View Full Version : 14 Years...Garage Queen...Time to SELL...

09/30/2019, 09:50 AM

Silver #1901, 1999 completely stock, roughly 69,000 mi (will provide accurate mileage once I check my records), undercarriage clean, no fluid leakage or film, photos coming soon.

A few issues - CD player not connected; Driver's side door lock mechanism not operating correctly due to an annoying design flaw by Isuzu that used a tiny plastic clip - had not bothered to repair, as it is only driven about 30 miles/year;

Comes with a lifetime guaranteed car cover.

Complete set of records, factory build sheet and other Vx paraphernalia.

Unsure if I'll throw in the signed/numbered limited edition Vx photograph by Jesse Alexander...maybe for the right price.

Ask is circa $14,500.

Vehicle is located in SE Pennsylvania, Philth-a-delphia suburbs.

PM me if any interest and for photos - unable to upload images, for some odd reason. Will try to do so over in the Vx For Sale Thread.

Thanx for looking.