south of Vancouver, B.C.) I think I might be the only one in Canada to own one of these! What an ordeal to export/import one of these vehicles into Canada.....it's so gonna be worth it though!

I've never even seen a VehiCROSS other than on this site, and Ebay ....heehee.... so I am going to be asking a few questions before I leave and go pick mine up.

Thanks for having this site....

Talk to you guys soon!

-Kiersten :p

Bill Brown
11/27/2003, 05:14 PM
Hello from S„o Paulo, SP, Brasil. Drove my '99 Ironman from Dallas, TX, to Clovis, CA, in 2003. Moved into my condo here in Brasil, last month (June 2005). The VX is in storage in California for now until I finalize things, then my ole VX will be up for sale. :homer:

11/28/2003, 12:11 PM
Sup Sup

My name is Tim. I'm a VX Wannabe, and I'm proud of that. I'm jealous of everyone here. I have wanted to have one of these before they even were imported to US. I saw these in Japan when I was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan in the Marines. I almost bought one in 2000. But I deployed again. Didn't want to store it for 2 years until I got back. Lo and behold Isuzu doesn't make em anymore;eekb;

Basically just wrong on their part. lol

I am looking everywhere for one. Even shopping Eghey.

Just wanted to say hi. And i hope to play in the dirt with you someday:)

11/28/2003, 07:19 PM
Three years of awesome VX diving here, after I drove my 4WD Rodeo into the ground. I lusted after the VX since the day I saw it, and picked mine up used at the dealer - only 15K on it, by a VP of Isuzu (they have some HQ building about 25 miles north of here, in Whittier, CA.) This machine still turns as many heads as when I jump in my Delorean! Just rolled past 75K miles and about to spend some money on PM - but other than oil and gas, I haven't had to do ANYTHING to this car. It's rare that I feel so good about paying for something as well designed as the VX.

Well enough about me - I also wanted to thank all of the core posters here for putting up SO MUCH good information on this car. I just spent an hour reading about everything and if I didn't have my own northern Ireland-built project car, I'd be welding up my own bumpers and such.

Rock on,

12/02/2003, 11:49 AM
Jim from Seattle here.

Last night, I pulled off what was to me, the score of a lifetime. A 2001 Black VX, originally bought new in 2002 and with 20 months still left on the warranty. Showroom new (and when I say showroom new, I mean SHOWROOM new), and with ony 1,400 miles on it. Not one teeny scratch on it, and paid $17,995. To say I am happy is an understatement.

I'd say "it must be clean living" but I'm afraid I'd get struck by lightning!

12/05/2003, 10:21 PM
hey everyone, my name is Lindsay and my husband is Adam. we bought our '99 Ebony a couple of months ago, we drove by the dealership spotted it and bought it the next day. Adam is obsessed it took me awhile but it has grown on me. we are maybe looking to do some fun stuff with it so if there is anyone in our area who wants to meet up just give us a shout! we have an 11 month old daughter and two dogs and two cats. anything else you want to know feel free to ask:D

12/21/2003, 12:03 PM
;eekr; I'm a new member to the site. Have a ebony VX 2 2001. Just had an accident in it. An Excursion stopped in fornt of me, took my eyes off the front to check the blind spot and BAM!! Was lucky was going about 25. The fenders, hood, radiator, radiator support, and some other parts were trashed. (about $6000.00 - $7000.00 damage). No damage to the frame. Looks like I'll be getting a front end make-over. Saw a lot of photos of other Vehicrosses. Look great!!! Good to know that there are aftermarket parts for the car.

12/23/2003, 04:35 PM
I came across my VX while looking to replace my 95 Camaro Z28 after some bad winters.... I first saw one at a local hotel in 99 and didnt think much of it.. I just assumed that it was another grocery getter with no off road potential.. While I was doing some searching online I came across some VXs on ebay and thought it would be cool to check one out. There were none in my area online and no lots had any recently. I was on my way to work one day and boom there one was at a local isuzu dealer! I was so stoked I found one I called off work and took it for a test drive..... Needless to say I bought it that day. Going on 4 mos now and I love it. It does great off road and gets tons of looks on road.... This site is great too..... A great place for people that love their strange cars

12/24/2003, 11:12 PM
Hi all.
I own my white Ironman VX since oct/1999. Picked it brand new at Courtesy Acura & Isuzu in Littleton, Co. Considering the vehicle is hand built has given me very little trouble.

Mtn VX
12/25/2003, 02:46 PM
Hello - I'm now the proud owner of a used 1999 Ebony from Ebay (I've been driving it for about a week now - what a difference from my previous Hyundai Accent!). I've been lurking here for about a month and I'm really excited to finally be able to join the club. Happy Holidays! -Michelle

01/10/2004, 09:22 AM
Since they first came out, I have wanted one. I dreamed of taking it out the the Salt Flats (or wherever it was) as shown in the early comercials and just HAULING ***!!! The price was always out of my reach, but as I have grown more affluant, I finally have one. I drove around an old Toyota Landcruiser for about 10 years, than a 97 TJ for close to 5. Got it paid off finally and POW - I am now the owner of a 2000 Kestral VX. Living in Colorado, this will be a great auto, I have no doubts. Quite a few people have asked me what this heck this car is.... and so on... so very cool.

01/10/2004, 09:27 AM
Since they first came out, I have wanted one. I dreamed of taking it out the the Salt Flats (or wherever it was) as shown in the early comercials and just HAULING ***!!! The price was always out of my reach, but as I have grown more affluant, I finally have one. I drove around an old Toyota Landcruiser for about 10 years, than a 97 TJ for close to 5. Got it paid off finally and POW - I am now the owner of a 2000 Kestral VX. Living in Colorado, this will be a great auto, I have no doubts. Quite a few people have asked me what this heck this car is.... and so on... so very cool.:dance: :wave:

01/10/2004, 07:27 PM
Hi just like to let everone know how heplful this board is and say
"thankyou!" for a good use for laptop other than surfing *bay
a question of mine is how do I find a set of 18" stock rims and are the worth looking into I mean can I run a/t tires or do willI have to run street style tires?
thanks Hotdog

01/13/2004, 07:22 PM
Well, i Finally got one! Ive been lurking here on and off for quite some time, studying up and browsing through all the great info here. I was all ready to grab up a VX for myself last year , but a serious finacial pitfall hit, and prevented it. Well, ive bounced back with allot of hard work, and decided this was MY year. So i bought myself a slightly belated Birthday gift. I closed the deal on an Ebony 99' VX today in showroom condition, and its being delivered in two days. Itll be the newest vehicle ive ever owned, so its quite a large step for me, and im no spring chicken either..
Anywho, i just wanted to say "hey" and hopefully ill be able to contribute something usefull here once i get to know my VX a bit.. :D

01/18/2004, 07:01 PM
Yeah I'm New to the VX scene I saw one in the Garage my Parents Park in and I fell in love. I think all my friends are going crazy becasue its the only vehicle I seem to talk about it. I am trying to get my parents to get me one when I graduate, but It mightnot happen :(

01/20/2004, 04:24 PM
Hi! Lauren from Las Vegas here.

Was it bold or stupid for Isuzu to put the VehiX into production? They probably didn't make a profit, but OH BABY , was it good for us. I'm still all giggly over my new purchase, a 2001 yellow with 44K miles for $15.8K :heart: :heart: It was like being able to hire Tom Cruise as my pool boy.

I had been saving money and driving a cruddy old truck ever since I saw my first vehiX in '99. The two-tone leather interior, the curvy cladding and that cute little antena in back.:naughty: I am so tickled I could bust.

Now I'm torn between keeping it pristine or taking it through that rock bathtub at Moab.

02/01/2004, 07:33 PM
I've always loved the look of the VX. Even in Socal they are rare. I had always assumed they were super expensive. I just happened to see one on the drive home yesterday and decided to do a check. I'm surprised (happily) to find they are actually affordable and I'm selling my Nissan Pathfinder tomorrow and I've already done my loan through my bank. Now I'm on a QUEST to find my Vehicross. I'll be on this regularly.

Is there a place that the forum saves newbie questions? I hate to be the new guy asking the same old questions.

02/01/2004, 11:12 PM
Search button, upper left corner, text to the FAQ button. Kind of hard to make out with the brushed aluminum look of the button.

02/03/2004, 10:24 AM
The bank just called.....APPROVED! Now the search is REALLY on.
Wish me luck.

02/09/2004, 03:55 PM
I just spent the past 22 hours getting to know my new VX. I bought it in east TX and drove it straight through to socal.
My name is Chris. I'm a Marine at Camp Pendleton. I've been married for 8 years and I have 2 sons, 7 and 2. I surf and do brazilian jiu jitsu when not at work.

J La
02/11/2004, 08:46 PM
First off I just wanted to say THANK YOU to this site and all of the knowledgable contributors. I am going to pick up my 00' Black VX this week in Minnesota. I have spent countless hours scouring this site for the past week since I found it and cannot believe how lucky I am to have a group like this to tell what works and how to do it all. You all are amazing!

I am a straight out virgin to 4 wheel drives, but have been in love with the style and rareness of the VX since I first saw them YEARS ago. So it was time for this 27 year old dude in Kansas to pop his 4x4 cherry and get a REAL vehicle. I am absolutely looking forward to meeting you all and thanking you in person. Hopefully Moab if not sooner. So see you there!

Again, Thanks to all of you great VXers

02/17/2004, 01:12 PM
New to the board.

I bought my '99 VX new on the lot in March 2000. The dealer had it hidden in the back corner of the lot, no wonder it hadn't sold.

I haven't had it "off road", but that is not why I like it so much. I love the fact that you never see another here in WV. I also love the power and performance in such a small package.

I have added the Calmini high flow A/F and a Flowmaster exhaust, much better performance. I have a set of Rancho's on order to be installed within the next week.

I have noticed on the board several issues I have encountered. Both windows have serious problems, and I have had the CEL reset several times. The vehicle is beyond factory warranty ( 39M ), so now I just ignore the light. When I get more time I
will research the board for recomendations and comments.


02/19/2004, 02:21 AM
Sorry, forgot to introduce myself.
01 VX yellow, 27K mileage, paid 17.5K for it.
And I am loving it, although the binding windowing is killing me!

Ron Pfeiffer
02/22/2004, 07:44 AM
Greetings to all,

Just got my VX two days ago Ė 2001 Ironman with 18K on it for 16 thou. Fell in love at the first test drive (truth be told, well before that . . . ). A hearty thanks to all who run this place Ė Iíve learned a whole lot already!

I'm a high school history teacher in Fauquier County, Va. My wife and I live at the top of a fairly mountainous subdivision, so I was looking for a serious 4x4. My wife's CRV is ok for your average bad weather, but last year we got 41" of snow in a single storm here, so I wanted something beefier. I've always loved the looks of the VX, and the more I read, the better it seemed. Got in mine, took her for a spin . . . SOLD! Of course, I also find it kinda cool to think that I own one of 86 2001 Ironman editions ever made!

Thanks again for all the info I found here - I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with my new ride. My students already think its the coolest thing ever . . .


2001 Ironman #1109

02/25/2004, 09:07 AM
hey everyone Me and my wife stumbled across a vehicross at a dealer on sunday the 22nd of feb. 2004. We both fell in love with it the minute we saw it. We have been building the little imports (the fast and furios cars)(I hate that saying) for about 6 years and wanted something bigger. We were so fed up with the everyday SUV's we were looking at then we saw this wonderfull car. Needless to say we saw it on sun. bought it monday night. Love it. It is a 2000 silver grey interior 47,000 miles on it. I can not even describe how much me and my wife love this car. I am sure she will be on here alot being that she gets to drive the car everyday. I only get to drive it after I get off and go home. Glad to see there are more people that love these cars as much as i do. ;Db;

02/25/2004, 07:08 PM
We have been building the little imports (the fast and furios cars)(I hate that saying) for about 6 years and wanted something bigger.

So, are you guys going to mod your VX? There is a pretty strong interest in useful original mods hereabouts.

I only get to drive it after I get off and go home.

Funny, I usually go home first.;eeko;

02/27/2004, 12:34 AM
My wife was thinking about getting a small SUV (our 16 year old daughter took over the '95 Tracker) when I saw this 1999 Silver VX for sale. Took pictures of it and showed my wife. That night, 2/23/04, after dinner we called the couple that was selling the VX and drove 45 mintues to test drive it. Tonight 2/26/04 it is sitting in our garage. And no the teenagers don't get to drive this one.
We are looking forward to checking out the four wheel drive on the way to skiing.

The interior on our VX was changed from black & red to black & gray. We have the red steering wheel, side panels and red leather seat inserts, if somebody could use these maybe we could make a deal.


Triple X
03/03/2004, 12:49 PM
Wanted to say "Hello" to the club members. I just purchased a 1999 VX. I found it on a web search at a local dealership (Atlanta). They didn't really know what it was - had never seen one before they took this one in on a trade. I had first seen the VX in 1999. At that time, I had just purchased a new '99 Nissan pickup. Three days after buying the pickup, I happened to drive by an Isuzu dealership and noticed a VX they had on their lot. I stopped to take a look at it and was immediately drawn to the design of the vehicle. I did a little research after that to learn a little more about the VX. At any rate, the pickup and I were together for five years, but recently I decided to get rid of it. I looked at some other "popular" SUV models, but they all seemed to be stamped out of the same mold. However, in the back of my mind, I always remembered that first VX I looked at five years ago. So from the web search I found the '99, drove it, and bought it. No modifications to report, other than new CD system. Being a first-time owner, I may have several less than intelligent questions over the next few months. I've read several of the posts on this site, and you guys really seem to know your stuff, so hope you will bear with me. While I'm at it, I might as well ask my first question.

My VX is in good mechanical condition, has been well maintained and runs well. The ride was improved with a new set of Bridgestone Duelers. Here's my question: The temperature guage consistently runs steady within the normal range. However, I've noticed that the engine puts off a lot of heat, and requires a heck of long time to disipate that heat once it's shut off. Can you guys give me some feedback as to whether this is normal for the VX 3.5L-V6? Would really appreciate any comments.

Ya'll have a good one.

03/04/2004, 08:55 AM
I always wanted an Amigo. When the time came in May 1999 I started a little research into invoice pricing, dealerships, etc. etc.. That is when I found the VX or, as it is known to my friends and family, the GRYPHINMOBILE.

For those of you who may not know, a gryphin has the head, talons, and wings of a giant eagle and the body of a lion. The gryphin is able to fly like a bird yet has the strength and power of the lion. It has been my personal totem since I was a kid and the vehicross (cross between a sports car and a jeep) seemed therefore to be preordained as my "car".

I have enjoyed every mile of the 111,000 I have driven but of late have considered moving on. Well not any more! I had no IDEA there was such an organized community out there dedicated to this vehicle. I have spent the last few days reading your posts and hearing your stories. I am renewed.

I look forward to joining your ranks. I have long wondered about mods for my gryphinmobile and am looking forward to starting some projects like those who have gone before. I want to do everythingÖ Lights, fogs, blinkers, sun roofs, wheels, tires, stereo, video, turbo, supercharger, heated seatsÖ think thatís it.

This is going to take a lot of work! ;)

03/06/2004, 10:42 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am Andrew. From Arizona and have been interested in the VX since 1999. I use to post on the old board and just recently found out of this new board. I have read just about every post catching up with all the great information on this site.

03/10/2004, 04:47 PM
well i just became a member after finding this site about a month ago. thought i'd say hi.....hi

i'm on my 2nd VX now....i blew up my 1st one when i tried to go thru a rather large pool of water during a flood. it was a 99 astral silver with the red and black interior. i only had 20k miles on it. motor sucked in water and it hydrolocked. destroyed the motor and dealer said it was totaled. i heard someone bought it at auction for 13,000. guy was gonna try and drop a trooper motor in it.

but i came out ok...insurance covered it and i bought a 2001 kaiser for insurance check and 2k, brand new. have had it for almost 2 yrs now.

well i'm sure i'll have more to say and ask later.....i'm thinking about coming up for midwest thing in april....we'll see

03/19/2004, 11:17 AM
I have been meaning to introduce myself to the rest of the members, but I get too busy sometimes. I fell in love with the VX when I first saw one at a car show. In fact, I liked it so much that I traded my 99 Mustang Cobra to get mine. It is a great vehicle that is still years ahead of the competition in many respects. Since buying mine new in Dec '99 I have made quite a few modifications to it. I now have a SA Alpine Supercharger, Autometer guages, Razo shifters, custom exhaust, tire upgrade, and a few other items and I continue to make additional modifications almost every month. It just gets better and better!!!
I have seen and read about the VX gathering in Moab in May and I am hoping to be able to drive down there. Since I live in Utah I have the poorest excuse not to attend. I hope to meet many of you that I have read about in the forums. Remember, when you drive a VX "You ARE the exception, NOT the rule" VXtreme

03/22/2004, 10:47 AM
Hello - I'm a new VX owner - and new to this site. I recently purchased a 2000 VX - Firefox Red Mica (not my first color choice) - with 35K miles. I believe this vehicle orginally was a leased vehicle - in the mid-to-eastern part of PA. It now has a home in in Western PA - north of Pittsburgh.

03/24/2004, 10:40 AM
Well, I am not a Vx owner but more of an enthusiast. I have signed up here to learn more about the Vx after having my interest peaked driving my fathers. He is a member of this board by the name of Chopper.

I have been a DSM enthusiast for going on 8 years now but it can never hurt to get schooled in one more platform.:cool:

03/24/2004, 02:21 PM
I was looking for my first car ever in 2000, and i saw a brand new black VX in the isuzu showroom and instantly loved it! the only problem was the $34,000 price tag it had brand new (hell of a mark up huh?) I got a rodeo because they were cheap, but never forgot about that VX i saw. When my rodeo lease ran up recently, i was already shopping for a VX. I am proud to say that after an almost 4 1/2 year wait, i have my own 2001 Charcoal Grey VX and couldn't love it more!

But now comes the problem of mods, which i know nothing about, since i'm clueless about fixing cars, etc., but want some specific mods for my VX. For instance, i would love a cold air intake, but i'm told that no application exists for the VX. I would also love mud guards, a halogen light kit, factory roof racks, and God would i sell my soul to have one of those VX-4 center console set-ups. There are lots of basic mods i want, but i have absolutely no clue which kind to get of what, and to be honest, could really use some help from you all, so please email me with any help you can give, as a fellow VX addict. Thanks for reading,:thanx:

03/31/2004, 10:49 PM
My new (used) VX gets delivered tomorrow. I've been an interested observer on the sidelines for some time now. I decided the time was ripe to get in the driver's seat, and I can't wait. I'm looking forward to participating here too.

04/09/2004, 11:13 AM
Just purchased a "wife's car" 1999 Astral Silver with 57K miles. Not a mark on it, never off road and "only in the snow once". Looks like it has never been sat in. Also have a 1998 Amigo V6, 5 speed, with 80K miles that I have never had a problem with. Also a 1971 Marcos (British car, 2000lb, V6, 4 speed, 41 inches high, right-hand drive).

I've gleaned a lot of info from this site both before and after my purchase. Need a new intake gasket and dealer is installing under warranty (492 miles left).

I live approx. 3 hours north of San Francisco on Rt. 101 in the Redwoods (Willits). 35 miles from the Pacific.


04/19/2004, 01:15 AM
This site is amazing. It ahs everything. My name is Dustin and I am 20 and live in Anchorage, Alaska. I bought my vehicross about 2 months ago. I was in the market for a new car. When I saw this at the dealership I new I had to have it. I have had 19 differant vehicles since age 15 and i like thes better than all of them put together. I love my vx and cant stop putting $ into it. I'm now an addict. Thanks for all the helpful info.

04/23/2004, 01:12 AM
New Vehicross owner here... Not a new VX of course, but a '99 ebony which has been beat about pretty well. A bit of a fixer upper you might say. I say, "I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and the price was reasonable" So I fanally have a Vehicross.... Back in '99 I dragged my wife to the local Isuzu dealership to check out the new VX's... She tolerates my caraholism pretty well, but with a price tag of $32K, it just wasnt going to happen... Not just then at any rate., but I knew.... some day.... Well that day has come! As a long time Isuzu customer I consider the VX to be the best thing Isuzu has ever done... ( Dont even get me started on the pathetic state of affairs Isuzu seems to have found itsself in lately.... So sad...)
I've owned "86 Trooper, '88 trooper SE, '89 Amigo, '89 Amigo XS 4x4, and currently own a '95 Trooper(Paris Dakar Limited edition, black) As nice as a trooper gets.... But it aint no Vehicross! Am I right ? Yea? Allright! I won't bore you all with the list of cars I've owned,(it would take all night) just the pertinent ones! I also currently own a '94 Dodge Cummins 4x4.... (will somebody please tell me where I can buy Biodiesel?) and a '97 Jeep Wrangler(rockcrawler) I guess the Vehicross is as close to driving a 'car' as I'm gonna get!
Catch ya'll later!

05/03/2004, 10:55 PM
Hello everyone, my name is Mike and i don't have a VX but i do have a 2002 Axiom XS that i have started to extensivly modify. I started with a set of 20x9 Chrome Eco Evos with 275/45/20 Goodyaer GT2s.

Then i added a 2002 WRX hood scoop that i made functional to aid in "flushing" the engine bay air to help keep it cool after my turbo project.

I am in the middle of a system install where i am building custom fiberglass boxes for 1 12" suba and my EQ, i mounted two jbl amps in the hatch. I had to replace the stock shocks with stronger stainless shocks with custom machined brackets.http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-5/195531/amps_in_hatch.jpg

here is a link to the thread about my fiberglass boxes:

I am also in the middle of machining new center caps for my Wheels, since i hate the orignal ones, here is a link to that thread:

The next big project is the turbo kit. I will be building a complete custm stainless kit for a single Garrett T3/T4 turbo, i will be using a custom intercooler i built, morgan-tec muffler, HKS blow off valve, Greddy boost controller, Defi gauges in a custom modified stock A piller gauge pod, 16" electric fan, etc. I am fully expecting around 300hp at the tires since i am going to be running around 8-10 psi. I was going to go with the Alpine S/C but for the money i can build a sweet turbo kit and be a lot different and faster.


So please let me know what ya think of my Axiom and feel free to ask any performance related ? since that is my field.


05/05/2004, 11:29 PM
I am the proud new owner of this incredible VX.

I've been eyeing this board for a couple months now, as well as autotrader and ebay. Although I wasn't exactly ready to purchase one just yet, this seemed too good to pass up. So after about a month of whining and begging, my wonderful wife gave in and let me get it.

On the three hour ride home, I'm not sure if a smile ever left my face. The exhaust on this thing is killer. It has a rumble that stands out to say the least. I got home shortly after midnight, been up since about 7am. Spent at least 1/2 hour after I got home cleaning up the bugs that didn't evade my front end on the freeway. And now spending time telling the VX community that I am finally part of it, when I have to be to work at 6am.

And So the Obsession Begins...

05/07/2004, 10:22 AM
I`ve wanted a VX since I read the 1st reports in the magazines several years ago.Well,last Thursday evening,I was perusing the newspaper and one was listed at a local Infinity dealership.I got up the next morning at 4:30 and went to look at it.Two hours later I went back to look at it.Three other men were in the lot stalking the VX also,and this was 6:30 in the morning.At 10:30 I went back and took a test drive.I had to have this thing!It only had 45K miles on it.I offered the salesman $12K,he accepted,and I gave him a $500 cash deposit to get it off the lot and start the paperwork(I had to get to work).Six hours later,I became the proud owner of a 99 black Vehicross.This thing really turns heads.I also own a two-tone `73 VW Thing,but the VX gets much more attention!

05/11/2004, 08:08 AM
Hi all!
I came across this site though google, and it seems to be a very helpful and useful.
I'm from Russia, and I'm in great need of some parts for my white VX, which has been in a serious accident. If anyone could recommend a dealer/vendor in NY/NJ area (or anywhere around) whom i could buy them from, I'd be very thankful. I need front fenders, front bumper, hood, radiator - everything that can be damaged in a head-on collision.
Any reply regarding where those can be ordered would be very appreciated. Dealers don't have to be able to ship to Russia, that will be taken care of by my friend in the States.

Child's Play
05/17/2004, 04:59 PM
Hello Everyone.

I have just purchased my first VX. I have wanted one since first seeing the commercials on TV. The VX is a 2001, Ebony Black with 24000 miles. It is in excellent condition, and can't wait to add personal touches to it. This webiste is full of information and I hope to extract as much as I can to make my VX my own. Look forward to sharing information with all of you.

05/18/2004, 11:27 AM
I just purchased my '01 Ebony VX last Friday. It's in almost perfect showroom condition, and I feel like I got a good deal on a great vehicle. I'm spending the next few days installing my stereo equipment (if I can find a spot for the 2nd amp), then I'll start making my list of "essential mods". First is a 2" receiver hitch!

Thanks for a good site with great information! Would like to meet up with anyone here from the Houston, TX area!

Eric Underwood
Houston (Katy), TX

05/19/2004, 05:17 PM
I'm an electronic musician (http://www.kilna.com) and perl programmer, and purchased my Black 99 VX last September. I've loved every moment since, and I've loved lurking on this board. I have a couple of pics of stuff I've done to my VX and the things I want to do.

05/24/2004, 12:28 PM
After visiting this site regularly for nearly a year while I looked for the right VX, I finally purchased one on Ebay and last week drove it from Long Island, NY to Michigan. The seller was great and the vehicle is everything I thought it would be. I've owned 240Zs, CJ-5s and a Rodeo and this is better engineered and more fun by far. This site is outstanding and lots of help. Seems like there are some pretty nice people involved and I'm looking forward to meeting a few and seeing if the VX can handle the dunes on Lake Michigan...and some other challenges. Like many others I need a roof rack and will be looking for the best bike carrier for my Tone 2" hitch/receiver. Keep up the great site and I'll keep visiting for good advice.

05/30/2004, 08:00 AM
Typing this from the road. Drove from Philly to Boston to buy my Foxfire VX. 2001, garage kept beauty with only 12000 miles.

Mass. is a pain in the butt to buy a car in if you're from out of state. No temporary transfer plates to legally drive it home :mad:

Had to find an auto transport company and drop it off at a holding depot 15 minutes after it was mine that was run by two hillbillies that looked like they dropped out of the movie "Deliverance";eekg;

Gonna drive home today and pray that it shows up next week

05/30/2004, 08:02 AM
Arrived home without my VX. Now I just have to wait for it to arrive; it could be quite a while before a truck comes our way.

I'm really excited about it coming and wish I could have driven it home. It was just too far to go without legal plates however.

I really tried to figure out a way to drive it. PA won't let you register a car until you show up title in hand and MA has no temp plate whatsoever (hard to believe - seems like common sense to have one - of course in Boston they don't believe in road signs either).

Mass. seems very unfriendly to out of state car buyers. If you're a resident of MA you can drive for 10 days with another car's plates on your vehicle (to get it home) but it's not OK to swap out of state plates. It's illegal to swap out of state plates to the car until it's really registered in that state (I talked to two MA state troopers and the Mass. RMV to be sure about this).

The only legal way to get a car you just bought out of MA is to flatbed it or have dealer plates.

Go figure.

So I wait with my fingers crossed; wish me luck.

06/07/2004, 05:04 PM
Hello out there in VX land,
I first saw the VX as a Hotwheels car & thought it was kinda cool, then forgot about it.......until Feb.2002
I was driving by a local "used" lot when I saw "IT"....a test drive & some wheeling & dealing on the price & It was on!
Upside: VX w/ 8750 on the clock. Great truck, LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Downside: Had to sign papers & take delivery the day my dad died (other interested party).
A yr. & change later I'm glad to be a VX'er & look forward to getting to know y'all.

06/07/2004, 06:54 PM

Nice to know ya. :D I missed this thread before, so consider this a belated introduction of myself:

My name is Steve. You all know the story of how I found my VX (I started a thread on it). Been a VX'er for a few weeks now,and I'm lovin' it.


06/10/2004, 12:29 PM
Hi yall, just signed up as a "site supporter"!!! I just drove my second VX home this monday-a Proton 2001 that is in mint condition.

06/24/2004, 08:15 AM
dark-blue bold italic small times
Hello Everyone,
Rookie over here to this site and a new owner of a Black VX. YES! Just wanted to say Hi. This is a Puerto rican from NYC (Maspeth, Queens) and I have been in love with the VX since it came out back in 1999 and now I finally got my hands on one. So as of right now I'm going crazy thinking about what I want to hookup on my VX. But I do have 1 question...How & where do I post up my pictures? Please advance...Thanks!

06/28/2004, 05:01 PM
The baby is a Kaiser í01, red interior, now 19K miles. Sheís near mint. Very clean. Probably never been off road, unless very thoroughly cleaned afterwards. No scuffs on any plastic inside or out, no leaking seals, solid shocks, holding her oil (at least in the last 800 miles). Itís been driven, but seems babied. Thereís just 1 or 2 rock chips on the hood, a funny little crack on the gas door near the hinge, a little flaking on the inside of one wheel but THATíS IT.

I canít believe my luck in finding it. I started shopping around, thinking I could find a í99 or í00 with low miles for around 15K. I test drove a black í99 and was totally hooked from that time on. I tried to get a Proton í00 with 16K miles on it, but my offer didnít make it. I think it sold for 16,900. Still a pretty good deal, but I guess I wasnít too keen on getting a yellow one. I saw Robertís ad on AutoTrader.com and realized after talking to him that heís a member here too. His Kaiser í00 sounded real nice, well maintained and had a bunch of good extras. I just had to wait until he was ready to sell as he is/was going to be moving out of the country.

Then I came across mine. The owner posted it on Ebay 2 times as a 3 day auction, and I happened to see it. I nearly bid on it, seeing it was a í01, with 18,200 miles, factory warranty still in effect, etc. but I couldnít get over the thought of bidding like 15 or 16K on anything sight unseen. It was located inside my 300 mile (or so) driving radius to be able to go see it too. So I bit my lip & watched the auction expire without the reserve being met. I contacted the owner outside Ebay to see if it was still available. It was. He said the reserve was set at 17,500/17,900 or something like that but then quoted me 16,500. So I had to take a ride to go see it. It was worth every penny... (Jim, if youíre reading, thanks again, man.)

For those still out there shopping, I know itís tough to be patient, but the right one will come along. (haha sounds like dating adviceÖ) This board is a wealth of info and gave me great encouragement in getting a VX of my own by seeing othersí personal experiences & passion for the vehicle. I had no idea the VX had such a following and this board is a great resource to draw from and contribute to with other VX owners.


07/03/2004, 05:36 PM
howdy, from seattle at the moment! i have perseverated over this vehicle since i saw the ads during the eco challenge adventure racing back in '99. i've followed them on ebay for over a year (though i could never discern what an particular one ended up selling for).

i have had my 2000 proton for about a week now + am mostly thrilled. the only unfortunate bit so far is the original sales person + manager left the dealership prior to my taking possesion of the lovely vx which has only 20k miles on it. the original manager promised me the mats were in the back + all would be "up to snuff" so to speak before i took possesion. this also included replacing the cracked (dried-out) serpentine belt on the engine. in my haste (+ excitement) i did not closely examine all of the tires. i looked at the rears that seemed a little worn but passable. also, i supposed i had in mind that w/ 20k miles what could be that bad? well, later when i inspected things more closely i found that 1/ the front tires had considerable wear + one had a good chunk missing on the sidewall from possibly hitting a curb, + 2/ there was no oil to be found on the dipstick. 3/ mats have still not been found.

on going to a tire dealer i was told that they would only replace all 4 tires because 2 new tires would be out of the tolerance for specs that would insure that the tranny would be safe.

i reported this + the lack of oil to the new manager who thinks that the tire guy is full of it (it made sense to me) + will let me know if the oil was changed, etc. prior to my driving off. the s-belt was changed, the manager told me that a hose was also changed. i am waiting even as i write, for his response to all of this. i did buy an extended warranty but i have read about some of the headaches folks have had here on the forum.

is there any one else in the seattle area out there icould chat with? i've seen at least 1 ebony + 1 kaiser in the past few months. please pm me, i'd love to get together for an outing somewhere.

07/07/2004, 02:26 AM
I remember thinking, "wow, that was awesome!". This was after seeing the silver VX pass up that rocket car out in the sands. In 1998 I came across one, the only one in our local Isuzu dealership. I saw the price tag and it was way out of my league. I ended up buying a new 98 Ford Mustang. All it did is get me in trouble. On the first night I drove it to work, got out of work, raced a thunderbird and got citation for speeding within 12hrs of owning this new car. I knew this was going to be trouble, so two years later I decided to look into something more conservative. I just happened to come across the same Isuzu dealership and there it was all over again. The same silver 1999 VX was just there. I bought it the next day, actually I'm still paying for it. I've contemplated selling it this past year, hopefully you guys can convince me to keep it. I so badly want to, but I now have a family and sticking my baby girl back there is hard as hell. Better yet, getting anyone back there is hard as hell!
I met up with Rickster at the Spring break soundoff competition and told him about my windows; he told me about this website and sure enough, found the rememdy to my windows and a whole group of dedicated VX owners.

Folks I'm Victor and it's nice meeting 'ya.:)

07/16/2004, 05:02 PM
Hey my name is Tad, some of you might know me as TroopTad on the 4x4wire.com forums.

Just picked up a 2000 black VX and its unspeakably awesome.

I had no idea what I was missing.

If you'll excuse me I'm going to go reclean the engine with a toothpick :P

07/18/2004, 09:58 AM
HI, I'm Denee' and live in Houston, TX. I saw my first VX in Hawaii (Maui) while on my honeymoon and immediately knew I wanted one! When getting home, I started looking for one and bought a '99 silver VX! I was dissappointed when finding out that they're not made anymore! and also amazed of how many where/are for sale throughtout the U.S. Mine is kind of plain, but cool looking! Has 80k miles,but in very good condition! I love its looks and the power it delivers! I must say the visibility is quite poor and the back seat is a rather rough ride, but I'm usually alone when going places; so it doesn't really matter to me! It's my VX! I would like to know if anyone lives here in the Houston area or close by? Anyway, I bought a trailer hitch from ToneMonday and hope to get it installed this upcoming week and I have an EX500 that I do trackdays on that I need to be able to tow. I'm rambling! Nice to see this site exists!

07/25/2004, 09:59 AM
Hello, I'm new to this board. I'm going to Memphis in the morning to pick up my VX. It's my first and I can't wait to get behind the wheel.

She's a 99 Ironman with all of the goodies. I will be adding some modifications in the upcoming months.

I really do like this site. My wife and I own our website biz down here in the Arkansas Ozarks. I will be building my own VX site soon.

I am using the name "ThunderChicken " because I am also into monstermowers. You guys probably don't know what I'm talking about but we are in the process of forming a monstermower racing association that will be known as ARM (American Racing MonsterMowers) We will racing just like the monster trucks.

I may have the only VX in the state of Arkansas, who knows. I want to attend some rallys soon. Are therer any coming up in my area?

08/13/2004, 05:18 PM
I too am new to the VX world, having driven my very own '99 Astral Silver version home from the dealership just this past Monday. This is the car that I have craved for the past SIX YEARS, and still have trouble believing that is it actually mine.

I am loving this car more and more with each passing day, a feat i didn't think was possible. I had passed on an opportunity earlier on to pick up a '99 white Iron Man edition, and was thinking that my best opportunity had come and gone. Lo and behold, while checking AutoTrader.com one day, I came across one for sale at a dealership literally 5 minutes from where I worked! How is that for "meant to be?"

Anyway, its a pleasure to meet all of you, I hope to be a consistant contributer to this board for a long while.

And if there's any other VX owners in NW Arkansas area, i'd love to hear from you!


08/13/2004, 10:32 PM
This is amazing. I am also from Arkansas. I live near Harrison. I have had my VX for about three weeks. I did get the 99 White Ironman edition. I got mine from Memphis. I too, found mine on Auto Trader.

I know the VX you bought. My wife and I checked it out before we bought ours. She wanted thw white and I wanted the Ironman.

We will have to get together sometime. I want to put a little VX meet on sometime next year in Branson.
Are you interested?

The VX has got to be the most awesome,head turner SUV ever built!!!

08/13/2004, 11:53 PM
I think the vx would make an &#97;ss-kicking riding mower. You'd have to come up with some humongus dual-blade system -- something looks like of like what those street-sweepers have, except with blades instead of brushes.

08/28/2004, 05:42 PM
Got my VX in 99 had it pre ordered for like 6 months. love this truck. just need ur guys help to make it faster/more power.

08/28/2004, 07:53 PM
Hi all. From Westminster, CO. Bought my VX used in Boulder. 12,458 miles!!! Look forward to chatting it up with you in the near future.

Thanks to this site I've already had a lot of the notorious VX 'issues' fixed under warranty: windows, fuel pressure reg., gas gauge, hood insert (cracked), fuel injectors, small annoying noises, (gasp!), etc. Anything else I should know about? (grin)


08/30/2004, 02:13 PM
Hi, I am new to the world of VX! I live in Salt lake city, Utah...

I don't own a VX but I am currently looking for one. I am specifially looking for a 2001 with low miles, in good condition.
If anyone can help me out, please do!

I first set my eyes on the VX back in 2000 when I met a friend of mine who had one. I have loved it ever since. For some reason I never thought that I would be able to find one, but now I see that it is possible!

Thanks a lot for this place!

Sorsha ;pp;

09/20/2004, 03:40 PM
I purchased my first Vehicross today from a dealership in Pensylvania. It is the 2001 Ironman edition. Can anyone tell me if the shocks are adjustable. I feel every bump in the road.

09/20/2004, 05:56 PM
Hey all, new to the forums, although I'm sure I've run into some of you in the past on other forums. I've got a Dragon Green 2001 in Denver, CO with very few mods. My VX loves the city and loves dirt roads at high speed. Not really into the slow off-road thing unless I'm trying to get somewhere, but hey, it does that too :) Nice forums... thanks.

09/26/2004, 10:34 AM
Hi Everyone !!

After looking for a couple months, I finally got my VX yesterday!! ;Do; Yes, definitely stoked. Still have a lot of reading to do about all the little quirks, loves, and hates to this beautiful machine, but looking forward to loving every minute of it.

I'm from the NW, near Seattle WA, so anyone else out there who's in the area, feel free to drop me a line

09/26/2004, 02:04 PM
Hi all ~

Bought a 2000 VX (previous owner pics- http://www.vehicross.info/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=895&papass=&sort=4) couple months back and thought I would introduce myself. Basically, I found out about the Vehicross on ebay and ever since I have looked around to buy one. After about 2 weeks of searching, I found one in my area ( im from Garfield, NJ btw) and decided to pick it up. Really enjoying this car :D

P.S. would anyone have any background info about this car? like what parts it had replace etc. Cant seem to get in contact with previous owner, looks like im 2nd or 3rd owner. Send me a PM or email me if you do =)

Mile High EDGe
09/28/2004, 08:02 PM
Me and the FAM have had a '99 trooper which at the time were actually planning on buying the VX but couldn't afford it. But now we are excited and happy to have the traded in the trooper for our Vehicross and love it. So we can not wait for winter, offroading and especially colorado ice racing.

09/29/2004, 11:27 PM
Some of you may remember me from the old board, I see now most have migrated here.

I went looking for VX as soon as they came out but couldent find any, finally I saw a Bunch of them lined up for sale in Oct of 2000, thats when I saw it. I bought my 2000 Proton 0446 in Oct 2000, and its been a riot ever since.

I have had great service from my dealer, Key Motor Mall in Warren Michigan, they have fixed everything that needed to be fixed so far as well as performed all of my routine maintenance, I have to say I really havent had any serious problems with the vehicle or service so far.

I am very proud of the fact that my VX is pretty much as good as the day I bought her and I plan to keep it that way. I just turned the whopping 19,000 mile mark, and still to this day have to introduce her to anyone who has the "what the heck is it " look, which is a riot in itself.

I keep her as sparkling clan and waxed as can be, I love the zymol product, and keep the zymol refrigerated so that it stays fresh.

My truck is still pretty much 100% stock and for some reason I like it that way, kinda like when you aint supposed to redo an old classic chair because you may loose some of the charm, does that make any sense?

Im in Troy Michigan, have been to the sand dunes at silver lake and well as some serious offroading where my little buggy didnt let me down, in fact Im still amazed at how tought this thing is.

All this fun, when all I really wanted was just a truck to get me thru those tough winter days, hopefully it will keep doing that for many years to come.

Oh and its great to see so much current activity here.


09/30/2004, 01:24 PM
I introduced myself yesterday in the wrong forum...so I deleted that one and here I am.;Db;

Hi, I'm Phil from Sacramento, CA and I don't have a VX. I do have the next best thing...a '93 Trooper RS (the 2-door shorty). It sure is a blast to drive, both on and off road.
I've come here by way of the 4x4Wire primarily to lurk around and gather any information I can on performance tricks for my 3.2 DOHC...as well as just to check out everyones' VXs.
Kind regards,

10/01/2004, 02:46 PM
Ok here is a little bit about my story. I saw the prototype in 97 at a car show and just could not get it out of my mind. After 2 years of calling dealers and looking on the internet for information on this super sweet race car/truck I finaly got my silver 99' in 99' and never looked back.

10/06/2004, 07:53 PM

I just wanted to say that this site rocks!! I have been involved with Subies (Subaru's) Audi's, VW's, and my lastest project, a Mini Cooper S and no where on those sites do people talk as highly about their vehicles as you VX's. Well my story is that I have an opportunity to trade my 2002 Mini Cooper S silver/black top for a 2000 VX. I have found a very cool guy in MO that wants to do a trade. I did a lot of research and read a lot of great comments from you guys on the VX's and am looking forward to getting my hands on one. With winter approaching rapidly here in MI I think I will have a much better time plowing throught the snow in a VX than a Mini. I can't knock the Mini too much it is an absolute BLAST to drive...I feel like a mix between James Bond and Austin Powers cruising down the road. Wish me luck on the trade!!!


10/09/2004, 02:04 AM
Hi all,

My partner and I bought our Vehicross 4 months ago.

I first saw one on calendar of concept cars that I had when I was a bit younger and living at home, and I still have that poster on the wall, the only difference I can see is the mags. It seems odd owning a car that you used to have as a poster on your wall. Can't wait for the Mclaren F1 GTR too!

After I read Australian "High Perfomance Imports" magazine and that it got such a good review, I had to get one at some stage, They called it the Skyline GTR of the Off Road.

If you look on the net for VX's for sale in Australia you are lucky to find any for sale at all, they are extremly rare here. So when we went to the Land Rover Dealer in Adelaide to buy a freelander we saw the Vehicross in the yard and said we shall have that one. They had AUS$36,000 on it but I got it for AUS$32,000 and it had 17,000 kms on the clock.

So now we have 95 non-turbo Supra and the Vehicross.

10/17/2004, 05:17 PM
Hi my name is Nelson, and I have been lurking this site for months now.

I first saw a Vehicross in a trip to NYC and fell inmediatly in love with that truck, but sadly I wasn't ablt to get the name of the vehicle when I first saw it (I past by our cab really fast)... but the car was a thing of pure beauty.
Two years after that sight I was about to get a new car and I wanted it to be a small truck, but I have totally forgotten about the car that I saw. I was loooking into many options, from toyota to hyunday, but none of them attracted me completly. I was about to decide for a Rav4 (I know it ia sad and gay little truck, with all due respect to those who like it :P) when my mom told me about a really cool truck that she saw in the city while driving around. I went into investigating, and I found it, the truck that I had seen in NYC two years before. Needless to say, I went directly to my isuzu dealer and sing the papers for my new vehicle... a brand new 2001 silve Vx.
I couldn't be more happy with my car, I love driving it and I expect to continue enjoying it for the years to come

10/26/2004, 06:22 AM
Hey there gang,
My name is John. I,my two daughters and my VX live out in the boonies of the Green Mountain State. I was a VehiCROSS basket case. I got hooked back in "99 when I saw my first one in Fort Lauderdale Florida,only one problem...was not able to buy one until January,2004(you know how it is with family commitments and all...)
Anyway...I now have my '99 Ironman with only 51k and it has turned me into a "VehiCRAZY" ;eeky;. My VX and I started going to local car shows this past summer and you would not beleive the looks and comments from the spectators. Most people in this area have never seen a VX,even took home three trophies this season. I have been collecting VehiCROSS everything I can get my hands on and my garage(shrine)is filling up quite nicely. I even have my own VehiCROSS website if you guys want to check it out. It's : http://clubs.hemmings.com/clubsites/isuzuvehicrossowners/ Click on.

It's just getting started but looking good and will be updated every month....Keep on Truckin' John