View Full Version : Seat Extenders

03/05/2018, 07:47 AM
Hi. Got my VX about 6 months ago and been doing a lot of research and reading while I steadily work on it. I've read there used to be forward seat extenders to help with the tight passenger side entry. I think 3 inches would be just right. Does anyone still have a set they are willing to part with? Or know of anyone that can make a set?

03/05/2018, 11:26 PM
Just so you know...I used to have a set. Sit in the passenger seat and see if you think it feels higher than the driver's seat. Then consider the conversion brackets will raise the passenger seat a bit more...I'm going to guess 3/4" but don't remember for sure. As a tall guy, I didn't like sitting in the PS with the extenders in place. Plus, I'm kinda weird feeling awkward if the PS is positioned closer to the dash than the DS when empty. (Occasionally, I'd let my daughter drive it since she thinks it's cool too. But again, didn't like sitting on the PS at 6' 2" with the extenders in place.)

I don't have a family nor carry passengers terribly often so I ended up pulling them back out. Plus, I decided it's not THAT hard for younger people to get in the back -- which you'd normally PUT back there. I'm not saying they are good/bad -- just providing feedback before your purchase....in case it's beneficial.

03/06/2018, 03:01 PM
What you said seemed to be a common consent with many who did have them. Seems it was very much loved it or went without. I still wouldn't mind giving it a try. Wanted to check if there were any extender sets still floating out there, or know of anyone that could make a set for mail order. Thanks again for the feedback.