View Full Version : Rancho rear Shock Rubber Boot Install

09/17/2018, 07:37 PM
Rancho Shock Rubber Boot Install
A recent posting about the trouble some had installing the rubber boot over the Rancho Shocks prompted this how to tip.

Tools required were:
bench vice
3 flat tip screwdrivers (Phillips would work for the first two steps)
One beer belly (or a longer screwdriver)

Clamp lower shock mount in vice just hard enough to hold it. Pull the shock shaft out to it's full length and slip the large hole of the boot over the top mount.

Now slip one screwdriver tip under the boot and work it into the mount hole.

Move the screwdriver handle 90 degress and do the opposite side the same way.



Here's where the beer belly comes in. (or longer screwdriver if your some kind of fitness freak like Triathlete) (I envy your dedication Bill)

While holding the 2 opposite screwdrivers, with the 3rd small flat tip screwdriver, pop the boot over the mounting boss.

There is a grove in the boot that you work around the washer that is welded to the shaft.

This was a very simple technique.

Excuse me while I restock the beer belly