View Full Version : Fix for Binding Windows

09/17/2018, 06:09 PM
Smashing them is one way, but here is an alternative method that will allow you to enjoy the benefits of having power windows that actually work! :D

First of all, I am only recommending this to those who cannot get theirs repaired under warranty. This will definitely void the warranty if one remains...

Here is a sample picture of the type of window bind I am referring to:
The window has a tendency to twist such that the back part of the window pops up and out of the track. If your window binds in a way other than this, then my 'fix' probably won't help you.

The reason for my window bind was the a result of the front track squeezing the window too tightly and applying too much pressure on the front edge of the window. Here is a photo of the front track on the passenger side:

With the window all the way up, I pulled as much of the rubber liner out of the track as possible. It pulls out very easily... no glue or anything holding in place. Then, I pried open the track making it approximately 50% wider-- Starting at the highest point accessible down to the bottom. This doesn't need to be exact; it doesn't need to be pretty either. Just making the track wider will help considerably. BE CAREFUL not to dent the outer door panel while twisting and prying tools inside the door. (I had a few close calls) :rolleyes:

The most important modification to the track for me was bending the bracket AWAY from the window about 1/2".
This DID make me a little nervous though because I was afraid I would break it off. It bent easily though with no problems.

Once this is done, all you need to do is put the rubber lining back in the track and put the door back together. Mine works perfectly every time now! NO BINDING!!! I LOVE IT! :) It's only been 5 days since I did this repair, but I've been giving it quite a workout (I currently have no AC) and the window has been flawless.

Hope this fix can help someone else on this board!