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11/22/2002, 09:02 PM
...according to the dynomometer data.

In the third-gear run to the speed-limiter, max rear-wheel HP was 178. In a run through the gears to the speed-limiter there was a spike in 2nd gear showing 202 RWHP.

25% drive-train loss is generally accepted in passenger cars. Since the VX is also pushing hardware in the T-case (with the front drive shaft removed on the dyno), 30% may be more accurate. That calculates to ~ 270 - 309 flywheel HP assuming 30% is correct.

The dyno tech was very impressed with the shape of the VX's power curve, indicating among other things, good air flow in and out (stock intake with elbow removed, K&N drop-in). He was also impressed by the adaptability of the ECU with a variety of changing factors. The data suggests that fuel delivery is strong and that there is room for additional boost without running lean and concerns of knock.

With the supercharger belt removed, 118 RWHP was measured, calculated to 179 FWHP. But thats without the fancy-pants OEM variable length intake runner intake manifold. In 2WD I tried, but failed to spin the rear 265/70 BFG ATs.

Many thanks to Tone who hooked me up with the DynaJet and offered to split costs. He is likely to have a more insightful analysis than this.


11/23/2002, 07:03 PM
Not as great a number as I expected and I look forward to putting mine on the same Dyno that I have several baseline runs on. My gut feel is that the larger tires and consequent gearing change are tweaking the numbers downward but Iím waiting to hear back. Rick is running an OEM airbox/Alpine intake w/K&N drop-in filter and a one pipe in, 2- 2.5" pipes out MSL Max muffler.

My runs with the Brullen muffler and cone filter showed my Peak HP was 171HP and 195 ft lbs of torque. When I ran with the PowerVault muffler, HP was increased another 15HP to 186. The blower will only add to these numbers.

Thanks for going to the trouble Rick - now how about a run on the AWD Dyno to see what those numbers look like?