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jim falcione
12/17/2002, 04:58 PM
While commuting to my office today I noticed a faint electrical burning odor wafting from the engine compartment. Shortly thereafter the engine died. The VX was subsequently towed to the nearest Isuzu dealer. The service manager called me later to inform me that the problem was the result of an improper wiring scheme for the alarm system, burning out most of my electronic components and would NOT be covered under the 36 mos./50,000 mi. warranty. I kindly informed him that the alarm system was a FACTORY item. He told me he would get back to me ASAP but he doubted he could resolve this issue with Isuzu... Excuuuuse Me!!!! Am I missing something here???... Any of my fellow VX'rs have similar problem??? :mad: :mad:

12/17/2002, 06:48 PM
Holy !@#$ I can't believe they are trying to get out of that one!!! I hope it works out for you. Keep us posted.;eekp;

12/17/2002, 07:05 PM
DO NOT let the dealer get away with that! Call Isuzu public relations if they dont fix it under warranty. LEt us know what happens and if we can help you in any way to resolve this.

It's just amazing what some dealerships try to do.


12/17/2002, 10:56 PM
Yeah, seriously... OEM alarm wiring (by the way, it's not even really an alarm... more like remote door locks). Really, contact Isuzu public relations (like Anita said) and see what they can do for you.

The dealrships have been the WORST part of owning as Isuzu... for most it seems as well.

Simon Templar
12/17/2002, 11:15 PM
Call Public Relations....now.

Then take your VX to another dealer for the work. Any dealer that will pull this sort of thing will not spend the time and attention to do the job properly. And, most likely, will cause other damage in the process (which of course they will not tell you about and, when you find it, will expect you to pay to fix.)

This same sort of behaviour from both of the dealers in my area is the reason I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Isuzu!

A 10 yr/100K+ warranty isn't worth a fig if nobody will stand behind it.

I have had better luck with Ford dealer service! (...and I have some Ford horror stories that would curl your hair....even if you're bald!)


jim falcione
12/18/2002, 08:05 PM
Well, the dealer called back this AM and told me the repairs would total $500 (estimate) plus towing fee and would not be covered under mfr. warranty...get this... because the alarm system was NOT factory installed. I asked him how he came to this brilliant conclusion. He said since the alarm module was not stamped with the Isuzu logo he assumed it was an after- market item. I quizically asked him why then is the alarm remote prominently stamped ISUZU. He was clueless. Anyway, I had the VX towed back to the used car lot where I purchased it (after I paid the Isuzu dealer $65 for the towing service yesterday). I was promised that they would "take a look at it". In the meantime I will make a few phone calls tomorrow. Be assured, whoever answers the phone will regret they hadn't taken a sick day... As always, thanks fellow VX'rs for your input.

12/19/2002, 12:10 PM
Originally posted by jim falcione
Be assured, whoever answers the phone will regret they hadn't taken a sick day...

I recommend against this. You should start off nice and explain your situation. The person that answers the phone hasn't done anything wrong (yet), so if you treat them like $h!t then you will put them on the defensive and they won't want to help you. If they can' t help you, then ask to speak to their manager. Again, start off nice. Give them an opportunity to help you before you lay into them.
Once you start yelling at someone they are pretty much done trying to help you.

12/23/2002, 07:30 PM
Hmm, maybe it isn't manufacturer's equipment, but these things are definitely factory installed.

I had the very same thing happen to my '93 Nissan Pathfinder. The entire electrical system was moot until I had a temporary bypass rigged to make the thing operable without the security system.

Of course this was several years ago, but in my case too, the dealer insisted it was an after-market system, regardless of the fact that the alarm remote is a manufacuter's item.

I note that neither the owner's manual for the Pathfinder or VX make any reference to a keyless entry system.

I'm a new-owner, so I'm not all-up on the VXjust yet, but has anyone consulted with the shop manual to see if it provides any specs?

12/24/2002, 04:43 PM
I have the Alarm Manual in PDF format on my site - it says Isuzu all over it. Prinit it out and maybe that will help. the link is.


12/24/2002, 07:34 PM
Originally posted by Dallas4u
by the way, it's not even really an alarm... more like remote door locks).

I would saay it IS indeed a car alarm considering if I lock my doors wtih the remote, and someone were to open my vehicle without the remote it causes the horn to start beeping. Now I may be wrong, but isn't that essentiallly what a car alarm is?

Try this roll down your windows and get out of your car. Lock the doors with the remote and wait for the led to start flashing. Walk to door and manually unlock the car from the inside. Open door. Horn sounds. My book this = ALARM.......

Just my opinion....


12/25/2002, 11:46 PM
In the most basic sense of a car "alarm", yes, it starts honking at you if you open the door when set. I'm trying to state it in a facetious manner.

When compared to other OEM alarms and after-market alarm systems it, well, doesn't really compare. Don't get me wrong, though... I do like being able to remotely lock and unlock my doors and think that the horn will honk if set off, but I don't have too much faith in the OEM alarm to keep any theives away.

Simon Templar
12/26/2002, 03:58 PM
I keep a binder in the vehicle with all paperwork I ever run across having anything at all to do with my VX. This includes even the original window sticker. (I even keep fuel receipts)

And the sticker quite clearly annotates the alarm as Standard Equipment.

The fellow is attempting to blow even more BS up your ***. Sounds like a good dealer to steer clear of.

It would be worth all of our whiles to post his name, address, etc, in the Hall Of Shame.


jim falcione
12/26/2002, 05:43 PM
Well, after nearly two weeks of suffering agonizing VX withdrawal symptoms I finally got the VX back. The used car dealer (Martin Auto Sales) made the necessary repairs, washed , waxed and returned the VX to my office's front door..NO CHARGE!! ;Db; The Isuzu dealer who refused to honor the warranty was :mad: Cochran Isuzu:mad: , located in Pgh. suburb.
I am heartened that there are car dealers out there who actually give a rat's $#! after the sale is made. Anyway, I am glad to have her back. She looks even better, if that is possible :p :p