View Full Version : Door latch broke

09/18/2018, 03:07 PM
So after my little playing around in the snow yesterday I came out early this morning finding the drivers door stuck a bit.(It seemed). Went across to the passenger side and was able to easily push open the drivers door from the inside. Tried from outside again and nothing.

Fast forward to the arrival at my brother shop. This is the first time I have done any thing on my VX that actually worked out. Found the small piece of plastic that holds the latch release rod to the handle broken. Just by luck on of my brother son's happened to be there and said "O'Reily's" should have that. Borrowed the brothers truck and sure enough. O'Reily's had an assortment of clips and one of them fit like a glove. Took me a while to figure out attaching it to the handle and then getting the handle in just the right spot to go back in, but I can now open my door from the outside again.